Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Oct. 29

Akers a standout

I live in Scott County but have a business on Leestown Road in Lexington. This is one of those times I wish I lived in Lexington so I could vote for Shevawn Akers for council.

She has worked tirelessly for the district and received little thanks for her accomplishments. In fact, she has been vilified for no real reason.

Please, set aside the petty distractions and get down to the bottom line. If you think you can do a better job, tell us how and why, and run on that, not on trying to chop another candidate's legs out from under her with misleading and distracting issues that have no bearing on how well a job is being done.

Don't be swayed by negative campaigning. Akers has earned your vote. She is a standout.

Dan Shorr


Moynahan in 7th

As a small business owner, I know that Michael Moynahan is just the kind of leader we need on city council to represent the 7th District. Moynahan has a master's in business administration from the University of Kentucky and understands that private business drives the local economy and creates jobs. He knows that local government should partner with business owners and not work against them. He visited my house in Chilesburg and we spoke at length about the need for eliminating bureaucratic red tape that provides no benefit to taxpayers. The 7th District would be wise to elect him on Nov. 4.

Edward Pauley II


Harry Clarke diligent

When I met Harry Clarke in 2012, I soon realized he was not only a leader and organizer (of his neighborhood association as well as of the University of Kentucky marching band and the department of music) but also a person of amazing investigative curiosity.

His pre-election learning process about District 10 residents and their concerns, along with his diligent examination of city issues in order to prepare for what he was getting himself into — all that impressed me and continues to do so.

Clarke works hard in his District 10 seat. His responses to citizen concerns are serious and studied. He has educated himself in his first term not only about his district but also about important issues across all of Lexington. He knows his constituents in the 10th and he cares about them. He deserves your vote for re-election.

Janet Cabaniss


Witt's selfless service

As a member of the team of the office of the Fayette County Sheriff, I get to witness firsthand the leadership abilities of Sheriff Kathy Witt. Her commitment and dedication to the people of Fayette County is unparalleled. She works tirelessly to ensure all people in this community are safe and protected. She is available whenever needed or called upon. I have personally witnessed the kindness and compassion she shows to those in need.

For the past 16 years, Witt has continued to bring integrity to the sheriff's office. Her selfless service inspires not only the members of the sheriff's team but others she encounters. She not only serves the citizens of Fayette County in her role as sheriff, she has a sense of duty to the community that extends beyond her official capacity.

Joseph A. Modica


Kay for at-large

We first met Steve Kay through our volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity and the Catholic Action Center. We were very impressed by his dedication to serving our community and especially, the "least of these."

Through the years we have seen Kay serve Lexington in numerous other capacities, most recently as an at-large member of our city council. Kay cares for people and believes that a hand up is more effective than a handout. He leads with practical yet creative ideas and a calm demeanor.

If there is a limit to Kay's energy and enthusiasm for serving Lexington, we have never seen it. Please join us in voting for Kay for council at-large on Nov. 4.

Herm and Roz Heise


Support Traci Boyd

I am proud to support Traci Boyd for Family Court judge. I have known her for 15 years and she is the type of judge you want on the bench. She will listen, be fair and respectful, and will make prompt decisions.

Boyd is a mother and knows the struggles that families face. She has been divorced so she knows the hardships that come with having to go through a divorce. She has practiced family law longer than her opponent and she is educated about how Kentucky's family law should be applied.

Hopefully, you will never have to end up in family court. But if you do, having a judge like Boyd will make the process easier. Consider giving her your vote.

Sharieffa Barksdale


Late to coal country

Surprise. Mitch McConnell cares about coal. (When it's politically correct to do so.) After 30 years in which he has done nothing to help the economy of Eastern Kentucky, McConnell has introduced the Coal Country Protection Act and wants you to sign onto it.

Nice name, right? And that's all there is to this bill, as far as Congress and the country are concerned. A bill by this name introduced by McConnell for purely political reasons has no chance whatsoever of making it out of the Senate and he knows it.

On the other hand, his Democratic opponent, Alison Lundergan Grimes, has some specific ideas for creating jobs and improving the economy in Kentucky's coal country.

Better luck next time, McConnell.

David Whealdon


Pro-life and against special interests

I am Dwaine Curran, candidate for state representative in the conservative 72nd District.

Following an interview with the editorial board, the Herald-Leader decided to endorse my opponent, Sannie Overly, for state representative of the 72nd District, which includes Bath, Bourbon, Nicholas and northeast Fayette counties.

If Overly's voting records were revealed to the conservative 72nd, it would be found that she is the antithesis of conservatism based on her votes, or lack of.

It's easy for folks to declare that they are pro-life if they're alive. For me, life begins at conception which earned an endorsement from Kentucky Right to Life. When Senate Bill 8 was introduced to the House floor — which would have required abortionists to reveal an ultrasound of the baby in the womb to its mother, oftentimes changing the mom's opinion about ending her baby's life — Overly and 48 of her colleagues abstained from voting.

All representatives should be required to vote on all measures so the constituents can witness who is represented. Special interests or voters? I, Dwaine Curran, being a voice for the life of the child in the mother's womb, would have voted for SB 8.

An endorsement from the Herald-Leader would go against the beliefs lived by the good people in the 72nd. The lack of endorsement from the paper will send a message to the 72nd that Dwaine Curran is pro-life at conception and will not be swayed by special interests. Read more at putkyfirst.com.

Dwaine Curran

Candidate, House 72nd District