Letters to the Editor

Letter writers defend Rep. Andy Barr: July 27

Promised to be accessible

I had to smile when I read the latest jab at Rep. Andy Barr, that he is communicating too much with constituents. I seem to remember back in 2010 and 2012 that a main issue in the campaign was that the incumbent did not meet with voters or hold town-hall meetings.

It was further felt that a politician too fearful to confront the voters of his district might be advised to get into another line of work.

Barr made a very specific campaign promise to be accessible and open to frequent communication with the people in his district. I do not always agree with his votes, but he gets a 100 percent score on this pledge. Ask veterans in the district, "How is Andy doing?" I think you will get a very positive reply.

If Congress wishes to eliminate franking, I am fully supportive. But, don't hold your breath.

Douglass Jones


Better job at lower cost

We should keep in mind that a congressman's budget is set by the Committee on House Administration. Rep. Andy Barr has operated under this budget given to him and has returned $50,000 to the Treasury. While saving this money, he has maintained better contact with his constituents than any of his predecessors. Once a month Barr's office holds office hours in every county in the district. Readers should not be led astray, Barr is doing a better job than his predecessor and is doing it with fewer tax dollars.

Lance Terrell


Barr listens, understands

As a resident of Menifee County, I appreciate Rep. Andy Barr's accessibility and willingness to do whatever he can to help the residents of our county.

The Herald-Leader may criticize Barr for doing everything possible to stay in touch with those he represents, but I appreciate his efforts to represent me.

Barr understands the needs of Menifee County because he provides a listening ear and a willingness to advocate on our behalf.

Randy Little


Barr fights for freedoms

Congressman Andy Barr has set a new high standard in all aspects of his responsibilities. He is truthful and straightforward with constituents. Barr has saved taxpayers substantial dollars while providing outstanding communication and response to citizens in his district. His level of service makes his predecessor's work look inept and costly.

He spent $300,000 less on personnel than his predecessor and $20,000 less on district office rent, as well as returning $50,000 to the United States Treasury.

We are blessed to have a leader like Barr who will fight for our constitutional freedoms in direct contrast to the current Washington political class, which attempts to limit our freedoms and disregard the Constitution.

H. M. Snodgrass


Staff fights bureaucracy

In Rep. Andy Barr's first 18 months in office, his staff has helped more than 2,300 individuals fight their way through federal government bureaucracy.

He has conducted numerous events throughout the district where constituents can meet and talk openly to him. He always listens and treats people with respect, even those who disagree on policy issues. I am proud to have a congressman who listens, communicates effectively, runs an efficient office and saves the taxpayers money.

Carol Rogers


Others spend too much

Rep. Andy Barr restrained from spending all the money set for his office, he communicated with constituents and he received unwarranted criticism because of it. His choice to spend his money differently than other representatives was apparently quite scandalous to the Herald-Leader. Perhaps we should gasp, not over Barr's divergent budgeting, but over the fact that the average representative's office budget is $1.2 million. That's far more concerning.

Eliza Jane Schaeffer


Carlisle not overlooked

My hometown, Carlisle, has a fraction of the votes that many nearby cities and counties have. As a result, many politicians ignore my county as if we are unimportant and of little consequence.

Congressman Andy Barr is different. He regularly visits Carlisle and always makes it a point to visit with as many locals as possible. Barr's staff holds office hours in our county every month and they are always available to assist with issues regarding the federal government. I wish more representatives would follow this model.

Eric Lane


Barr sets good example

Congressman Andy Barr is working harder than any representative in recent memory; he is doing this while spending less money than his predecessor. Barr is working hard to represent all the constituents of Kentucky's 6th Congressional District, and, yes, this costs money. If all of the federal government would operate like Barr's office, the federal government would not be broke and our children and grandchildren would have a more secure future.

Brandon Rutherford


Barr personally responds

Having moved around all my adult life, I've been represented by at least a half-dozen Congress members, and Rep. Andy Barr is by far the most accessible.

In my 16 months here, I've crossed paths with him at Cairn Coffee House in Winchester and a community picnic in Lexington. A friend of mine just a few weeks ago mentioned running into him at IHOP, where Barr took the time to chat with him for a few minutes.

I've emailed Barr at least twice about legislation — and both times have received a prompt and personalized response.

Lexingtonians ought to be proud to have such an accessible and responsive congressman, rather than one permanently living in D.C. who forgets who he represents.

Jason Chambers