Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 30

Bledsoe in Council 10th

As a small business owner, I know the importance of having elected officials at all levels who understand the private sector and the role of government in helping shape a healthy pro-jobs environment.

During her work at the Council of State Governments, Amanda Mays Bledsoe worked with the private sector and elected officials in both parties to identify successful approaches to economic development.

This included supporting targeted tax incentives, investing in job training programs, and cutting through burdensome regulations.

That's one reason why I'm glad to support her for council in the 10th District. I am confident that Bledsoe will be a strong advocate for small business owners and entrepreneurs due to her experience in the private sector.

Gary Wortz


Out with McConnell

Mitch McConnell is banking on his 30 years of experience to get re-elected. The problem is that during his tenure, Kentucky has dropped to the bottom on almost every issue, including coal jobs.

It's easy to blame Obama for this, but our democracy demands three divisions of government to make and enforce laws: president, the courts and Congress. Congress isn't living up to its constitutional duties.

McConnell is the minority leader in the Senate, so ask yourself if he is living up to his constitutional duties.

His response to my letters is always, "No," with a lengthy lawyer explanation that totally ignores the concern.

So don't be afraid to vote for Alison Lundergan Grimes. At least someone will actually be speaking to the issues for Kentucky. Our division of checks and balances is broken and McConnell must accept responsibility for his powerful part in breaking America's (and Kentucky's) trust.

Donna Redwine


Re-elect Witt

Sheriff Kathy Witt should be re-elected. I am personally aware of the high standards she sets for service to this community.

Her uncompromising stand involving sex-offender registration attests to her commitment to protecting our children.

She is vigilant in assisting victims of crime and domestic violence, ever striving to provide the best protection and services possible.

Whenever disaster has struck our community, she has answered the call. She has directed her office to provide care, transportation to safety, delivery of needed medications and food, and to check on the welfare of the elderly and those in need of aid. I am also aware of her personal sacrifices in helping the homeless.

Witt has upheld the integrity of the office of the Fayette County Sheriff. It is an honor to know her and see firsthand her dedication to her service of this community.

Kelly Head


Akers in 2nd District

When we moved back to Lexington, I emailed my council member to let her know how much I supported food trucks. Shevawn Akers emailed back a thoughtful response and I was impressed she took the time to make such a small gesture.

Several months later, when the ill-conceived Lorillard Lofts project threatened our neighborhood, I again contacted her. She took the time to sit down and listen to my concerns and those of my neighbors.

How many people can say that about the availability of their local representative?

Akers sets a true example of what it means to be deeply involved with neighborhoods and communities by participating in the goings-on and getting to know the people.

I am happy to support a strong she kicked cancer) woman leader. Please consider giving Akers your vote if you live in the 2nd District.

Anna Blanton


Meyer for House 39

It's rare for me to endorse a candidate. However, I want to let everyone know what an exceptional public servant Russ Meyer is and what a fine state representative he would be.

The community is at the heart of everything he does. His ability to collaborate has improved our region. We came together as local government officials to meet quarterly to enhance communication and cooperation.

Meyer's energy and enthusiasm are inspiring. He has kept the region moving forward by reducing expenses and increasing revenue to balance the budget every year.

What drives him most is his love of family and community. He attended the University of Kentucky and his children attend our public schools. He and his wife both own small businesses, and they share the values that are so important to us all.

Please support Meyer, the 39th District will be better as a result.

Harold Rainwater

Mayor of Wilmore


Vote for these three

Why should anyone vote for Kathy Witt? The sheriff's department should be open 24/7, instead it is operating like a 9 to 5 job. This is why Brian Potters is best for sheriff.

Vote for Anthony Beatty. Jim Gray started out well but all that stuff with Rupp, and he stands by bullies in the Hands On Originals case. I voted for him but not this time.

A vote for Mitch McConnell is voting for getting rid of Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi. He is very powerful and Alison Grimes will not have any power to do anything like he can. Grimes did not do the secretary of state job she was elected to do. We all know who she voted for. She even said she stood for that platform during the 2012 elections.

Judi Stimmel


Upholding tenets of Reagan conservatism

I appreciate the opportunity to have interviewed with the Lexington Herald-Leader editorial board.

While I am disappointed that I did not receive the endorsement, I have received the endorsements of Kentucky Right to Life, Kentucky Right to Work and the Associated General Contractors of Kentucky and received the support of countless wonderful citizens of Jessamine and Fayette counties.

The majority of Republicans and Democrats in the 39th District believe that the last six years have made life more difficult on our health-care recipients and workers, small-business owners and those still looking for a well-paying job.

I get it. It is about improving the economy, creating an invaluable educated workforce, and finding relief from the continuous taxation by stimulating growth. We can and must do a better job of telling the world that Kentucky is open for business.

I make these promises:

¦ I will listen to my constituents. Citizens know better than the government.

¦ I will put your families ahead of partisan politics.

¦ I will support a job-friendly tax code, providing relief to small businesses and working families.

¦ I will strongly support the principles of Reagan conservatism: freedom, faith, family, sanctity and dignity of human life.

"There is no foundation like the rock of honesty and fairness, and when you build your life on that rock, with the cement of the faith in God that you have, then you have a real start." — Ronald Reagan

Jonah Mitchell

Candidate, House 39th District