Letters to the Editor

Letters to Editor: Jan. 10

Do we really have to spend money to study obesity? This is in reference to your Dec. 17 article about the $11.3 million grant to the University of Kentucky to study obesity.

Excuse me if I sound callous about the obesity problem in America, but I find it a blatant misuse of funds to study something so simple as "calories in, energy out" and our apparent obsession with gluttony.

Maybe the study should focus on portion size instead. Jethro bowls do not qualify as one serving and neither do family platters for one person.

The other defining problem is our love of processed food, piles of chemicals that should never enter the human body, especially sugar.

I am curious, is the food and drug industry funding this study?

Wendy Douglass


UK Ag faculty stellar

Thanks to Janet Patton for her timely articles saluting the leadership of Dean Scott Smith and Dean Nancy Cox of the University of Kentucky's College of Agriculture.

Her emphasis on their respective contributions to the commonwealth's economic vitality through agricultural research and development makes good sense, especially since the articles were in the Business Monday section.

But there's more to the story of these excellent deans. They are academics and educators.

I have had the privilege of being a guest and a guest speaker at the College of Agriculture many times since 2001. What impresses me is the ability of the College of Agriculture to foster genuine engagement and commitment among the students, staff and faculty.

As for bringing undergraduates and graduate students into the culture of the campus, the College of Agriculture leads by example for all of UK.

Thanks, Dean Smith and welcome, Dean Cox.

John Thelin


Washington Gridlocks?

Let's analyze some names of NFL football teams.

The Miami Dolphins. A great name. It kind of makes you think of Flipper going out for a pass.

The Kansas City Chiefs. Everyone likes to be the chief every now and then.

The New Orleans Saints. Hallelujah; we're all saved.

The Washington Redskins. What a derogatory term for Native Americans. They were ordered to walk west in what came to be known as the Trail of Tears and live in the wasteland.

A name change would be a step in the right direction.

Since it rains a lot in Washington and the sun refuses to shine, a more appropriate team name would be the Washington Pale Faces.

Duke Martin


Right on about E. Ky.

I would like to respond to Sheilia Holbrook's letter about the future of Eastern Kentucky.

I taught at Fleming Neon High School and Holbrook was a student of mine. I was an educator for 32 years but the years in Neon were the greatest of my career.

Holbrook was correct about the many good, honest, hard-working and drug-free kids who live in Eastern Kentucky.

The students were also great kids. Drugs are everywhere, not just in Eastern Kentucky as she stated. Meanwhile the coal severance tax has footed the bills for many others in the state.

Her main point is that people who have never spent time in Eastern Kentucky do not realize what a great place this is. The people who make derogatory statements about it are really creating hard feelings among the residents. Thanks to Holbrook for this informative letter.

Russ Walkup


Schedule Hoosiers

I read Jerry Tipton's article on Dan Dakich's hope for a renewal of the University of Kentucky and Indiana University basketball rivalry with interest. This game was always a highlight of the season.

I believe that Indiana Coach Tom Crean's solution to the impasse is very reasonable.

After a basketball game the students deserve the right to celebrate (or commiserate) with fellow students on their own campus. That is a true college experience.

UK Coach John Calipari pulled the plug on home-and-home games. He couldn't handle the heat so he got out of the kitchen.

Ellen Barjuca