Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Feb. 3

The UK Cheer Team was honored before the Georgia at Kentucky men's basketball game at Rupp Arena on Jan. 25.
The UK Cheer Team was honored before the Georgia at Kentucky men's basketball game at Rupp Arena on Jan. 25. Lexington Herald-Leader

Birds and bees lesson

I would like the three Lexington TV stations and our local newspaper to ask our government leaders ( Sens. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell and others) some simple questions:

How does a women get pregnant? What violates a woman's uterus and attacks her eggs? Who is responsible for this? What laws have been enacted to protect our women from an unwanted pregnancy?

Every day we hear that it is the woman's fault for pregnancy.

Where is the law that holds any man equally responsible? Our government leaders, as well as religious institutions, don't want women to have any pregnancy protection. Why?

Recently, an article in our local newspaper indicated Paul thinks pregnancy occurs so single women will have an income for each child they have.

So, as a physician didn't Paul receive Medicare and Medicaid? What is the difference?

James Rodgers


Give Paul the hook

I can't decide whether to be amused or horrified at Sen. Rand Paul's recent rants of total illogic. Paul tries to somehow include Hillary Clinton in the blame for her husband's long-past liaison with a consenting adult intern, and then equate the entire matter with the Republicans' recent war on women's reproductive rights.

Next, he suggests limiting the number of children for which a woman can receive benefits, while at the same time limiting her access to contraception and abortion.

If I were a Republican, I'd be rushing to get Paul off center stage as soon as possible.

Jean-Marie Welch


More applause deserved

On Jan. 20, the paper reported that the University of Kentucky cheerleaders won first place, yet again. That was their 20th national championship.

You even devoted two entire sentences to report this extraordinary achievement.

These cheerleaders and those before them are by far among the most talented and athletic student-athletes on campus.

They practice and perform year-round. They work tirelessly, as do their coaches. Do you even know the names of their coaches?

Twenty national championships equals two sentences of acknowledgement.

Where was the story? Where are your priorities?

But then, we know the answer to that.

Joyce Walker