Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Campaign '14

Let League plan U.S. Senate debate

I can understand Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes' reluctance to appear on a televised debate at WDRB, a Fox affiliate.

Perhaps Sen. Mitch McConnell insists on a Lincoln-Douglas debate because he worries about a biased moderator, as well.

However, moderated debates elicit not just talking points — which you can catch on TV — but responses on some of the questions candidates don't want to discuss.

The solution? A debate co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters. The league has built up a powerful reputation over decades of fair, informative, respectful debates. Indeed, it hosted the famous debate in Louisville between President Ronald Reagan and Sen. Walter Mondale.

Two-thirds of Kentuckians say that McConnell and Grimes have an obligation to the voters to appear at a debate. What are they afraid of?

The League of Women Voters is the obvious choice for the two of them — and Kentucky.

Ivonne Rovira


End the dysfunction

During Mitch McConnell's 30-year tenure as a leader in Congress, we have seen:

■ Congress' job approval and productivity are at all-time lows.

■ Obstruction, paralysis and shutdowns are the norm.

■ Mudslinging TV ads instead of actual candidate debates.

■ Unlimited access by lobbyists and corporate interests who write self-serving legislation.

■ Retired staffers and politicians reap fortunes as influence-peddlers to former colleagues.

The system is rigged and we know it. We have reelected over 90 percent of incumbents for a generation. This is not all McConnell's fault; the broken political system has made him the way he is even as he has mastered it. But if nothing changes, nothing changes.

If you are happy with the state of our Congress, vote for McConnell.

If you would like to break the deepening cycle of dysfunction, come to the polls with a friend and let's vote for a change.

Van Meter Pettit


McConnell true leader

With such a vital election facing us, a woman's vote is extremely important. While many people tend to focus on one or two issues or observations to guide their votes, one must not lose sight of the overall picture — our federal government crying for leadership.

If we want our children and grandchildren to have good jobs, excellent health care, a sound education and cherished freedoms so valiantly defended, we must elect people who can lead us out of the present quagmire.

Can we afford a senator supporting present policies or will we vote for a proven leader, Mitch McConnell? Can we afford a political neophyte with no clout and no established relationships on either side of the aisle?

With record federal debt, a broken tax system, illegal immigration and America's weak global leadership position, this woman is voting for a proven leader positioned to be the next majority leader.

Neita Falkner


Get rid of 'do-nothings'

In July 1850, President Zachary Taylor ate cherries and cucumbers and washed it down with cold buttermilk and died the next day.

Millard Fillmore filled out the unexpired term and his administration was known as the "Do Nothing" era. They actually had clubs then known as "do nothing" clubs.

Well, we have the same kind of Congress today. It does nothing except criticize our president.

It will spend money on wars but won't spend more on infrastructure. Meanwhile, our bridges and roads are crumbling.

One thing we can do: Vote for Alison Lundergan Grimes. Sen. Mitch McConnell needs to leave.

Lottie C. Barlow


Break Democratic gridlock

Washington's gridlock problem is the U.S. Senate, led by Democrat Harry Reid. Democrats have blocked over 40 Republican-passed job bills.

That's not to mention the other 200-plus House passed bills blocked in the Senate from coming to the floor for votes.

I believe this has been the plan since President Barack Obama has taken office. If he can claim he is dealing with a "do-nothing" Congress, he feels comfortable doing his executive orders. Don't be surprised if he does a big order giving amnesty to several million illegal aliens.

This is why, for the good of our country, Republicans need to take control of the Senate. If we send Alison Lundergan Grimes to Washington, she will be a Reid puppet. We need to send Mitch McConnell back to lead the Senate as its majority leader.

This charade that the president and Reid have been playing has to end.

Tom Musgrave


McConnell takes hostages

Sen. Mitch McConnell contributed to politicizing the border crisis by appealing to fears that these kids are disease carriers when the Centers for Disease Control has clearly stated otherwise,

All the outrage over the theoretical use of Fort Knox as temporary housing is cold, calculated political theater.

Does he really think we proud citizens of this commonwealth, many of whom have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, are afraid of these children? We are much bigger than that. He should be, too.

Protecting his financial and political fortunes seem to justify treating these vulnerable human beings like so many poker chips.

I can only surmise he is responding from a place of fear. Evidently, he is afraid of Alison Grimes. Apparently he is also afraid of the Tea Party cartel taking its own hostages in Washington.

If taking children hostage is McConnell's best strategy, he is not worthy of serving this commonwealth or this nation.

The Rev. Mike Greer


Fancy Farm hypocrisy

At Fancy Farm, Mitch McConnell mocked Alison Grimes for accepting donations from Hollywood people, who he claims look down their noses at Kentuckians.

No stranger to hypocrisy, McConnell launched into a speech that was itself an insult to the intelligence of Kentuckians.

He cited Grimes' inexperience and (surprise) made a comparison with Barack Obama whom he criticized for running for president after only two years in the Senate.

Yes, this is the same McConnell who practically endorsed Rand Paul for the 2016 presidential nomination. Paul, with less governmental experience than Obama before entering the Senate, also began running soon after he went to the Senate. Does McConnell think that disqualifies Paul?

In a speech free of almost any significant issues, McConnell spewed a range of cheap shots to convict Grimes of guilt by association. I suspect middle-school teachers hold the reasoning capacity of their students to higher standards than we saw the senator display.

Kerby Neill


Re-elect sheriff

I have known Sheriff Kathy Witt for over 20 years. I am proud to call her a friend because she is an honest and genuine person of integrity.

She has dedicated her life to serving and protecting the citizens of Fayette County. She is compassionate about helping the victims of domestic violence. She has become a voice for the domestic violence victims by opening the Amanda Center.

Witt fights to protect our community from violent sex offenders and has a deputy dedicated to make sure that offenders are in compliance with the sex-offender registry.

Witt's hard work has made our community safe. I urge everyone to vote to re-elect her.

Mary Wood


Talk about disabilities

Congressional candidate Elisabeth Jensen is running against Rep. Andy Barr. I wonder who will be the first one to talk to people with disabilities.

Of the laws that need to be in place to protect the rights of people with disabilities without runarounds, cover-ups and excuses, who will be the first one to talk about good paying jobs for people with disabilities?

If a person files a complaint to Jensen's office against the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, will she call for an investigation? Or will she cover up the wrongdoings and do nothing?

Voters would like to know.

Jerry E. Ginter


Restore integrity

It's time to restore integrity to our political system and stop the blame game. Kentuckians are better than this. Congressional candidate Elisabeth Jensen will address this and others issues that have been ignored by our current representative. I encourage you to support her with your vote.

Charles E. Powell


Time's up

Many people believe term limits are a good idea. If that is you, then it is time to exercise your right to deny a sixth term to Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Patricia Adams