Letters to the Editor

Election letters to the Editor: Oct. 31

Beatty for mayor

Anthany Beatty listens to constituents. He is genuine and sincere regarding building beautiful communities, providing what it takes to make Lexington a safe city again and creating appropriate wage-earning jobs on which a person can sustain a living and support a household.

It takes someone who is raising a family to know exactly what the family needs are and what desirable environment is best to raise a family and attract businesses

Beatty has a vision for all communities of Lexington. He possesses good leadership traits when it comes to negotiating what is best for all of Lexington. Instead of burning bridges and tarnishing business/nonprofit/government relationships, he will work with all with integrity and respect.

He has pledged to do this. He will get the job done for all communities in Lexington without raising taxes. We would be proud to have him as mayor.

Connie Kell


Keep Kay on council

For the past three years, Steve Kay has served on the Urban County Council as an at-large representative.

Before that, he served for several years on the Urban County Planning Commission. In both positions he has been extraordinarily effective.

Kay has spent his 40-year professional career honing the skills and talents he would need to be a determined and productive public official. With his wife, Rona Roberts, he has run a successful consulting business, providing a range of facilitation services — moderating meetings, designing processes and techniques for effective group work for businesses, governmental agency, not-for-profits and community groups.

As an at-large council member, Kay has been an energetic leader on issues ranging from city-center business development and local-food promotion to affordable housing and homelessness solutions to the creation of downtown design standards. I will vote for Kay Tuesday.

Richard Greissman


Moloney for at-large

We who live inside New Circle Road stand both privileged and assailed by the push for higher urban density. Our older neighborhoods are sadly threatened by the very university-hospital-entertainment expansion that offers us jobs. At this critical juncture, we need balance.

In a lifetime of service, Richard Moloney has developed an uncanny ability to strike the right balance — protecting neighborhoods even as we push hard to revitalize and build fresh.

Moloney won federal housing and mortgage-support programs for new homeowners, and zoning protections for established neighborhoods. He directed massive projects in sewer and road repair, and secured Lexington's largest park inside New Circle. He calls for city infrastructure to increase cattle- and food-production jobs.

Moloney's experience runs deep, and he draws help and advice from friends both high and low. He is a discerning listener, with a sense of humor and a compassionate heart. Vote to return his leadership to council.

Amy Clark


Witt great sheriff

Every four years, the people of Fayette County have the responsibility of choosing leaders who will fulfill the duties of their elected offices with honor and integrity and serve as the standard of excellence that Kentuckians have come to expect.

I am a friend and longtime admirer of Sheriff Kathy Witt and I ask that you cast your vote for her. Witt's strengths are leadership, honesty and professionalism; but her passion is service. She possesses an ability to effortlessly combine a determined approach to law and order with compassion and empathy to a degree that is unmatched by any public servant I have ever observed.

It is a rare talent in law enforcement to effect change through both a firm stance and a compassionate embrace. I encourage all citizens of Fayette County to re-elect Witt on Tuesday.

Bonnie Henson


Palumbo dedicated

Many words come to mind when I think of Ruth Ann Palumbo: dedicated, compassionate, motivated, current, thoughtful and honest. She embodies qualities necessary to help make Kentucky a more well-balanced state. Her platform consists of issues in which I have a personal interest: promotion of animal abuse awareness, child sex abuse awareness and implementing hate crimes penalties.

Palumbo's service to her family first struck me when I met her 30 years ago and has resonated ever since. Even as a child I witnessed an exceptional matriarch. Today she displays the same loving traits and strives to provide a community filled with as many positive ingredients as possible.

It is apparent how Palumbo's love of her family has extended to her love of her Kentucky community. I feel a part of her civic family and feel confident she will make the best decisions possible to better our community.

Erica House


Owens for coroner

Gary Ginn stated in a recent debate that his other full-time employer, the University of Kentucky, determined there was no conflict of interest with his coroner job.

Having another job isn't the issue; the issue is that Ginn does not work full-time as our coroner, despite a sizeable salary for the position. UK has no say in that.

When asked what community-education efforts he has done to prevent deaths, Ginn listed all the committees he's on. Task forces and committees are fine, but they do not educate. I have yet to hear Ginn educate the community on preventable issues of co-sleeping with infants, drug use, gun violence and intimate-partner violence.

Ginn's use of individual, identifiable deaths during the debate was despicable and for his own personal gain.

I endorse his opponent, Larry Owens. He'll work full-time and help prevent deaths through community education.

Karen Devin, R.N.


Bledsoe for council

As the mom of three kids, I am most concerned about their safety, education and future. I want an advocate on city council who will share my concerns and act on them.

Our neighborhood kids play outside and walk to school, and I am concerned with speeding and traffic. It seems we need more neighborhood patrols to help address these issues.

I also desire to raise my children in a vibrant community that models smart approaches to budgeting and responsible management of finances.

Amanda Mays Bledsoe and I have talked numerous times so I know she shares and understands my concerns. I have no doubt she will fight for greater measures to advocate for our kids and community. I am proud to support and encourage others to vote for Bledsoe in the 10th council District.

Shannon Sampson


Schrader cares

Over the years, I have had numerous opportunities to sit inside Judge John Schrader's courtroom.

I can honestly assure you that everyone, from youngest to oldest, who was a part of a trial in any way was treated fairly and with heartfelt respect and compassion. His courtroom was seen as a place of honor and justice.

It was apparent that Schrader genuinely cared about people. He displayed integrity and was honest with those on trial and their families. He never used his power to boost his own ego or market his own agenda.

He is a man of faith, and it is evident in his courtroom. He leads by example and is the same yesterday, today, and will be 20 years from now because the wisdom he displays in his courtroom comes directly from his trust in God.

Coach D. Robinson

Moline, Ill.

Re-elect McConnell

On Tuesday, Republicans are poised to take control of the U.S. Senate for the first time since 2006. Since that time, Harry Reid has "led" the Senate in a direction that is harmful to our country and against the values of Kentuckians.

If elected, Alison Grimes would vote for the same liberal, out-of-touch policies that Reid and President Barack Obama have promoted. In addition, she would represent Kentucky as the least senior member of the minority party.

If re-elected, Mitch McConnell would fight the Reid-Obama agenda and push legislation as majority leader that Kentuckians actually agree with and support.

The president recently stated, "I am not on the ballot this fall. But make no mistake, my policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them." Grimes represents these policies.

If you are not satisfied with Obama's policies, cast your vote for McConnell, the next majority leader of the Senate.

Ralph Thompson


Keep Barr in office

I have supported Rep. Andy Barr as our 6th District congressman. I am supporting him again Tuesday because he is the much-better candidate to represent the district.

His opponent, Elisabeth Jensen, has advocated for the same failed policies as her Democratic colleagues, the most stunning of which includes the explosion of costs for Obamacare in Kentucky, much of which expense they are hiding until after the election.

She also sees a bigger role for government in education. If there is one issue which will drain Kentuckians' pocketbooks more than Obamacare, it will be increased spending for no improved quality in our schools. The federal government needs to take a reduced role in local education. Teachers deserve better than a meddling, bloated federal bureaucracy.

Barr has repeatedly called for the repeal/replacement of a failed health-care law, and understands the value of local control of schools. I proudly support him.

Maureen D. Carman


Larson for at-large

As a son of an often-moved Baptist minister, Jon Larson first came to Lexington in 1962 to attend the University of Kentucky. He served as an artillery officer during the Vietnam-era. He used the G.I. Bill, earning an MBA from George Washington University and a law degree from UK.

He became the first full-time public defender in Fayette and has been a criminal defense lawyer for 40-plus years. He has served as a Sunday school teacher and an assistant coach on a world championship women's softball team.

Larson discovered and helped stop an illegal attempt to turn McConnell Springs into a landfill. He chaired county human rights and environmental commissions. When elected judge-executive in 2010, he received more votes than any candidate running countywide.

Larson is running for council at-large to address budget problems, seek reforms in misdemeanor sentencing and to push for regional planning. Please give him your support.

Walter G. McGuire


No on Alvarado

Dr. Ralph Alvarado was once our family doctor, putting great emphasis on the word "once." I fired him for writing an article published in the Winchester Sun Feb. 17, 2003.

Never have I forgotten what he said. Being passionate about breast-feeding, I am determined that women receive good information in the media about how to breast-feed and why they should.

Imagine my horror when I read Alvarado's subtle promotion of formula, even glorifying Henri Nestle. Confronting him after the candidate forum, he tried to fast talk his way out of it. I called him out on it. He admitted he should not have worded his article that way.

If you want to know why Kentucky ranks next to last in breast-feeding rates, it is because we have doctors like Alvarado who want to give free promotion to a billion-dollar industry.

Roberta Newell