Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Oct. 28

Skilled Boyd for judge

With 15 years of professional experience throughout every area of our state's court system, Traci H. Boyd will bring to Fayette County's Family Court bench the skills, background and demeanor lacking in her incumbent opponent.

The additional qualifications of this energetic and dedicated professional include volunteer work with community groups whose services range from assistance to the economically disadvantaged to those with disabilities to domestic-violence prevention.

Knowing her and having watched the progress of her exemplary legal career from its start, I will proudly vote for her on Nov. 4, and I wholeheartedly encourage you and your family to do the same.

Margaret Hester Kannensohn


Moloney will aid suburbs

Do you care about our suburbs? If so, we recommend you vote for Richard Moloney for council at-large.

With dying malls and businesses, we need someone with demonstrated vision, creativity and wisdom to help us reconnect outer community spokes to downtown.

Moloney's experience includes: District 11 councilman; Kentucky commissioner of Housing, Building, and Construction; and administrator for Mayor Jim Gray.

He has a working knowledge of state and local governments and gets things done thoroughly, quickly and right.

He helped us close a cut-through off Versailles Road that brought an extra 1,600 cars a day through our neighborhood and worked to stop our stream flooding, too.

Moloney has a sense of civic responsibility and is skillful at mentoring potential community leaders. He makes himself available to his constituents. Let's work together to bring new life and fresh ideas to the 'burbs.

Kathleen Fluhart


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Stein right fit for judge

Thank you for your Oct. 8 endorsement of Judge Kathy Stein to continue as family court judge.

In this bleak campaign season, it is heartening to have some excellent public servants on the ballot.

Stein has a long history of working for families, including 17 years' work in the Kentucky General Assembly. She is versed in the issue of domestic violence and is known in the community as one who "walks the walk."

In the end, she has the experience, temperament and integrity needed for our family court.

I am proud to have the opportunity to re-elect Stein.

Melissa T. Dresler


Larson for council at-large

If you love our veterans: Jon Larson, a veteran, has helped them by establishing a veterans treatment court.

If you love your peace and quiet: Larson wants to stop urban sprawl with regional planning.

If you love to save money: Larson wants to eliminate unnecessary waste from government jobs.

If you love what's good for us in Lexington, Fayette County: Let's approve this message and vote for Larson for council at-large.

Sharon McGuire


Talk about disabilities

Elisabeth Jensen and Andy Barr are running for Congress. They want people to get out and vote and they want people with disabilities to get out and vote for them.

But they don't want to talk about disability issues. Is it because in a round-about way they support discrimination against people with disabilities by their actions?

And if that's not it, then why don't they talk about disability issues in public? The voters with disabilities would like to know.

Jerry Ginter


Stinnett for at-large post

Lexington residents have some important decisions to make when it comes to the Urban County Council. In particular, with the at-large positions where you have six candidates running for three positions.

As a resident of the north side of town and someone who has had to reach out to my council person Kevin Stinnett for help with issues and guidance, I strongly encourage Lexington voters to consider giving your support to Stinnett for a council at-large position.

While we will miss him dearly in the 6th District, I know that he will serve a much greater purpose attending to the needs of the Lexington community.

Through my interactions I have found him to be responsive, responsible and always a voice of reason — just what Lexington needs. A vote for Stinnett will help ensure a stronger Lexington.

Trish Mazzoni


McConnell can't save coal

Mitch McConnell is promising very desperate Eastern Kentucky folks that he'll save coal. His plan rests mainly on reducing the Environmental Protection Agency's influence over coal.

The actual decision-makers of coal's future, America's electricity company executives, now see coal as a backup power source for the future. More efficient, flexible, plentiful and cost-competitive natural gas is king now and will stay that way regardless of what happens to the EPA.

For years McConnell and Kentucky's other congressional delegates have ignored changing markets, and they are still unwilling to do what's needed to make coal competitive again.

The Coal Country Protection Act sadly is designed mostly to save the re-election hopes of politicians supporting it. Kentucky needs new savvy leadership that looks to the future and new technology to save coal. That's not going to happen under backward-focused McConnell and friends. Coal families deserve better.

Dan Lockhart


Voters deserve better than status quo

It is disappointing to see the paper endorse a 24-year career politician who only offers Democratic talking points and continues to believe we can tax, borrow and spend our way to prosperity.

During her 24 years, the price of University of Kentucky tuition has increased 474 percent, government spending is up 216 percent and our state debt is up 208 percent. We must get our fiscal house in order.

The voters in the 76th District deserve better.

I have talked to voters on every street in the district, and they are looking for a better future for themselves and their families. They want jobs, better education opportunities and an end to wasteful government spending.

We must have a much more transparent government which leads to better and more efficient outcomes. We must solve our pension disaster and reform our outdated tax structure.

As a state representative, I will fight for the best interests of the district. Ruth Ann Palumbo does not understand the ever-increasing premiums and deductibles most people are paying when she has free health care for life at taxpayer expense, plus who knows how much in her taxpayer-funded pension.

I support free-market solutions to bring down health care costs and deliver better solutions. Remember, health insurance does not equal health care.

I favor term limits, eliminating special pay as well as eliminating legislator pensions. You deserve better. Vote Richard Marrs for state representative. Visit Richardforky.com to learn more.

Richard Marrs

Candidate, 76th House District