Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Jan. 17, 2014

Work with coal industry to create new Ky. economy

The recent spate of publicity surrounding the plight of Eastern Kentucky has produced little in the way of practical solutions.

Creating a new Gatlinburg, developing a web-based economy, etc., ring all the right bells with the liberal elite who have appointed themselves spokespersons for all humanity, but will produce no practical results.

We have nothing to show from the shortsighted politicians who plunder the coal severance tax while wailing that the budget cannot be balanced without it. Having a conference such as SOAR is nothing new, and I doubt anything new will come out of it. Why not use the coal industry as a tool to make the transition to a post-mining economy more feasible?

Coal is the only thing that will generate the needed income for this to happen. Don't delude yourselves into thinking otherwise. Mountaintop removal should be encouraged and markets retained for the coal by delaying the closing of the utility plants that are on the chopping block and facilitating the export of coal to foreign markets.

New mountaintop permits should have the caveat that they will be issued if there are viable plans for the land after mining, such as a recreation area, with utilities, lakes and roads in place.

The mining industry can move mountains. Use that asset, manage it to a planned end, and transition along the way to the economy that is the intended future.

Lawrence Pigman


Praise for Witt

I would like to thank Kathy Witt and the Fayette County sheriff's department for escorting my sister to her final resting place.

I know that chore takes them away from other tasks they have to perform but they never waver from the task at hand. I hope Witt stays on as our sheriff as long as she wants; she definitely has my and my family's votes.

I am a Vietnam veteran and VFW member. Our veterans are passing away at a high rate and the sheriff's department is there for all of them. The people of Fayette County should be proud of the sheriff's department and the services it provides.

Estill Smith


Barr has integrity

I am confused. Could someone help me understand why U.S. Rep. Andy Barr is being criticized for keeping his campaign promise to keep in touch with the people he represents in Congress?

How can he represent the views of the Sixth District other than by staying in touch?

As a military veteran, I am pleased that Barr takes time from his busy schedule to hear the concerns of veterans then takes action to assist in our concerns.

When a person does what he says he will do, I call that a truthful person and a person of integrity. Our country would be much better off if it had more leaders who spoke truth with integrity.

James Howell


Help save horses

The Kentucky Equine Humane Center is an equine rescue in Jessamine County. My son and I have been volunteers there for five years or so.

A horse named Jessica came in late July. She looked nearly starved and had an infection in her rear hoof so bad you could fit your finger from the top through to the bottom of the hoof. This had to have been very painful for her.

When I would come in and take her out of her stall to graze, I would look at her and see how pitiful she seemed. She was bone thin and her coat looked horrible. Her whole posture just drooped.

I thought, how would this horse recover? The staff at KYEHC did work a miracle with her. I have seen this before but she was the worst case ever.

I had not been in for several weeks but recently saw her taken out to her paddock. She looked like a different horse. She held her head up high, her body was erect and she was very alert. Jessica basically got the life back into her.

This kind of care does come with a cost: $500 per month, per horse. The KYEHC.org is taking donations to prepare all breeds of horses for adoptions. They currently care for more than 40 horses.

If you are interested in donating please visit the Facebook page and click on the blue donate button or go to www.kyehc.org.

Mark Hopkins