Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: July 26

Fake turf at UK wrongheaded

I am disappointed in the recent decision by the University of Kentucky athletic department to install a synthetic surface in the upgrades to Commonwealth Stadium. This seems counterproductive in the quest to establish a winning tradition for our football program.

I recently heard TV host and former NFL player Michael Strahan commenting about how much he hated playing on turf due to all the scrapes and cuts players suffer on every play. He said it was like playing on concrete and razor blades.

Players hate playing on this stuff. The ripple effect is beat-up players cannot compete at maximum efficiency, meaning more losses and poor recruiting. How can we succeed with this plan? The health and well-being of the players should transcend all other concerns. I strongly urge the powers-that-be to reconsider this decision, as I feel it is a prescription for failure for all concerned, including Mark Stoops who deserves a chance to succeed.

Gene Haley

Sebring, Fla.

Gray can't fix crime

I was a candidate for city council-at-large, and as I have watched Mayor Jim Gray in his office, I think we made a big mistake.

Why? The man is out of touch. His family business is construction, that is what he is good at. Look at all the time that was put into Rupp Arena, not counting tax dollars.

My heart goes out to the Marine who lost his life. The mayor says safety first, but the fact is that in some places shooting is an everyday thing.

He cuts this and that and puts people's lives in danger. It seemed to take the Marine's death before the mayor acted to deal with the problem.

Kenner Pete Dyer


Vote to keep Kynect

The 413,000 Kentuckians who now have Kynect, should vote for Alison Lundergan Grimes. Sen. Mitch McConnell wants to take away Kynect. He won't say that Kynect is the same as the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare.

Gov. Steve Beshear set it up to make it easier for Kentuckians to sign up by calling it Kynect.

When reporters asked McConnell if he knew Kynect and Obamacare were the same, he didn't have an answer and instead handed the microphone to Sen. Rand Paul, who also didn't know what to say.

Is this 30-year senator so out of touch with the needs of Kentuckians? He has ignored Kentuckians' views.

He's been busy raising campaign money and thinking up nasty, negative ads, using untruthful word bullets aimed to kill off his opponents. It is time to ditch Mitch, he doesn't care about us.

Terry Stahl

Bowling Green

Redskin is racist

Subjugation is a messy business. King George II got the ball rolling in 1755 with the Phips Proclamation, offering bounties to colonists for Indian scalps.

The debate continues about the origins of the word redskins, and whether it's derogatory. Native Americans themselves were known to use the word.

There was no ambiguity, however, in an 1863 Minnesota newspaper story: "The state reward for dead Indians has been increased to $200 for every red-skin sent to purgatory."

There's really no debate here, the conqueror's usage of the term redskin is tone deaf at the very least, inherently racist at the worst.

To echo the actor Samuel L. Jackson's professorial tone, who are the real savages?

John Scott


Kentucky needs Grimes

Conscience compels me to urge my fellow Kentuckians to support Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes in her quest to serve in the Senate.

When elected, Grimes will be a voice for the voiceless by her commitment to working families.

As a veteran, I am pleased that she has a jobs plan that will create a real opportunity for veterans to be fully employed.

She will ensure that the benefits and medical care that veterans have earned are provided to them.

The persistent obstructionism of her five-term opponent has failed to be of value to those Kentuckians who exemplify the work ethic.

Rhetoric alone does not produce results. The state needs Grimes, a strong Kentucky woman, as our next U.S. senator.

Bob Orbach