Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Aug. 12

Old courthouse redo a priority

A recent Herald-Leader column about the delay in restoring the old courthouse in Lexington was very upsetting.

I was privileged to tour this courthouse. At that time, a gentleman and a lady were in charge and I learned much historical and interesting information.

It was a lovely building, one that Lexington should be honored to save and where visitors would be honored and proud to visit as one of the very historic and interesting places in town.

When I have out-of-state company, they are always impressed that there's so much to see and enjoy regarding Kentucky history.

Best wishes for Foster Ockerman Jr., who has tried to have this wonderful and outstanding building restored since 2001 when construction began on the two newer courthouses.

Mayor Jim Gray, although he temporarily suspended the Rupp Arena project in June, should consider making the restoration a high priority. He is not a native of Lexington, neither am I. But native or not, the history and beauty of this building should be preserved for all future generations to be proud of and enjoy.

Joann Walker


Find a better reason

Our nation's founders declared that the president can be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors — not for being uppity.

Douglas Andersen


Bike to Woodland fair

For the sixth year running, Bluegrass Community and Technical College is providing the opportunity for you to ride your bike to the AFB Woodland Art Fair this weekend, Aug. 16 and 17.

You can park it in a secured lot at the handball court along High Street, staffed by volunteers from BCTC. People who have used the bike check love it, and we are ready to accommodate many more.

For those who have made large purchases, arrangements can be made with the individual vendors for pickup.

No more parking problems. Enjoy your day, park your bike in a flash.

Larry Porter


Legacy of destruction

Given that Central Kentucky has grown rapidly in recent years, probably most of the people who live here are not native-born.

Fortunately, most residents who have migrated here have quickly developed a healthy respect for that which gives Lexington its unique heritage.

A significant portion of that heritage is the University of Kentucky's campus, which includes the soon-to-be-demolished Hamilton House and Wenner-Gren buildings.

These buildings are not obsolete dorms. They are historically significant buildings that just happen to be in the way.

I'm thinking that UK President Eli Capilouto would receive an "A" if tested on history relating to Montgomery, Ala., his hometown.

I'm also guessing that UK Vice President for Finance and Administration Eric Monday can tell us all we'd ever want to know about Baton Rouge.

But they are in Lexington now and I'm doubtful that either gentleman could pass a middle-school exam on Lexington history.

And unfortunately for those of us who care, when they depart our fair city (and as career higher-education officials, it is likely they will be departing), their destruction of several important pieces of our heritage will be their legacy — and our permanent loss.

Higher education indeed.

Bill Johnston


Young voters needed

I am sorry that I cannot do for young voters what the seniors did for me when I was working and raising a family.

The seniors took care of the politics and voting. They made sure the community knew who was running, what they stood for and that we could trust them.

We are the seniors now and you are the working generation. The last couple of years we've been unable to keep that tradition since we are becoming increasingly outnumbered at the polls and the campaign rhetoric is not exactly truthful.

With America's open borders, we will be outnumbered even more come November. We need young people, their families and friends to register now and vote in November. There is a reason for the push for "No Voter ID" and it will have an effect on America as we know it.

The unassimilated people coming across our borders, have an entirely different mind-set. They do not know America's history, heritage or ethics. There is a reason for citizenship requirements. Please register and vote.

Sandra Esterline