Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Feb. 5

Highways not only option for modern transport system

Gov. Steve Beshear allotted $7 billion of state and federal funds to some major road projects across the commonwealth. Some of these projects may be necessary improvements.

But the governor's vision of a modern transportation infrastructure sounds more like the 20th-century approach of building more and wider roads as a method of economic development.

City, state and federal budgets are stretched to the max for maintenance of our transportation infrastructure. And yet, the governor's plan is to further expand it beyond maintenance budget capacity.

The 21st century transportation plan requires understanding the benefits — and detriments — of the automobile and acknowledgement of the inefficiencies and problems from suburban expansion of cities in the past 50 years.

It includes multiple options, such as efficient bus transit, modern streetcars and light rail within and high-speed rail between cities and regions.

A more diverse system increases the resilience to economic and environmental problems like the recession and increased gas prices or automobile emissions and climate change.

The past century was an era of significant growth, expansion of the human population, technological innovation, and increased access to comforts for many — but it was also an era of significant impacts to our ecological systems and to our finite planet.

The longer we perpetuate the lifestyles and practices of the past, the more we become exposed to the risks of present-day reality.

Beshear and our mayors should be making it their duty to move our state and cities forward — not allowing them to remain stuck in neutral.

Tim Joice


Restore right to vote

It is a sad commentary on the power of politics in Kentucky that the voting-rights bill overwhelmingly passed in the Kentucky House is expected to die in the Senate purely due to politics and not based upon what is right and fair.

Most Republicans, with the exception of U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (surprise), refuse to support this long-overdue measure based upon the theory that most of those non-violent felons who have their voting rights reinstated would vote for the Democratic candidates.

This is pure politics at its worst, and the Republicans in the Kentucky Senate should be ashamed of themselves.

Candace Sacre


Vote GOP for opportunity

No wonder House Speaker Greg Stumbo and the Democrats in Frankfort want to increase the minimum wage.

Their policies, along with those of President Barack Obama and the liberal Democrats in Washington, have caused us to have lower-paying jobs and less chance of moving up.

Democrats are happy for folks to be on welfare and food stamps because that means they own you and your vote.

How about instead of a minimum wage, let's make it possible for all Kentuckians to make their maximum wage? Republicans are the party of the free market and opportunity for all. A vote for Republicans this year means you want a better future for you and your family.

We all want Kentucky to grow and prosper, and the only way to do that is to remove the Democrat good ol' boys in Frankfort and move this state into the 21st century. Demand the maximum wage, vote Republican.

Bill Marshall


Balance the budget

Congress wants to reduce the budget spending for every dollar of raising the debt limit. President Barack Obama wants to hoodwink the American people into thinking that by raising the debt he will then reduce spending.

The president, the Congress and the Senate in reality want to go back to business as usual.

I do not hear Congress talking about cutting its budgets such as the bloated office staff, excessive mailings, travel, so-called fact finding trips, expenses for two or three offices, free limo service, bodyguards, free dining room and lunches.

As for the president, I do not hear him saying anything about cutting the presidential fund catering to him and his family.

The scare tactic that both political groups use include cutting of Social Security, retirement incomes and education.

What they will not give up are the lobbyists in Washington pork legislation, such as grants to colleges for studying things like the sex habits of a fly, the expansion of college buildings, funding for the arts, building new highways when we cannot afford maintenance on what we have, or paying back the money they took out of the Social Security fund.

Do they really want to balance a budget, or pay back all the favors you guaranteed to moneyed supporters to get them elected?

So far, they get a grade of F-minus on their performances.

Edwin B. Swan


Play on words

Be very wary of the terms tax "reform" or tax "modernization." What they really mean is a tax increase.

Also the term tax "refund" is incorrect. It just means the government over-withheld your money.

Phillip French


Respect U.S. values

In response to the article, "Group unveils Satan statue design for Oklahoma:"

These are the crazy times we live in. People mistake certain freedoms they are given. They rebel against a government founded not on their group's or religion's principles but on Judeo-Christian principles.

If they are too stupid to know this, then that is one thing. But if they know this and keep routinely fighting against it then essentially they are fighting against the country's history and heritage. That's where I feel they can be escorted outside that country's borders.

And they won't be missed because they can't be good children and honor their country's principles.

You don't have to practice the religion of the forefathers; that is the true beauty of freedom in the U.S.A. But the way I see it, you have to honor many of the foundational values and principles of a country, no matter what.

People forget that their ancestors came to this country because of their principles and that soldiers have fought to keep them.

I wouldn't expect Satanists to practice my values but if they want to live in Oklahoma they don't get to have it the way they want it, otherwise they are sovereign.

I dream to see a court that would uphold the foundational values and principles of this great country.

Clay Hardwick