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Election letters: Oct. 27

Grimes for equal pay

Mitch McConnell, Senate minority leader for "the party of no," has yet to explain why he thinks working women are not worthy of equal pay for equal work.

Twice, he voted against the bill that would have put all on the same pay scale. As it stands now, women are paid 25 percent less for the same job than their male counterparts.

Thirty years ago, far fewer women were in the workplace. Men were the breadwinners and the majority of households did not need two paychecks to make ends meet.

Today, 48 percent of Kentucky households are headed by single moms who need every penny to survive. The same is true for older women working because retirement now seems a pipe dream.

Our state needs a senator who will work hard to see that all will have a fair chance to compete and succeed. Her name is Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Diana S. Lane


McConnell cares

Throughout his tenure as a United States senator, Mitch McConnell has fought every day to better the lives of Kentuckians. McConnell has shown deep compassion and caring, doing his best to help those he represents.This is perfectly exemplified through the story of Noelle Hunter.

In 2011, Hunter's ex-husband abducted her daughter, Muna, and took her to Mali. For over a year, she could find no help to rescue her daughter. Then she contacted McConnell.

McConnell made it a priority, writing letters to the Malian government and probing the State Department for progress on the case for two years. Finally, Muna safely returned home, where McConnell was there to greet her.

In the words of Hunter, "We're so fortunate to have him as our senator in Kentucky."

As a parent, I feel personally compelled to shine light on this story, which is a true testament to the exceptional leader we have in McConnell.

Alison Keller


Grimes for all

At a time when our country is struggling through the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression, Sen. Mitch McConnell has chosen to play partisan politics instead of working to strengthen our nation's economy.

As Senate minority leader, McConnell has voted against extending unemployment benefits for laid-off workers, a jobs bill for veterans, student loan refinancing, and numerous times against increasing the minimum wage. Polls have shown McConnell is one of the most disliked senators, a title he has earned with his obstructionism.

If this were a national election, there is no doubt McConnell would lose and Alison Lundergan Grimes would win.

Kentuckians owe themselves and our nation a senator who will work for the entire country and not just the advancement of the elite, and that is Grimes.

Join me in voting for a Kentuckian who will work for all Americans, and vote for Grimes for senator on Nov. 4.

Johann Camenisch


It's all about Mitch

Sen. Mitch McConnell was recently quoted as saying that finding jobs for Kentuckians is not his job.

An extremely odd thing for one of our two senators to say. So what is his job, other than self promotion?

I was in Young Republicans with McConnell in the 1960s. He didn't refuse to speak to me, rather he just never did.

He has not done a good job of getting things for Kentucky as a whole. It's all about Mitch, Mitch, Mitch.

Nov. 4, is Election Day. We have two choices: re-elect a man who has done next to nothing for our state or our nation, or elect a new face, Alison Lundergan Grimes, who has a proven record and lofty goals for our state.

You have a choice, please choose wisely.

Ron Turner

Fort Thomas

Grimes' pipe dreams

Alison Lundergan Grimes tells us in a TV ad that she is not Barack Obama. Perhaps she means politically she is not like him. How quickly the chameleon can change colors. She likely voted for him twice. What are we to believe: actions or words?

Grimes' statements as to what she will do if elected are pure pipe dreams. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will tell her where to sit, when to vote and how to vote. She could never get a bill past him that is contrary to Obama policy. Therefore, her campaign statements, bold as they sound, are pure nonsense.

Voters in Kentucky have an opportunity that Kentucky has not had in the past 68 years — to have a Senate majority leader from Kentucky. Don't underestimate what this could mean for the commonwealth.

E. H. Durnil


McConnell for the rich

Sen. Mitch McConnell consistently supported bills blatantly favoring the very wealthy at the expense of average Kentuckians.

He opposed bills that would allow voters to know where big money in campaigns comes from — one of only six senators opposing a modest 2001 effort requiring political action committees to disclose their activities and funding sources.

More recently, a Senate bill requiring more PAC openness gained a comfortable majority in the Senate (58 votes), but failed due to a McConnell filibuster. Majority votes to reduce federal giveaways to oil companies with over $1 billion in gross revenues also fell to his filibusters.

The nonpartisan organization Vote Smart reveals that McConnell received more PAC money in 2012 than any other senator. With that kind of money you can buy all the ads you want pretending to be a hero fighting for Kentucky while suggesting your gutsy opponent rides to work on a broom.

T. Kerby Neill


How stupid are we?

Sen. McConnell's voting record proves that he is against everything that the average working Kentuckian is for. He is not for raising the minimum wage, extending unemployment, reducing student loan debt or equal pay for equal work. He even voted against the Violence Against Women Act.

He wants to kill Obamacare, which will kill Kynect. In doing so, over half a million Kentuckians will lose insurance.

When asked, he said killing Obamacare had nothing to do with Kynect. Does he really think Kentuckians are morons?

One thing is certain, if McConnell's re-elected, it will prove that the people of Kentucky are as stupid as he thinks they are.

Roger Pike


McConnell and money

Save democracy, save America; get money out of politics. Retire plutocrat Sen. Mitch McConnell, who consistently appeals to the lesser angels of our nature.

For McConnell, money, money, money is what politics and life are all about. He can blame President Obama for all of America's ills, but our president is not responsible for what's killing us: greed.

During McConnell's 30-year Senate career, the rich, who he mostly cares about, have done very well while the overwhelming majority of the middle class and poor have increasingly fallen behind. He has been able to successfully bamboozle Kentuckians into believing trickle-down economics works.

For the good of Kentucky and America, I hope voters finally get smart and elect Alison Lundergan Grimes to the U.S. Senate. She is intelligent, energetic, caring, and will represent all Kentuckians well.

Grimes is her own person and has what it takes to be an outstanding senator.

Paul Lam Whiteley Sr.


Grimes' Pinocchios

Despite being a registered Republican, I do not vote straight party line. I supported Gov. Beshear in the last election.

For the current election I have to cast my vote for McConnell. While I am not a huge fan, he has done more for Kentucky than most of us have any idea of, and certainly more than Alison Lundergan Grimes would have you believe.

Her ads have distorted his record to the point of receiving four Pinocchios by political fact checkers. She claims she is not Obama, but as junior senator, Obama and Harry Reid will say jump and she will say how high.

McConnell also has the distinct probability of becoming Senate majority leader, a huge advantage to Kentucky. Whomever you choose to vote for, do so on the basis of informed research and not the ads you see on TV. Kentucky's future depends on it.

Bill Theirl


War of words

If you are a veteran or if you are a relative of a veteran then I can not believe you could vote for Mitch McConnell. McConnell believes that a few regulations is war. He does not know the meaning of the word war.

He has no idea what people in the U.S. military go through to prepare themselves for war. War is an armed conflict with bullets, bombs, etc, not words.

The only casualties in McConnell's war are miners who lose their jobs because the mine owners are greedy and their profit must be the same no matter how many miners are fired.

Miners lose their jobs while owners and lawyers of mining operations donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to the University of Kentucky.

Come on, Kentucky voters, step up and show the world that you know the difference between war and words. Vote for Alison Lundergan Grimes.

William L. Clemmons Jr.


Barr supports, gets big money

Even though Rep. Andy Barr has received more than $22,000 from payday lenders for his congressional campaign, according to the Herald-Leader, it is unbelievable that he would vote against a bill to crack down on banks that have allowed payday lenders to process $2.4 billion in unauthorized transactions from depositors' accounts.

Many Kentuckians have suffered financially and emotionally from the excessive, sometimes up to 600 percent, interest on loans from payday lenders.

Barr consistently supports big-money interests over the interests of most Kentuckians who would benefit from some oversight of these practices.

Elisabeth Jensen is sincerely concerned about this kind of legislative obstruction and would be a voice for regular people in Congress.

Diana Clewett


Barr true Christian, conservative

I am for Andy Barr 110 percent.

He is the greatest congressman we ever had. He fights for a safer place to live. Kentucky doesn't need challenger Elisabeth Jensen.

Barr will save coal, lower taxes and lower crime. Jensen must be defeated because her policies could make taxes go higher and put more people of out work.

Barr will put people back to work and put people back on the job. The 6th District needs a true Christian man and a strong conservative like Barr.

Joseph Obin Beck Jr.


Vote Jensen, don't let Barr buy it

If there was ever a time for Kentuckians to protest money buying elections, it's in our own 6th Congressional District in the Elisabeth Jensen v. Andy Barr campaign.

You may have noticed fewer Jensen TV ads during this last crucial short period before the Nov. 4 election as Barr floods the airwaves.

That's because the money Jensen raised from us common citizens can't compete with the millions Barr gets from banks too big to fail, Wall Street and investment firms.

Jensen in Congress will work on education, jobs, infrastructure, minimum wage increases and flat-out helping Kentuckians.

Barr stands with extremist Tea Partiers who oppose government programs and work for the wealthy.

Voters in the 6th District can effect both campaign reform and term limits by electing Jensen.

She is the people's candidate. Let's turn out in droves to show money mongers our votes alone still count.

Ramona Rush


More support Barr than paper

It was no surprise to me that the Herald-Leader editorial board has decided to endorse Elisabeth Jensen, yet another bleeding-heart liberal who will lose an election after being anointed.

After all, the Herald-Leader is a real crown jewel in the McClatchy Co.'s media holdings. The paper is so loved that its subscriptions have tumbled.

As a Lexington native, I watched Ben Chandler do pretty much nothing in his time in office with the support of the Herald-Leader. This is in direct contrast to Andy Barr. Barr is working hard to represent the folks in the district.

He's a man of conviction and principles and his electorate is growing, unlike the subscription rolls of the Herald-Leader. Barr is the best candidate for the district and any other newspaper is better than the Herald-Leader for Central Kentucky.

Jimmy Boling


Barr selling us out

Sen Mitch McConnell doesn't try to hide his contempt for his Kentucky constituents while catering to out-of-state bosses.

But Rep. Andy Barr hides his contempt by having local meetings and sending voters lots of mail. That impresses some who don't notice that when it comes down to really listening, Barr turns a deaf ear.

Eighty percent of Kentuckians didn't want him to vote to shut down the government? He did it anyway and he will do it again.

A half-million Kentuckians have health insurance, many for the first time? Too bad because Barr wants to kill the program.

He wants to reduce regulations on banks and Wall Street. Yes, the same people who ran the country into the ditch. But Barr trusts them because they are funding his re-election campaign.

Barr is just a "mini-McConnell" and is selling us out, too. Barr doesn't deserve anyone's vote.

Arlin Marsh


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