Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor - Senate: Oct. 29

No to 6 more years

No more under-funding equal education.

No more big-business welfare/tax breaks.

No more big-money politics.

No more of Mitch McConnell's society class system.

No more McConnell trickle-sideways economy.

No more sending jobs overseas.

No turning over the Social Security Administration to a private corporation.

No more beating down middle- and lower-income families.

No more degrading children and families in poverty.

Barack Obama will be president for two more years.

Who wants six more years of McConnell?

Donald Willingham


McConnell's loyalties

Sen. Mitch McConnell must think Kentucky voters are stupid.

In speeches and ads, he says Republicans will balance the budget and lower our debt. But when George W. Bush was president, Republicans sent us to war and cut taxes for the wealthy without providing a way to pay for it. Guess McConnell forgot about that.

Republicans' mantra against Sen. Harry's Reid's comment that coal "makes us sick" forgets that miners who breathed coal got black-lung disease. Sounds like coal does make us sick.

We know McConnell doesn't look out for the electorate of Kentucky except when it's election time. We know where his loyalties lie, and it's not with the middle class or low income.

We don't know that much about Alison Lundergan Grimes but we do know about McConnell and his policies, and it's time to give someone else a chance in Washington. Vote for Grimes.

Robert B. Dalton


Fightin' McConnell

I'm having a difficult time understanding how any Kentucky voter can support Mitch McConnell. What gives me pause are the incessant references to his fighting ability, as if he was some successful battlefield warrior.

I suppose that his wealthy individual and corporate owners (oops, make that donors) are confident that he will do as they dictate; yet, every time I hear him pledge to fight for Kentuckians, I conjure up this video in my mind of McConnell as the late Andy Kaufmann in the ring with Jerry Lawler. (You can see it on YouTube.com)

I'm going to have McConnell's fighting ability in mind at the voting booth; I will hold him accountable for what he hasn't done over the last 30 years (see Barack Obama one-term president, Affordable Care Act, coal jobs history, deficit spending) and what he won't do if re-elected. I hope the majority of Kentucky voters do, too.

Jim Brutsman


Votes that count

What matters the most? Who someone voted for in the last two presidential elections? Or how someone voted on issues of crucial importance to the average struggling Kentuckian?

For me, it's the latter. I could care less about who Alison Grimes voted for in the last two presidential elections. But I sure do care how McConnell voted on the issues of minimum wage, violence against women, equal pay for equal work, interest rates on student loans and tax breaks for corporations shipping jobs overseas. All these votes are public record. No ad paid for by billionaires can hide that.

McConnell has not earned, nor does he deserve, six more years. If re-elected he pledges to maintain his current stance on the above issues. That's more than enough to convince me he needs to go.

I will vote for Grimes and I hope enough of my fellow Kentuckians will do the same.

Gary Whitaker


Not McConnell's fault

I've seen letters blaming Sen. Mitch McConnell for the loss of 7,000 coal jobs in Eastern Kentucky. How is he to blame for the policies of the president? I drive a coal truck and five years ago was hauling for a company whose next permit was one of the 79 held up by the Environmental Protection Agency. I could have been busy with them. By the grace of God I've been busy anyway It's funny that coal is doing well in Illinois, where the president is from. Kentucky votes against him and he holds up work. Then they say "market conditions." Sure, anybody can manipulate. They have.

Tourismwon't ever do what coal does for us.

The Bible says if one part suffers, every part suffers. This paper has documented how the whole state is suffering, especially the state budget.

You can vote for Alison Grimes, but it helps the president.

Ray E. Davis Jr.

Hager Hill

Big Money talking

You might think that two years ago there was no presidential election and that Mitch McConnell's opponent is not Alison Grimes but Barack Obama.

Obama has only two years left whereas McConnell wants six more years.

McConnell courts transnational corporations and their big money. Tobacco companies, large banks, the oil and gas industry and others have obliged. Some Kentuckians have the strange notion that they will be taken care of because huge banks and corporations are so fond of McConnell and his staffers. I just read that six out of seven of McConnell's chiefs of staff became lobbyists. Is this why the senator claims to be a "job creator"?

In the first 10 years of this century U.S. firms cut 2.9 million U.S. jobs while expanding jobs abroad by 2.4 million. Many American jobs do not pay a living wage even for college graduates. McConnell protects this cheap labor system.

He goes to bat for corporations at the Supreme Court, claiming they are "persons" who need access for their Big Money TV ads. Alert Kentucky citizens will reject this special relationship between Team Mitch and the Big Money.

Herbert Reid