Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor/Senate race: Oct. 30

Tapping Ky's racism

Mitch McConnell is well aware that a high number of Kentuckians' votes against Barack Obama had nothing to do with Obama's politics. McConnell knows that a high percentage of anti-Obama voters can tell you nothing about Obama, except that he is black.

McConnell knows that nothing makes a racist's blood boil more than a black man and a white woman together or pictured together. Every McConnell television ad includes one or more side-by-side pictures of Alison Lundergan Grimes and Obama to get that bigot blood flowing. One of McConnell's television ads even gives the false impression that they are reclining side-by-side.

I doubt if McConnell is a racist. However, that has not prevented him from drawing votes from Kentucky's deep racist well to get himself re-elected.

William C. Jacobs


McConnell and Nixon

Mitch McConnell stated that in 1960, "I proudly voted for Richard Nixon."

My husband pointed out that he and McConnell were both 18 In 1960. The voting age was 21 at that time, for a presidential election (it has since changed to 18). McConnell would have been ineligible to vote in 1960.

Another casual falsehood from a career politician.

While desperately badgering his opponent to say she voted for Barack Obama, I guess it's no big deal for him to lie about voting for Nixon. And why on Earth would he want to brag about that?

He's not just out of touch, he's in outer space. Alison Lundergan Grimes has my vote.

Joan Burke


Thank you, from coal

I just read that the Kentucky Division of Water reported that the coal company compliance rate for water regulations was 7.8 percent. Since coal companies are uncommonly shy about their high compliance rate, I decided to write a letter for them.

"We, the coal companies of Kentucky wish to thank the citizens of Kentucky for sacrificing their lives, lungs, water, mountains and health by maintaining a firm dependence on a 17th century energy source so we can make big bucks.

We especially want to thank the Commonwealth of Kentucky for allowing us walk away from the damage we do by letting the taxpayers clean the messes we leave behind for their really not-so-cheap electricity."

My question to Mitch McConnell, Andy Barr and Senate hopeful Alison Grimes: If compliance and enforcement are so poor, how can any regulation be a financial burden and cause the loss of jobs in Kentucky?

George Weems


30 years to forget

If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll get what you have always gotten. To get something different, change what you're doing.

Think about it, the poverty level in Eastern Kentucky is one of the highest in the nation. Our senator has said that jobs in not his business.

Now he is saying that he is fighting for coal, knowing that natural gas is cheaper and the big utility companies are switching over.

Thirty years under Republican and Democratic presidents, our Republican senator has forgotten us. We need jobs more than coal to bring back the population and wealth.

McConnell is only interested in being the president. We will get the same if we keep on voting for him. Without change, we will get what you already had for the past 30 years — nothing.

William Hunt


We need McConnell

The McConnell-Grimes debate certainly demonstrated that Alison Grimes' mantra about Mitch McConnell making millions from his Senate position is really a fabrication, especially when you look at the millions her father, Jerry Lundergan, has raked in over many years as a food-services contractor for the federal government.

What Kentucky and America need now is our conservative senator in Washington with the experience and senior position to take over as the new leader of the Senate with the upcoming Republican majority.

Then our House and Senate will have some real power to counter the extreme policies of the Obama administration and reduce the damage that Barack Obama's lack of leadership and flawed policies are doing to America.

Dale C. White


Cynical McConnell

I have not heard Mitch McConnell discuss what he will be doing in Washington, if he is re-elected. All I hear from him is negative ads against Alison Grimes.

Mitch has been in Kentucky politics for a long time, but he has never run a more cynical campaign than the one he is now waging.

When he first became senator, the pay was approximately $72,600. Today he is making $193,400, plus expenses.

This does not count the special-interest groups that support him.

Maybe President Barack Obama is not the best we have ever had, but McConnell has admitted he has been out to stop the president.

What this election boils down to is if you are not satisfied with Congress, replace all those attempting to get re-elected. The new person can not be any worse.

Marvin L. Nichols


Mitch's old horses

For 30 years, Mitch McConnel has kept Kentuckians in the dark, becoming quite the experienced jockey, riding yesterday's old horses.

1. He rode "the tobacco stallion" unmercifully, even after it was proven to contribute to deaths.

2. He is still riding "the coal horse" when it is shown to have many deadly health issues, and has created many irreversible environmental problems.

3. He is presently guiding "stop the affordable care" horse, to be able to take away many Kentuckians' health-care options.

If McConnell is for Kentuckians, why are we at the bottom in health-care categories? Why are we lagging in education? Why hasn't he fought for a progressive, innovated Kentucky, instead of riding all those old dead horses?

Is he ooking out for working Kentuckians who have voted him into office, or is he looking out for the powerbrokers who are paying to keep him in office?

J. A. Hernandez