Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Oct. 17

Cable firm blocks access to UK sports

As a huge fan of University of Kentucky sports, I was initially excited to read that the SEC network and SEC Plus channels were going to carry games in multiple sports.

However, as a Time Warner customer with a huge cable bill, I am very unhappy that the company currently does not allow me access on my mobile devices to the SEC Network on WatchESPN.

The Herald-Leader continues to write that you can watch games scheduled on the SEC Network on WatchESPN. Please clarify that you cannot access the SEC network on the ESPN app if you are a Time Warner customer.

Could they also get a statement from the cable company to see if it will allow access in the future? Until the policy changes, I have less access to many games when away from my television than I did before the SEC network was created.

I wonder if UK Athletics is aware of this issue. As more people stream events, it is disappointing that the largest cable company in an SEC university community would deny access on this app.

Connie Hajash


Middle class ignored

Sen. Mitch McConnell recently had a lovefest with the Koch brothers and since then the TV ads have claimed he is a fighter for the middle class. Ha!

McConnell has frequently insisted that money is speech and the Supreme Court agreed in the Citizens United decision.

Now we have campaign spending at light-year heights. Big money spent on behalf of McConnell carries the expectation of something in return. Who are the big givers? Who profits? Not the middle class.

He still wants to kill the Affordable Care Act. Who have benefited from Kynect/Obamacare? The middle class. Who loses if McConnell gets his wish? The middle class.

McConnell's biggest donors are the banks that caused the housing crash. He opposes regulations to keep it from happening again. Who had mortgages? The middle class.

On Election Day all votes, rich or poor, are equal. It's our chance to ditch rich Mitch.

Al Crabb


Bring medical costs down

I received an advertisement from a local dentist group and I remembered that I had gone to that place about seven years ago. I was charged about $200 to inspect my mouth, and referred to two other dentists to extract four teeth, and I had to pay for each visit without getting even one tooth extracted.

Americans can not afford health care because our government is trying to police the world for the wealthy. We have enough nuclear weapons for self defense, and going overseas to fight is aggression, and is morally and legally wrong.

Exploiting human suffering for profit is evil. I propose that our government offer free education for jobs where each employee could be taught one specific medical procedure to bring health care expenses down. A diagnostic center to detect dental needs could eliminate the office merry-go- round, Automobiles are diagnosed better than humans.

A government that teams up with a college to build a ball arena should be streamlining education to get medical procedures into an affordable range.

Jack D. Spurling


Wrong anti-abortion tack

I recently talked with the president of Kentucky Right To Life Assoc. When I asked to meet with her to discuss the group's political positions, she said they weren't going to change.

I would have informed her that RTL's long-held strategy of making all abortions illegal doesn't reduce the abortion rate.

Data from around the world prove that countries where contraception is widely available and abortion is legal have fewer abortions, not more.

Once all abortions are illegal, more women would die in back-alley abortion mills. Not one unborn baby would be saved. Planned Parenthood's comprehensive strategy has always been far more effective.

If anyone sincerely desires to see fewer abortions, vote against Mitch McConnell, Andy Barr and other willfully blind Republicans.

An organization that promotes laws they know will increase abortions is immoral. Please quit RTL and save more unborn babies.

Geoffrey M. Young


Aid for recovering mothers

I read with interest the heartbreaking story about the increase in babies being treated for drug-addiction withdrawal. For pregnant or postpartum women, Chrysalis House Inc. offers a program where the mother and baby may be together in recovery.

As a program which focuses on building healthy families out of the ashes of addiction, Chrysalis House is a licensed facility offering treatment, parenting classes and various housing options. We help women in recovery achieve healthy pregnancies and learn to be mothers.

Any family which has suffered with addiction knows that the role of the mother is the key to a healthy, productive family life. Chrysalis House helps over 200 women and their families each year to try to achieve functionality, from recovery to learning developmental milestones for their babies.

Through our Mentoring Angels program, we are providing outreach to expectant mothers in hospitals. Volunteers provide information about treatment and share stories of experience, strength and hope.

Investing in a mother is investing in a family, and investing in a family is investing in a community. Not all mothers suffering from substance abuse are ready to be parents, but for those who are, Chrysalis House is here to teach them the skills.

Lindy Karns

Board president, Chrysalis House


Choose proactive leadership for city

Lexington has always been my home. I grew up here, graduating from both Bryan Station High School and the University of Kentucky.

Currently, I am a small-business owner and pastor. Lexington is where my wife and I are raising our four children and hope that they will have the same opportunities we did. I believe I represent the best choice for council.

Lexington needs a proactive government that offers real solutions to our problems and a vision for the future of our city. We can no longer settle for temporary fixes that simply pass those problems on to the next generation. This is one of the very reasons we are currently facing a $650 million consent decree.

I believe public safety should be our top priority and we need to provide the necessary resources to keep our families and neighborhoods safe and secure.

Economic development is critical to the success of our city. We must support local businesses and attract new companies to grow our economy.

Everyone has a stake in the development of our next generation and we need better collaboration between school officials, local government and the private sector.

Just like families and small businesses, we need to make sure government lives within its means. I am committed to finding new ways to save money and will encourage responsible spending while keeping taxes low.

There is only one endorsement that really matters on Nov. 4. The endorsement of the voters. That's the endorsement I am most interested in receiving.

Chris Logan

Candidate, Council-at-large