Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Jan. 4

Embrace each leaf, branch, root of human family tree

About 200,000 years ago the first creatures now designated as homo sapiens joined other bipeds along the Great Rift Valley in East Africa. Things progressed slowly for many thousands of years.

But about 60,000 years ago some of them felt the need to look for other lands, and the great exodus from East Africa began.

One of the first groups moved eastward and finally made the incredible jump to Australia. Other groups ventured into the Caucasus, northern Europe, or stopped along the Mediterranean. Some of the last major groups to exit Africa made their way to the land bridge at Alaska and crossed to the America continents.

All this has been scientifically established through the work of the National Geographic's Genographic program. They followed the evidence of the Y chromosome of males and the mitochondrial RNA of females and discovered the paths these groups took as they populated all the inhabitable continents. All of us are homo sapiens and are therefore a single family.

Consequentially, we should embrace our family — enjoy the diversity and rid ourselves of any matters that divide us, such as eye color, nose shapes, body hair and, yes, skin color.

Regardless of when our ancestors left Africa, or what path they followed to bring us to where we are, all inhabitants of North and South America are African-American.

Don't we have an interesting family?

Al Crabb


Play harder, please

We love our Cats, but it is starting to look just like last year; a lot of talent, but no one willing to play as hard as a Kentucky team needs to play. I know it is early, but come on. A little more effort please.

Coach John Calipari and the fans put their hearts and souls into this program and these young men and this is the way they repay them...by giving little to no effort so far in most games. Yes they have looked really good in some games against easier teams, but when it comes to playing ranked teams they choke. They do not understand the heart and toughness that is required to be a Kentucky Wildcat. (Maybe they should watch the Lady Cats game against Baylor. They showed you what Kentucky basketball is about: pride, toughness, true blue heart and the will to win.

All they seem worried about is getting through a year at UK so they can go pro. They know at UK they get maximum exposure which will increase their chances in the NBA draft.

Maybe Coach Cal needs to recruit just one or two all-stars and the rest players who really want to play here. We are very proud of all the UK players in the NBA, but we expect dedication and hard work in their limited time at UK.

Dan James


Potters for sheriff

I support Brian Potters for Fayette County sheriff.

Potters will bring a much needed breath of fresh air to the office.

Potters is an honorably discharged United States Marine. Potters served our country during a time of threat from terrorists overseas. Potters received many awards and commendations during his years of service to our country. After being discharged Potters continued to serve our country while working for the United States Bureau of Prisons. During his tenure with the Bureau of Prisons, Potters' training enabled him to save an inmate's life during an emergency situation that required swift action.

Potters has the leadership and training to lead the Fayette County sheriff's office. Potters will protect our community by protecting our constitutional and individual rights.

Fayette County voters, stand up and protect your families by voting for Brian Potters for sheriff.

James Jeffrey Coleman


Barr listens

Awhile back you criticized Rep.Andy Barr for not listening to his constituents, which is totally incorrect. His office hours in the various regions in his district attest to the fact that he wants his constituents to stay in touch. He always welcomes views and ideas from our communities.

But then you attack him for voting in accord with the wishes of the majority in his district. That's why we sent him to Washington D.C. It's a nice change of pace to have a congressman who actually represents those who elected him; not his personal interests or the interests of high-powered lobbyists.

To be criticized for both listening and not listening is a show of partisanship that prevents an objective view of Barr's record.

For those of you in the 6th District, if you have never contacted Barr about any matters, give it a try. He is truly interested in and cares deeply about each and every community he represents, and I am proud to have him represent me in Washington D.C.

Theresa Rinehart


Herald cheerleader?

Regarding the recent editorial concerning the Commonwealth Stadium downsizing, how can you justify condemning the amount of money spent on students vs. athletes when your paper worships at the altar of UK athletics?

You consistently put sports on the front page, something I have found to be one of the more obnoxious things about this paper, of which there are many. You make local celebrities out of 19-year-old kids who do not deserve it. The ability to put a round ball through a metal hoop does not justify the attention you give to these kids. You cannot have it both ways. It makes hypocrites of the entire editorial staff.

William R. Elam


Don't look back

Seems that the name should be changed from newspaper to oldspaper. For some days, recently, the front section, for news, has been dominated by discussion and excerpts from an old book. News? I guess not.

Duayne Thompson


McChange coming

I wish that Sen. Mitch McConnell would sit down and shut up, please, please, please. As with coal and the Tea Party movement, his days are numbered. Change, it is a'comin'.

Candace Sacre


New election-year rules

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