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Letters to the editor: Oct. 20

U. S. Sen. Mitch McConnell's supporters rallied prior to a KET forum between him and opponent Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes.
U. S. Sen. Mitch McConnell's supporters rallied prior to a KET forum between him and opponent Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes. Herald-Leader

Move on from obstruction

Mitch McConnell has done nothing positive and doesn't promise to do anything positive. By voting for him, we can stop anything from being done. And he threatens dire consequences if he loses, such as a rise in the minimum wage and closing tax loopholes for billionaires.

Alison Lundergan Grimes will get things done because that is her job.

The gap between the rich and the poor is at its widest point because of the failure to raise the minimum wage to keep pace with inflation and 30 years of tax cuts for the rich by the Republican Party. Let's move on from the partisan hatred and crazy talk and get decent human beings in office who actually want to do something good for the country.

If people don't want to vote for Grimes, that's OK. They can at least make a statement by not voting for McConnell.

John Sabot


Student loan aid essential

Kentucky's U.S. Senate race is one of the most important in the nation and every vote counts, especially the votes of the young.

Sen. Mitch McConnell is the face of the Republican Party establishment's growing separation from the country's youth.

At a town hall in Buckner, McConnell ruled out any possible government assistance for students being crushed under the weight of outrageous student debt. He said the debt was "voluntarily incurred." Well, it was a last resort in an economy where college is both necessary and expensive.

Student aid is only one of the many ways McConnell is out of touch with the citizens of Kentucky, as well as our nation as a whole.

It is time for a grassroots effort to stand up to the millionaire senator and his billionaire backers. We need Alison Lundergan Grimes to advocate on our behalf in Washington, D.C., as our next senator.

Cameron Wright


Tax hike hurts graduates

We can all agree that finding a solution to the student loan crisis should be a top priority.

That being said, the Democrats' proposal of increasing taxes with a price tag of $58 billion over 10 years is not a solution.

We need a leader like Mitch McConnell who can recognize the root of the issue, and will fight to create an environment where future graduates will not be forced to carry the same burden. In an economy where college graduates are finding it nearly impossible to find good-paying jobs, our first priority should be fostering job creation and ensuring graduates are entering an economy where they are able to pay off their loans.

McConnell has consistently supported proposals to make higher education more affordable and accessible, as well as being a true champion for policies that will create jobs. I will be supporting McConnell on Nov. 4.

James Yoder


Kentucky at crossroads

This election is so crucial because we face a choice: Continue down the Tea Party road of cutting essential government services, roll taxes back for corporations and plunder the environment with no regulation; or begin progress toward a more democratic society where the "American Dream" is alive again for the average citizen.

If we want to continue our march backward, Mitch McConnell is our man. He has voted against bills which would have taken away tax benefits to companies moving jobs overseas; increased the minimum wage; required equal pay for women and lowered student-loan interest rates. He wants to privatize Medicare.

Alison Lundergan Grimes has pledged to work for the above legislation and to preserve Social Security and Medicare. She has one other great thing going for her: She hasn't spent 30 years in Washington learning how to become a millionaire at the expense of her constituents.

Sean Lohman Detisch


Free Senate from Reid

The prevailing thought has been that all politics is local. But the Senate race is an exception. This election is Mitch McConnell against Sen. Harry Reid, not against Alison Grimes.

Little meaningful legislation has gotten through the Senate under Reid's control. Kentuckians may think Grimes is a fresh face promising new things but is there any doubt that she will vote along Democratic party lines?

I hope after the election I will be reading the paper with my morning coffee and feel true "hope and change."

If not, I will just have to accept that people have spoken and say quietly to myself, "I told you so," while hoping for the best.

When voting, think of this as an opportunity to get back on the track. In this mission, Grimes is only a ticket taker while McConnell can help get the train on the track.

Matilda Biesinger


Unclog D.C. gridlock

Thirty years is much too long for any public office to be held by one person or one party. The oil needs changing in Washington. It's gotten thick and gummy and dirty and is the source of gridlock.

The McConnell campaign has so much money it can spin countless TV ads to paint Alison Lundergan Grimes alongside President Barack Obama on just about anything. There's not a speck of truth in his latest ones. Surely, voters can see through this.

The McConnell campaign is playing on uninformed voters' unrealistic fears. The commonwealth's voters are not naive. The only person more unpopular than Obama in this state is Mitch McConnell. His campaign is trying to make us forget that by misdirection.

Obama has just two more years. Are you willing to put big money's friend back in office for six more years?

By the way, I'm registered Republican. Grimes has my vote.

Shelby Thompson


Elitism toward workers

We set character patterns early in life. Take Sen. Mitch McConnell. Back when he was a young man, he was subject to the Army draft. Many in his generation felt obligated to perform national service, as it was called then. McConnell was an exception, though. He had a medical condition that disqualified him from military service.

So, he couldn't serve even though he personally supported the Vietnam War. Lucky for him, he recovered from this medical condition later in life.

McConnell saw an exceptional future for himself. He saw himself among the highly talented elite. Today, we see that elitism in his position on jobs. McConnell prefers blaming the other party to articulating a jobs plan. Meanwhile, he gives careful attention to billionaires who believe they know what is best for the rest of us. He wants us to trust their economic ideas because they are exceptional like him.

Tom Louderback


Vote to boost state

If you vote for Mitch McConnell, Kentucky becomes better known and important, as it will be represented by the majority leader of the Senate, if the Republicans take over the Senate.

If you vote for Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky loses much of its influence because she would become a junior senator.

Let's keep Kentucky in the public eye as the great state we all know it to be.

Ruth Bebrowsky


McConnell aids workers

The recent letter claiming that Sen. Mitch McConnell opposes efforts to retrain workers is untrue.

Look no further than McConnell's June vote in favor of a bill that streamlines and improves job-training and workforce-development programs, and includes over $129 million to assist Kentuckians.

Not only will this legislation make sure job-training programs provide the support people need, it also makes existing programs more effective. It also provides more control at the local level so management and decision-making lies with those able to evaluate the needs firsthand. McConnell has stated time and again his concern with the number of Kentuckians who remain out of work or underemployed.

As the majority leader of the Senate, McConnell would be in a strong position to advance more workforce retraining, as well as promote policies to fix our economy, create good paying jobs and get Kentuckians back to work.

Such an opportunity comes perhaps once in a century.

Rick Christman


Phony 'war on coal'

A recent mailing had some foreign script on the front, along with the phrase, "Thank you, Obama!" It's supposed to persuade us that India should thank the president for sending manufacturing jobs there because of what Sen. Mitch McConnell calls "Obama's war on coal."

There is no such thing. The coal industry is declining because of increased popularity of solar, wind and gas; coal companies are resorting to cheaper strip-mining methods, and coal dust is killing off miners.

Honduras should be thanking McConnell for sending it 600 of our local jobs and thousands of others because of his kowtowing to big manufacturing companies. He voted for the trade agreement that allowed Fruit of the Loom to make its products in Third World countries, then send them back here tariff-free.

If we vote for this disgrace to the American spirit of fair play, we deserve what we get.

Barbara Sharp Zimmerman


Don't choose a pawn

The Herald-Leader and the Courier-Journal are desperate to defeat Sen, Mitch McConnell. They produced a poll contradicting polls showing McConnell ahead by five points.

Alison Lundergan Grimes' allies at the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville tell students that Grimes will cancel their student debts. Apparently Democrats think our college students are gullible enough to believe that.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is an obstructionist. For the last five years we have had continuing resolutions because Reid would not allow the Senate to vote on budgets passed by the House. And the leftist media call Republicans obstructionists.

Grimes will be nothing but a pawn for Reid. She will have no power to do anything for Kentucky.

McConnell is the man who will become the next Senate majority leader when the Republicans take control. With his leadership, this country will move in the right direction. Don't let this opportunity go by.

Ted Smith

Park Hills

Need honesty on coal

As a native Eastern Kentuckian, I am embarrassed for anyone who has fallen for Mitch McConnell's "war on coal." Anyone with any experience in the region knows coal has always been boom or bust, a cycle established over a century.

When George W. Bush came into office in 2001 there were 654 U.S. coal-fired plants. When he exited in 2009, there were 595. Bush's "war on coal"? When McConnell came into office three decades ago, there were almost 70,000 jobs in the industry nationally. Now, there are less than one-third that number. McConnell's "war on coal"?

Other forms of energy are more available and less expensive. Arch Coal closed operations because of a glut in the metallurgical coal market. Even as mine owners complained about regulation, they were closing operating mines.

McConnell and Sen. Rand Paul are not willing to be honest with Kentuckians. Vote for Alison Lundergan Grimes for U.S. Senate.

Bill Adkins


Country being torn down

I am appalled at the sheer ignorance of some people. Do they not know what bad shape this country is in?

Our veterans have fought and died for our way of life. Now we see it torn down by President Barack Obama and his cohorts.

People are flooding across the border bringing crime and disease. Some are coming from Africa, bringing Ebloa, and he refuses to stop the planes due to political correctness.

Obama makes a speech about how the unemployment rate is 5.4 percent, when there are millions of unemployed people not counted because they are no longer looking for work.

The Democrats have aligned themselves with every kooky organization in existence. Now that want to replace a leader in the Senate with a nobody who would have no clout. Alison Grimes would be laughed at and the people of Kentucky would be laughed at for their ignorance.

Doyle Glass


Campaign ad hypocrisy

Have you noticed the TV ads about West Virginia Congressman Nick Joe Rahall by the Republican National Committee and the Chamber of Commerce?

They say Rahall, a Democrat, has been in Washington for 30 years and must go. Well, if they really believe the ads they are putting out, then we should expect to see that same ad in Kentucky about Mitch McConnell.

Remember McConnell says if re-elected he will work hard to raise the retirement age, get rid of extended unemployment, get rid of food stamps, and make people with student loans pay higher interest rates, while giving the rich bigger tax cuts.

What else has he got in mind? McConnell cannot be trusted to do the right things for Kentucky. Vote for a true Kentuckian, Alison Grimes.

Inge Ramey


Stop the insanity

What has Mitch McConnell done for Kentucky during his time in the Senate? He has been a great obstructionist, has not offered immigration reform solutions, no health-care solutions, and no meaningful legislation.

He has helped the rich with tax breaks and taken care of all the high-income people. What about middle-class citizens?

There's a saying that to do the same thing and expect different results is insane. Are we as voters going to allow McConnell to go back to the Senate and expect different results? Vote him out now.

W. Frank Burberry


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