Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Jan. 11

Democrats produce economic growth; GOP, no

When President Barack Obama took office we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. After eight devastating years of George W. Bush the economy had crashed, the stock market had been cut in half, unemployment had doubled, the banking system had collapsed and the auto industry was nearly dead.

After five years of Obama we now have a record high stock market. We have had five years of job and GDP growth without a single negative month. The Obama economic record is positive, while the Bush record was negative. Obama has ended the Iraq war, as he promised.

Not only did George W. Bush destroy our economy, his father did the same thing.

In the last three terms a Republican has been in the presidency we have had three recessions. If you elect another Republican it would be a certain bet that we will have an economic collapse, a stock market crash and a recession.

Bill Clinton left Bush with a four percent unemployment rate and a balanced budget. Clinton submitted three balanced budgets. No conservative Republican has ever balanced a budget, not even their lord and savior, Ronald Reagan. Democrats produce growth; Republicans produce decline.

Ellen McGrady


Cable snooze

I heard an analyst on CNN's The Lead speak of Secretary of State John Kerry's accomplishments, one of which was that "He persuaded the Syrians to give up their chemical weapons." No one corrected him. Anyone conscious during that period knows that Kerry and President Barack Obama were ready to bomb Syria in retaliation for their use of these weapons.

This senseless action was ready to be carried out until the Russians intervened and brokered a deal: "The Syrian government has accepted a Russian proposal to put its chemical weapons under international control to avoid a possible U.S. military strike, Reuters reported, citing Russia's Interfax news agency."

Is CNN this oblivious to the facts, or simply committed to promoting the present liberal government at the expense of the truth?

Richard Bendure


Time Warner and kids

I recently spoke at the Urban County council hearing requesting it negotiate with Time Warner Cable for a genre-specific, on-demand channel for kids.

Why is this important? TWC directs children to their on-demand access page. On this page they run inappropriate commercials. I recorded a few of the images, include blowing up the White House, gunfights, a woman bound and tortured and other sexual and violent images.

I contacted TWC asking for a change and they told me that some markets have genre-specific on-demand channels but it requires lots of planning and this is not scheduled for Lexington.

Why do other regions' kids deserve better? Why doesn't Lexington demand the best? Please help protect the minds of Lexington's kids and contact your council member or TWC today requesting this change.

Or you can join more than 200 people and sign my petition on change.org asking TWC to clean it up.

Shelby Marshall


Concrete evidence

A short note to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet about driving down Parker's Mill Road in Lexington: Tear down that wall. Grrr.

Tom Dixon


Paper greedy

I have never had to plan a funeral before.

My husband passed away Dec. 21 and when I asked the funeral home to include his obituary in Herald-Leader, I was told that for a regular obit that gives all the information could cost hundreds of dollars.

I was floored to think that a newspaper distributed widely would be profiting off of a family's grief by charging anything, let alone more than $25 or $50.

The larger newspapers have so many advertisers that they should be able to print obits at no charge.

This is greed and I will never subscribe to this newspaper again or buy one from a newsstand. I am heartbroken that my husband's obit could only be a couple of lines.

Robin Bingham


Chinese EPA drill

On Sen. Mitch McConnell's recent television ads, he declares his fight for Kentucky.

He blames the Environmental Protection Agency for killing jobs in the coal mines. If anyone questions the role of the EPA, try googling air quality or air pollution in China.

The air in China is not safe to breathe but there are jobs. Is this a good trade-off?

Cheryl Keenan


Moral fiber destroyed

Why destroy the moral fiber of this great nation under the guise of equal rights?

Have the rights of citizens, which were long ago sealed in scripture and merged permanently into government archives, ceased to be valid?

Are our rights less important than the rights of those who hinge their beliefs on forbidden desires rather than civil liberties?

Do we have the right to destroy the essence of what is just and sacred to millions of God-fearing Christians?

Christians are not arguing that one cannot enjoy that which God has designed for mankind to rejoice and take pride in.

However, "the tree of knowledge" was forbidden not just for one, but for all of mankind.

The demands that are constantly made, to alter what is claimed by some to be an outdated Bible, are without any spiritual, literary or judicial justification. Who can sanely argue otherwise?

To change the definition of marriage is tantamount to breaking our covenant with God. And to maneuver the meek into disobeying God's commands further serves to undermine human trust and ultimately removes all capabilities to protect our precious children.

Once the full picture of good and evil is in focus, questions of eternal life are placed in their proper perspective.

The Rev. Calvin G. Banks Sr.