Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Oct. 21

Murray for school board

Natasha Murray is a compassionate, highly involved parent who cares about her community. She would represent constituents of the Fayette County school board, District 4, with integrity, leadership and enthusiasm.

I have watched her efforts to inspire and inform parents to become better CEOs of their children's educational experience. Her professionalism and result-driven approach will bring a new and fresh focus to the school board.

As a concerned parent, I am assured that she has the knowledge, skills and experience to work with the district leadership and her board colleagues to do what is in the best interest of all children.

She has created a visible presence in the community along with endorsements from the Central Kentucky Building and Construction Trade Council, the Herald-Leader, and Teamsters Local 651.

I invite Lexington voters in the 40502, 40508, 40515 and 40517 ZIP codes to elect Murray.

Marva Eubanks


Re-elect Judge Stein

A family court judge works with families in crisis from all walks of life, but poverty and limited education complicate the reasons people need a family court judge to help protect the children involved.

Judge Kathy Stein's early background prepared her well for her current role. Raised and educated in the coalfields of Virginia, Kathy lived, studied and taught school in a mountain community where life was hard.

Later, as a practicing attorney and public defender specializing in domestic violence, she saw up close the impact on children of the bad choices that bring families in crisis before her bench today.

She understands with tough yet compassionate love that these parents very often were themselves victims of family violence.

For her vast experience and deep compassion, we need to keep her as a family court judge in Fayette County. Vote for Stein Nov 4.

Ann Garrity


Fath for District 9

I have known Victoria Fath, candidate for 9th District council, for many years. I am confident she has the leadership skills to serve the citizens of her district and our community.

She is involved in promoting local products and small businesses. As a doctor, I appreciate her support of healthy homegrown products and the positives they contribute to our economy.

Fath promotes government transparency and prompt communication. She supports public safety, infrastructure, farmland and tourism. She and her neighbors have seen growth in this area, and her desire to maintain its uniqueness and attractiveness are valuable.

Fath sees the importance of maintaining our roads and flow of traffic. I am impressed with her intellect and knowledge of our local government. Our community needs new leaders to move us forward, and I encourage those in the 9th District to vote for her Nov. 4.

Russell L. Travis, M.D.


Twisted family values

The Democrats are so paranoid about values issues they have created a Kentucky Family Values group. I've never seen a family values organization that was not pro-life. This PAC is not.

It touts the labor union position opposing right-to-work laws, Kynect (Unaffordable Care Act), equal pay for women and a vague reference to supporting schools.

Yet it does not mention any school reform ideas, including charter schools for urban minorities. The radio ads use less-educated sounding actors with Southern, rural accents. Nice touch.

This liberal organization claims to represent conservative values, which it clearly does not. Democrats are so desperate to appear mainstream they cannot advertise what they actually believe. They know that conservative Republicans "own" this issue.

Nice try, Democrats. Thinking voters cannot be fooled by this charade.

Douglass Jones


Barr serves us well

Andy Barr has promised to be accessible to his constituents in Central Kentucky. He has had town hall meetings and made many visits to our communities, listening to what we want in our federal government.

He is working to reform Washington by introducing such legislation as Live by the Laws You Write Act and the Congressional Pay for Performance Act, which would require Congress to get our spending under control.

Barr represents our farm community by serving as co-chair of the Congressional Horse Caucus, and he has started an ag coalition.

He supports small businesses that created opportunities for new jobs to realize the American Dream. The congressman has promoted our bourbon, manufacturing and automobile industries, as well. This will improve the state for our children and grandchildren.

Join me and vote to re-elect Barr on Nov. 4.

Betsey R. Kuster


Forgot his oath

Dr. Ralph Alvarado's television ad indicates he is opposed to the Affordable Care Act and would like to see it repealed.

Doing so would eliminate health care for about 500,000 Kentuckians.

I don't know where Alvarado went to medical school, but he seems to have forgotten lesson No. 1: First, do no harm.

Greg Kring


Unendorsed candidate response

I stand by my record of serving district

Serving the people of Madison, Rockcastle and now southern Fayette is an honor, and I am proud of my record in the state Senate.

My record shows working in a bipartisan manner to get results. I've fought for fiscally responsible budgets that avoid raising taxes. I worked with both parties (and local students) to highlight the problem of school bullying so we can eliminate it.

I've gone to bat for teachers and strengthening Kentucky's education system. Standing up for life, keeping utility rates low by advocating coal while discussing energy diversification, and pushing back against the drug epidemic define my record.

I won't apologize for standing up to President Barack Obama to defend my constituents' gun rights. My opponent and the liberal media may be fixated on advancing Obama's agenda, but my focus is continuing to problem-solve.

For example, I helped veteran Gus LaFontaine, who returned from Afghanistan in 2010, cut through red tape to get a preparatory school established — a venture that created more than 20 jobs in Richmond.

Another example is when I took the lead to get the city of Brodhead an emergency bridge to ensure businesses could keep their doors open and children could safely get to school.

These are just a few examples from my record while serving Madison, Rockcastle and southern Fayette. This election is about my results as senator versus my opponent's liberal rhetoric. I humbly ask for the support of my district's citizens so we can continue defending our Kentucky heritage.

Jared Carpenter

Incumbent, 34th Senate District