Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Aug. 9

Bus terminal plan causes concern

Recently, residents of Elkhorn Park neighborhood received notice of a proposed zone adjustment hearing for an adjoining parcel.

After numerous calls, we were told it was to allow moving the Greyhound bus terminal to 1709 North Broadway.

We have a quiet, peaceful and somewhat vulnerable diverse neighborhood with many older residents having lived here over 60 years. To allow such a disruptive business in any residential area would be a blatant disregard for Lexington's citizens.

Greyhound has no security screening like an airline. We don't know if these people are murderers, child molesters, thieves or law-abiding citizens. We don't know if they are carrying guns or drugs.

There are no businesses nearby to support the influx of people who arrive several times a day. There are no sidewalks to lead them anywhere but to wander through our streets. In addition to our security concerns, there is also the noise and diesel pollution.

The Board of Adjustment hearing is Aug 22 at 1:30 p.m. in the council chambers.

I would like to invite all neighborhood associations and concerned citizens to attend. Remember, if it isn't our neighborhood, yours might be next.

Joe McGlone


Gore wrong again

For years we have been assured that the oceans would soon inundate huge amounts of coastal land.

Now, local paleontologists have discovered that downtown Lexington was once under an ocean. This is why they are using dynamite at CentrePoint.

You don't suppose that the location of the seas is cyclical? Or were those cave men burning too much coal? Looks like Al Gore, Jr. was wrong again.

Stephen Stinson


Witt a strong leader

As an 18-year veteran with the Office of the Fayette County Sheriff, I am honored to work with Sheriff Kathy Witt.

Witt's strong leadership, experience, dedication and commitment demonstrate her passion to protect and serve the citizens of Fayette County.

Over the years, the office of the sheriff has implemented programs such as the Sex Offender Compliance Unit and Amanda's Center.

The office of the sheriff also has a strong partnership with the Division of Police and other law enforcement agencies across the state and across the country.

Operating in a merged government, the law enforcement agencies work in the realm of their set duties but also partner together when called to do so.

I will continue to support Witt. Join me in supporting her re-election as our Fayette County sheriff.

Debbie Stevens


Which jobs are next?

Sen. Mitch McConnell continues to mislead Kentuckians with ads about creating jobs.

The jobs he brags about are federal jobs for civilian employees or contractors paid by our taxes. The 500 jobs at Fort Knox and Fort Campbell are a result of contracts with the Corps of Engineers, also financed by taxpayers.

What about jobs for folks who want to work for companies that are not dependent on our taxes? McConnell said economic development is Frankfort's job. How come Rep. Hal Rogers has been able to bring jobs to the state?

More than 10,000 jobs were lost at Fort Knox when McConnell failed to block the relocation of the armor center and school to Georgia.

He did little to stem the loss of thousands of tobacco industry jobs, and continues to show a lack of leadership in the loss of coal mining jobs. What's next, killing jobs in the horse and bourbon industries?

Pete Johnson


Barr evasive

In a recent letter, Rep. Andy Barr praised his own hard work serving his constituents.

I have to admit he does spend a lot of time flapping his gums, but the more effort he expends, the worse things get in Washington, Kentucky, Israel and Palestine.

I attended several of Barr's town meetings. Almost every word out of his mouth was deceptive political rhetoric.

When he gets a tough question, and it might cost him a few votes to answer it honestly, he evades or obfuscates the issue like the typical politician he is. He's skilled at evasion and gets better at it through constant practice.

Barr refuses to say one critical word about Israel's killing of civilians in Gaza. I hope candidate Elisabeth Jensen replaces him in November.

Geoffrey M. Young


Grimes right for jobs

I found it ironic that the Herald-Leader had a front-page headline indicating that the voters want a focus on jobs.

Jobs for Kentucky was one of the primary points at Alison Lundergan Grimes' campaign headquarters opening and bus tour kick-off.

You would never know that from Sam Youngman's coverage. Even more ironic when, as Sen. Mitch McConnell says, he does not see bringing jobs to Kentucky as his job.

I wondered if Youngman actually attended the event, as there was so little reporting on what went on at the kick-off.

Betty Gabehart


Conway a hypocrite

At the annual Fancy Farm picnic, Attorney General Jack Conway accused Republicans of "want[ing] to flood Frankfort with an avalanche of secret, undisclosed and special interest money in an attempt to have a corporate takeover of the people's House." As treasurer for two Republican super PACs at issue, I should correct the record.

In fact, by law all PACs disclose their donors. According to the Courier-Journal in 2012, citing Kentucky Registry of Election Finance records, Jack Conway contributed $5,000 to "Kentucky Family Values," a prominent Democratic super PAC — as did a number of corporations.

Conway is hypocritical for both attacking super PACs and writing them checks. More offensive is that our attorney general — who has jurisdiction over campaign-finance matters — either doesn't know the law or will not be truthful with us about it.

Michael G. Adams