Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Aug. 2

'No-call' list is of no use whatever

The telephone in our home is there for our convenience or for the use of legitimate callers.

It is certainly not for the use of some unsolicited person trying to sell me something.

They used to call at meal time, but recently they have been calling in the morning around 11:00 a.m.

We are on the "no-call" lists, but it seems to be no good at all. It is a nuisance to be called from the other end of the house or out of the yard and have someone give you their spiel. It is a blatant invasion of privacy and is getting worse all the time.

It seems to me that the government should put a stop to these calls and they could if they wanted. The citizens apparently have no defense against this disgusting practice.

James W. Browning

Mt. Sterling

Well said, Chatham

I was moved by Robert Chatham's July 21 column "Ky. desperate for forward thinking on energy."

He is correct in asking for forward-thinking leadership, but Kentucky seems to lack such expertise from the top down when politics and greed take advantage of Kentuckians in general.

How do we get the natives to stop the entitlement mentality from such a huge group that fails to function for self?

Self includes government entitlement for generations of Medicaid recipients who fail to become more reliant, farmers who are paid to not farm and politicians who follow former congressman Geoff Davis and selfish generalizations.

I applaud Chatham for an opportunity to expose any of us to opportunities that create quality jobs and lifestyle.

Gail Leonard


The Ky. master of lies

Sen. Mitch McConnell is running an ad against opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes claiming that Obamacare "cuts $700 billion from seniors' Medicare."

Sounds terrible, doesn't it? However, the point he makes is false with just enough truth provided that you have to pause a moment.

It's true that the policies within Obamacare reduce the projected rise in Medicare costs by $700 billion over the next 10 years by reducing losses from fraud, waste and abuse.

That's a good thing for Medicare, our seniors and the federal budget.

We should celebrate and congratulate our members of Congress for passing this legislation.

These same reductions are even included in Rep. Paul Ryan's proposed budget, which McConnell has supported.

The emotional appeal of McConnell's ad, however, is that these savings reduce Medicare recipient benefits, and that is completely false.

This is Mitch, doing what he does best. Is this really what Kentucky deserves?

Joseph P. Fox


False ads, no prize

Car dealers should stop putting out those annoying flyers about keys that don't fit and the prizes you won't win.

I finally fell prey and thought I had won a 60-inch flat screen TV only to be told I had won a $5 dollar Wal-Mart gift card. To the Madison County Ford dealer, stop sending me those false ads and false prize flyers.

Mark Feldpausch


Strike the drones

Do you enjoy relaxing in your back yard on a warm summer day, or having a cook-out with family and friends?

If you do, you need to start calling or writing the Federal Aviation Administration and our politicians to stop the mail-order companies from using drones.

There will be thousands of them flying back and forth constantly across our homes at roof-top levels.

The relaxing days in our backyards will be gone forever.

Russ Stewart


Hardhat work appreciated

Just a note to thank the fellows in the yellow hardhats for getting our electricity back and the clean up in record time after recent storms.They are always appreciated for working in the heat, the freezing cold and all other miserable weather. We sometimes forget to thank them. They are awesome.

Bonnie Hughbanks


Untouchable Obama

While I agree wholeheartedly with the idea of impeachment of President Barack Obama, the main problem is it would lead to a race riot one has never witnessed before.

Why? Simply because blacks see the "black" in Obama, not his white mother. This is one reason why Obama is like Alfred E. Neuman saying, "What, me worry?" Obama feels untouchable and pretty cocky. He is so inept.

Susan Washburn


Missing companion

I am retired and have the time and pleasure to feed birds, squirrels and other animals daily.

One small squirrel was easily recognized, as he had a damaged tail. This squirrel would wait for me daily close by my front or back door.

When I tossed food to the group, others would run or fly away — with one exception.

This squirrel would stand still as the food was falling all around it— it had no fear.

Recently, one afternoon I heard five gunshots coming from the street behind where I live. I got a sick feeling in my stomach. My little friend has not appeared since.

To the person who may have taken lives— and those who think with everything happening in this world, this hardly matters— bless you.

For those who share my compassion— bless you.

Bernie Rosenthal