Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 8

Tough to woo black voters to GOP

It's evident Sen. Rand Paul wants to be president. He is wise to know that if the Republican Party continues to be the white party, it will be the losing party.

If he cannot bring the Republicans to attract black voters, he is spinning his wheels. African-American voters are sensitive, not easily fooled by politicians. Currently, the Democrats generally win the black vote.

How will Republican policies make my life better? Does Paul's voting record in the U.S. Senate show he understands and cares about the well-being of minority voters?

He should study black history and read the speeches, sermons and books of The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. King was a friend to anyone no matter their race, religion, gender, etc. He embodied godly love. A way to really honor him is to read his works and strive to do justice, love and walk humbly with God.

Today's Republican Party is a far cry from what it was in Abraham Lincoln's day. Republicans' hostility toward President Barack Obama, social justice and the poor certainly won't go unnoticed by black voters.

If Paul and the GOP are sincere about wooing blacks they have much work to do.

Paul Lam Whiteley Sr.


IRS not needed

The U.S. got along without the current federal income tax for over 120 years, until it was enacted in 1913. We have had the IRS now for 101 years. It's time for a better way to provide money to operate the federal government.

The IRS has become bloated, inefficient and more concerned with its own power than fulfilling its role of efficiently collecting taxes.

The targeting by the IRS of conservative non-profits is only the most recent example of its abuse of power. IRS laws and regulations are too complex, fill thousands of pages and provide loopholes for special interests.

Taxpayers spend billions of dollars and unproductive hours each year trying to comply. Taxes are levied on income, incentivizing people to underreport and earn less. The FairTax is a proposal that is simple, efficient and transparent. It taxes spending, encouraging savings and economic growth. It eliminates the need for the IRS and is fair to all.

Read more about the FairTax at www.fairtax.org and tell your congressmen to support it.

Ray Davis


Glory days gone

America, the land of the free and home of the brave. We used to be a nation of substance that demanded and received respect.

Our misguided, self-serving leaders in Washington waste our hard-earned money to save the world, costing thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. The first rule when being a caregiver is to make sure that you're taking care of yourself.

They stopped doing what is in our best interest a long time ago. Not only is the middle class disappearing, but the America we grew up in is also vanishing.

The new America is a mere shell, a facade of what it once was. Senior citizens won't be around to see the full effect of the calculated destruction, but our children will. They will merely be surviving in a world that we helped create.

A third of our population receives federal aid. Poverty is at an all-time high and growing. How did we get in this mess? You cannot destroy the foundation of our economy, the middle class, and expect a happy ending.

David N. Riggs


Mind own marriage

This is in response to the July 14 letter "Judge overstepped authority."

Kentucky residents don't have a right to amend the Kentucky constitution if the amendment goes against the U.S. Constitution by denying equal rights to anyone, which is what Kentuckians did in 2004 when they voted to "protect traditional marriage."

I am tired of hearing that phrase. How can you even define "traditional marriage" when marriage has evolved and changed considerably since biblical times?

My husband and I have been married for 48 years, and there are no laws or constitutional amendments that can either protect or ruin our marriage — only we are responsible for that.

Marriage is a commitment between two people. Whether or not the marriage lasts depends totally on the decisions made by those two people. It has nothing to do with anyone else's marriage, whether an opposite sex or same sex marriage.

Counseling and support of family and friends may help but, in the end, it's the decisions and the hard work of the couple that matter.

Those who oppose granting equal marriage rights to same-sex couples based on protecting traditional marriage should be paying attention to their own marriages, not someone else's.

Dorie Hubbard