Letters to the Editor

Letters to Editor: Jan. 23

Diversify Ky. energy mix to create jobs

The Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition, along with members of the Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance, met recently with House Majority Leader Rocky Adkins to discuss the Clean Energy Opportunities Act introduced in the legislature for the fourth time.

The CEOA would create over 20,000 jobs through mandating utilities reach modest efficiency and renewable energy standards. While we agreed on many things — the importance of jobs, the need for efficiency and the need for lower utility bills — we didn't agree on the need for mandates. However, mandates are necessary to make these jobs a reality.

The truth is that while Kentucky ranks high in enabling legislation which encourages utilities to increase efficiency, it fell to 39th in states increasing energy efficiency. While "mandate" can be a dirty word, utilities are by definition a regulated monopoly, which meet mandates set by the state already.

The CEAO is modeled on successful legislation enacted in Ohio and North Carolina, and we can see from statistics that it is a jobs bill much more than an environmental bill (28,000 jobs in North Carolina where the requirement is for less than 15 percent of the energy to come from renewable sources).

Young Kentuckians entering the job market are excited about the green jobs this bill would create. Please join us in pushing legislators to stand with people and not utility lobbyists as our utility bills and unemployment rates continue to grow with no relief in sight.

Cara Cooper


Centre of looniness

Before razing every property on one of Lexington's most iconic blocks, why weren't things like rock-solid financing, tax increment financing, a positive geotechnical report and sewer capacity concerns confirmed?

Since 2008, popular businesses have been replaced by a fenced-in green space. Who has a fenced-in green space? Here are some possibilities if the latest CentrePointe attempt fails.

■ Richie Farmer Tribute Dog Park for upwardly mobile downtown residents. Dogs exercise while their owners read Farmer fun facts placed on signs with complementary corporate-sponsored excrement sacks.

■ Hon. Rand Paul Drone Hub. Paul hates drones, but that's nothing a sign bearing his name couldn't change for our next (maybe) president.

■ Miley Cyrus's "My Mom And Dad Are From Kentucky Gift Shop." Fans take Instagram selfies taken in front of a giant statue of the pop princess twerking.

■ New home of the 1808 house on West High Street, since CentrePointe began on the bicentennial of this house and an IMAX theater is needed.

■ CentrePointe Political Funfest. Driving all the way to Fancy Farm becomes a thing of the past as stump speeches from the commonwealth's brightest pump hundreds into Lexington's economy.

■ University of Kentucky's biggest celebrity fan Ashley Judd Museum. Guides lead tourists on the short walk to Sayre School, recounting stories of Judd's time there and her UK Coolcat poster.

■ If there's still a green space in 2028, CentrePointe becomes the headquarters of Clooney for president '28. "You'd have to be a looney to not vote for George Clooney."

James Juett


Channel change?

I would expect that many people who watch network TV nightly news think it delivers a fair and accurate summary of the views of the best experts, and that this approach overrides ratings-driving sensationalism or other motives. Does it?

An example that it doesn't always is found in a report by Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting, which analyzed 450 nightly news reports on extreme weather (hurricanes, drought, wildfires, floods, heat waves) that were aired in the first nine months of 2013.

Of these, CBS, ABC and NBC mentioned climate change in only two, four and four percent of these reports. Apparently their managements do not think that climate change may be associated with extreme weather, even though an increasing number of expert scientists do, and 58 percent of polled Americans also make this association (see "Extreme Weather and Climate Change in the American Mind," Yale Project, 2013).

Very few TV meteorologists mention climate change even though the American Meteorological Society, their parent society, like all respected science-based organizations including NASA, has endorsed the expert scientific consensus on man-made climate change.

And recently there was the uneven NBC 60 Minutes report on green energy, a climate change denialist's delight, and much focus on the natural "arctic vortex" — what about "arctic amplification"?

I wonder if, without crisis, best expert views are being supplanted by politically correct and worse motives when it comes to TV network news.

Omission outside of ignorance is tantamount to deception.

George Wagner


Throw in anvil, too

The unemployed, being in a hole, are hearing that the Republican Party, in looking out for the best interests of those unemployed, stands by the cutting of unemployment benefits as an incentive to seek employment, even while employment is scarce.

I don't know if these metaphors are original but I suggest that the Republican Party has thrown a rope to the unemployed in their hole — the whole rope.

Likewise, the party has taken dirt from the bottom of the hole and made a mound for those at the top to stand all the higher.

And perhaps a rising tide floats all boats — but the boats of some are tied to the dock by a very short line, so that eventually they sink under that tide.

Steele Hinton


Obama most corrupt

Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Benghazi, IRS targeting citizens. Cover-ups, lies, failures to prosecute and crony appointments. Barack Obama may not be the most inept president we've ever had. Jimmy Carter still has that title sewn up. But Obama will surely go down in history as the most corrupt.

Before you libs start calling me a racist, I feel that Obama will get that distinction because he's corrupt, not because he's black.

Calling me a racist doesn't make me one, and liberals have pretty much worn that one out anyway. He's a racist, she's a racist, they're racists. It's just gotten old.

Obama's destruction of our health care system, his failed economic policies and the rampant increase in the national debt could also make him the president who caused the upcoming generation to be the first in our history to have a lower standard of living than their parents.

But all that is not what's keeping me up at nights.

Obama's weak, misguided, and gullible foreign policy is going to prove to be his greatest damage to this country. Other countries still don't like us, they've lost respect for us and now they have no fear of us. God help us.

J.B. Terrell