Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Aug. 20

A name is more than just a name

The signs, "St. Joseph Hospital" and "St. Joseph Office Park" have been replaced by "KentuckyOne Health" signs.

There are some of us who work for St. Joseph who believe a name is more than a name.

St. Joseph not only reminds us of Joseph, Jesus' foster father, but also of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth who founded and gave growth to the dream of a Catholic/Christian hospital.

Recently, a leadership team from Catholic Health Initiatives, which owns the merged hospitals under KentuckyOne Health, visited and was asked why the St. Joseph signs were being taken down.

They replied, "the marketing focus of Catholic Health Initiative now is health care rather than denominationalism."

Then why are they called "Catholic" Health Initiatives? A senior manager was even sent to a physician who publically opposed the change for an "attitude adjustment."

When the Romans came many went to their deaths rather than abandon the name "Christian."

I stand by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth who founded these hospitals.

I stand by the Catholic/Christian/Jewish/Muslim staff members who made the hospital grow and blossom. I stand by the sign "St. Joseph Hospital" because a name is more than just a name.

Father Dennis D. Knight

Chaplain, St. Joseph Healthcare


Spare the rod, etc.

Regarding The recent story about Lexington police Sgt. Peter Ford disciplining his daughter by hitting her with a toy baton:

His is a perfect example of why our prisons are full. Ford had a daughter out of control who was hitting him and going to leave home. He disciplined her in a very reasonable way. For that he has been charged with assault.

In my day, red wrists would have been the least of this child's worries. Her butt would have been black and blue. But she would have grown up to be a decent, law-abiding citizen.

Today, parents are afraid of their children and don't discipline them, mostly because of stupid laws like the one under which Ford was charged.

The children grow up thinking they can do anything they want, without consequence. So millions of them end up in prison.

Elmer R. Olson

Whitley City

Get rid of McConnell

Why does Mitch McConnell think that he is running against President Barack Obama? Obama is a two- term president who will be talked about by historians 100 years from now.

McConnell, on the other hand, will be forgotten the day he leaves office. He has no new ideas and doesn't promise any. He just hopes to smear Alison Grimes by comparing her to Obama.

McConnell has a 35 percent approval rating for a reason. He has done nothing for Kentucky or the country and will leave no legacy other than gridlock, hatred and the lowest government job approval rating in history.

If you want change then you have to change the actors in Washington. Start by ditching Mitch and move forward into the 21st century, instead of remaining mired in the last century.

Vote for Grimes for a fresh start instead of McConnellbaggage.

Chris Wells


God's TV messages

You can learn a lot about God by watching TV commercials.

On occasion I will see a commercial requesting donations to fight cancer in children featuring a number of young children, sadly bald from undergoing treatments for cancer.

I wonder where God is in all of this. The creator of the universe, one would think would have the power to cure these poor children of their cancer. Which of us if we had the power to instantly cure cancer in children would not do so? And yet God does nothing.

Then I happen upon another TV commercial that explains things. God is too busy to cure cancer in children because he is running an on-line computer dating service. The commercial promises to "find God's match for you." You are encouraged to sign up for this Christian dating service by the fact that God has already matched up millions of Christians. God has been a very busy Christian matchmaker indeed.

God has no time for children with cancer.

You can learn a lot about God by watching TV commercials.

Phil Greer