Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Oct. 24

Kay perfect fit for council

I'm voting for Steve Kay for council-at-large. He is a perfect fit for the needs of local government. He is kind, he is trained in bringing folks together, he is hard-working, and he is smart.

He has vast experience working with our city government, both from within and without.

I have known Kay for decades, and I greatly appreciate his steady ways of working with differing opinions and his commitment to addressing hard public issues.

He works hard and he loves Lexington. We need him in government to continue to move our citizens toward a healthier, safer, more robust and exciting community. Kay is truly a public servant, and he will work for all of us in the next four years.

Richard Watts Franklin


Questions on ACA repeal

Sen. Mitch McConnell has been calling for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act without giving any factual criticism and the Republican House has voted to overturn this law 53 times.

As a voter, I would appreciate McConnell answering whether he would repeal parts of the law that:

■ Give free mammograms and other free preventive benefits to both men and women?

■ Prevent insurance companies from refusing to cover anybody because of a pre-existing condition?

■ Allow a son or daughter to remain on his/her parents health insurance until they are 26 years old?

■ Prevent insurance companies from dropping a policyholder's insurance for any reason except for fraud?

■ Close the Medicare drug benefit "doughnut hole," saving seniors billions of dollars?

■ Give tax credits for small businesses to buy health insurance?

■ Prevent an insurance company from placing limits on the policyholder benefits?

I would appreciate answers.

Richard Duglin


Rich? Vote McConnell

I get a card pretty much every day trying to persuade me that Mitch McConnell is for the middle class. Some come from the National Association of Realtors.

Enough Realtors must be rich people if they can convince their board to support McConnell.

The Republican Party has one major goal: to make rich people richer. Rich people contribute to charitable causes at a significantly lower rate than middle-class or poor people, according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy and Forbes. But they certainly seem able to give it to the McConnell campaign.

So if you are rich, vote for McConnell. But if you are part of the 95 percent of us who have to make a living the hard way, you should consider voting for your self interest. Do you really want to let the Republicans, who gave us the Great Recession, do it to us again?

Michael Kennedy


Stein for family court

Judge Kathy Stein is one of Kentucky's most revered and notable public servants and has been through the years she has served in the legal profession, and then in the Kentucky House of Representatives, and then in the Kentucky State Senate, and now as Family Court judge for 6th Division, 22nd Circuit.

She makes us proud to have her in Lexington and on the family court here. This is to urge you to retain her on the family court by voting for her re-election.

Len Press


Larson, Beatty for safety

Lexington needs the changes that Jon Larson and Anthany Beatty propose to make the city/county a better place to live. Both are highly experienced and respected for their knowledge and records in their fields.

Larson wants to lower the recidivism rate in the courts. Beatty wants to lower crime.

Beatty says we need more police to quell the rise in crime. Larson states that we should incarcerate fewer people, putting the lowest-level offenders in programs with job training and counseling, probably near their families.

Both men would make Fayette County safer, help some offenders change their lives and, thus, save the county money.

Larson has even taken a government job solely to try to save the county money by closing the office, which he thinks is a waste. How about that.

Sabina Bernardi


Ad barrage a waste

Campaign money poured into TV ads in the Senate race is a waste. This endless barrage focuses on three main topics: how bad the other guy is, who is for or against the coal industry and who will work for Kentuckians.

These negative messages tell me that both candidates don't have a clue what is really important to Kentucky and our nation or are afraid to lay out their real legislative agendas.

Issues important to me include achieving a balanced budget, strengthening entitlements, maintaining a strong, growing economy, future energy sources and ending congressional lockjaw.

A quick check of their websites reveals glowing statements such as "fight for Kentucky jobs" but precious few facts or steps to achieve these goals. Neither candidate demonstrates the foresight that humans are consuming fossil fuels faster than nature will replace them.

So what will ultimately be our source of future energy? Why risk demonstrating vision?

R. Paul Baumgartner


Jensen for Congress

In the 6th Congressional District we have the opportunity to replace a self-serving Tea Party conservative with a highly qualified educator dedicated to serving the interests of all Kentuckians.

Elisabeth Jensen is the executive director of The Race for Education, a nonprofit that provides scholarships, tutoring and other aid for young students. Her political support comes primarily through modest amounts from individual donors — not from the big banks and Wall Street millionaires financing Andy Barr's campaign.

Jensen wants to get Kentucky's economy moving by raising the minimum wage and getting more money into the hands of hard-working Kentuckians. She wants to expand Head Start to prepare students for success in the classroom and readiness for college or vocational education. She wants well-qualified teachers in every classroom.

If you want a Congress member who represents ordinary Kentuckians, rather than Wall Street and wealthy corporations, vote for Jensen Nov. 4.

Ruby Layson


Choice between evils

On one hand in the Kentucky Senate race, we have Alison L. Grimes: No Washington D.C. experience, will be politically neutered and lobotomized by the ruling Democrat triumvirate of California/Chicago/New York to the point of being a cheerleader talking-point head — no more, no less.

She will have no say or influence on what is good for Kentucky and will be nothing more then a rubber stamp for the Democratic National Committee.

On the other hand, we have Mitch McConnell: career self-centered politician, deeply ingrained in Washington pork-barrel politics as one of the princes of pork-barrel omnibus bills, and issues talking points that he absolutely will not abide by.

McConnell is no more than a chameleon for fiscal conservatism with nothing more then a professional staff of ad agencies to back him up.

I choose Grimes; she is the lessor of two evils.

Ken DeGeneffe