Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor-Election: Nov. 1

Hillary: Obama clone

Aside from Alison Grimes' ridiculous refusal to admit that she voted for President Barack Obama, I find it even more perplexing that she has now chosen to campaign with Hillary Clinton.

While Grimes is proud to flaunt Clinton as a close family friend, she fails to mention that Clinton supports many of the same liberal policies as the president. Clinton has publicly supported Obama's energy agenda, stating that she was "really proud of President Obama" for the EPA regulations that are killing Kentucky jobs. Clinton also supports Obamacare and has openly supported public funding for abortions. Despite the fact that Hillary Clinton and her liberal views do not represent the values or needs of Kentuckians, apparently they do represent Alison Grimes'.

Bottom line: Washington Democrats need Grimes, Kentucky needs Mitch McConnell.

Suzanne Pickett


McConnell no help

The number of coal mining jobs in Kentucky has declined 50 percent during Mitch McConnell's tenure in the Senate, and at a steeper rate under the Reagan and Bush administrations than during Barack Obama's time in office.

Job-reducing technology has so reduced the Appalachian reserves that the remaining seams grow harder to develop. Which, along with competing cheaper and cleaner fuels, has made the production of coal in Eastern Kentucky less profitable. Unless McConnell has a secret plan for instantaneously fossilizing enormous amounts of carbon, this trend will continue.

Incessantly braying about the "war on coal" will not create more jobs. And where is his outrage regarding the Patriot Coal scam to defraud miners of pensions and health benefits?

Any leader worth a damn would focus on ways to transition the region to a more diversified economic base. McConnell proves that he is not up to the task,

Ray Duke


No answer, no vote

Alison Lundergan Grimes does indeed have the right to not answer the question from Kentucky voters as to whom she voted for in the last two presidential elections. However, on the other side of the coin, voters, whom she would represent, do indeed have the right to not vote for her because she refuses to answer their question.

John D. Boone


McConnell's shame

The space cadets who return Mitch McConnell to office need to finally pause and examine our senator's record of indifference. The words: poor, middle class, consumer protection and truthfulness are not in his vocabulary.

McConnell served as flunky to George W. Bush's deceptive Iraq war that took the lives of 500,000, cost us trillions of dollars and crippled our national treasury. McConnell has blood on his hands but never admitted he was wrong.

He remains a 24/7 lapdog of Wall Street. He blocked watchdog regulations that could have prevented the 2008 economic crash. Now candidate McConnell has the audacity to brag about being "the adult in the room" who picked up the pieces after the crash.

McConnell has slyly played the race-card to inflame racism and perpetuate ignorance. Now, his outlandish invention of "McConnellcare" is an insult to every Kentuckian's intelligence.

McConnell shames Kentucky, shames our nation, and shames democracy.

Michael Gregoire


Vote for McConnell

Losing the experienced leadership of Sen. Mitch McConnell to a naïve, question-dodging novice like Alison Lundergan Grimes would be a huge blow to the entire country.

Grimes demeans herself when she states she is honored to approve a campaign ad made on her behalf by former President Bill Clinton. His disregard for the presidency and decades of his own "war on women" should not hold a place of honor for any woman.

I lived in Kentucky for more than 60 years and proudly voted for McConnell. I am thankful he has protected us from even more devastating laws than we already have under the Obama administration.

I urge Kentucky voters to do the entire nation a big favor and re-elect McConnell.

Patricia B. McIntyre

Jeffersonville, Ind.

Truth will win out

Corporations and billionaires, like the Koch brothers, are trying to buy the election. So far it is not working. Because truth wins out.

When Sen. Harry Reid said "coal makes you sick" he was talking about black-lung disease. Sen. Mitch McConnell is so concerned about these miners he voted against jobless benefits for them. The actual coal miners have endorsed Alison Grimes. What does that tell you?

McConnell is for doing away with Medicare by putting it on vouchers. He is for doing away with the Affordable Care Act under which over 500,000 uninsured Kentuckians now have health insurance. He has nothing to replace it.

A vote for Grimes will help do away with the gridlock our senator has been causing. She will support the worker — whether in a coal mine, assembly line, health care or in the office. She will support education by improving student loans so graduates can afford housing, etc.

Owen D. Humphress


Grimes offers hope

The election Tuesday is a choice about what kind of future we will have. I believe Alison Grimes is a person who values Kentucky's people; she is a leader who has a vision of hope for the future and will work with us to make government serve us.

If you listen to Mitch McConnell and watch his ads, you get a very different message. He wants to cut programs, whack his opponents over the head and tear out a program "by root and branch" — a program that provides health coverage for over 500,000 Kentuckians. Can you imagine?

McConnell's messages are destructive. He pits people against one another, makes them suspicious of one another, which spreads fear and unease.

We have a choice in this election: a future of fear or a future of hope. Grimes offers a future of hope and that is why I am supporting her.

Barbara Hadley Smith


When will it end?

How long do we have to endure hearing Sen. Mitch McConnell and challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes berate each other over the airwaves? Will somebody please wake me up when it's over.

David Stephens


Pro-abortion women

I am always interested in candidates' positions on life issues as well as on other stances they hold. U.S. Senate candidate Alison Grimes and Kentucky House 79th district candidate Rep. Susan Westrom are both strongly pro-abortion.

In addition, Grimes has received financial donations from Planned Parenthood ($10,000), the National Abortion Rights League ($5,000), and Emily's List ($5,000.) Emily's List, which also endorsed Westrom, is known as a promoter of pro-abortion candidates.

As a woman, I like to see women elected to office, but not when they are unwilling to defend the unborn (women included).

Helen P. Kendall


Grimes for Kentucky

Please don't be deceived again by the wolf in sheep's clothing. Mitch McConnell has had 30 years to help us in Kentucky and the only person he has helped is himself to become disgustingly wealthy, while taking from the middle class and giving tax breaks to the wealthy.

McConnell voted no on these important issues: a farm bill to help farmers expand jobs in rural communities, the Violence Against Women Act, an end to tax beaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, health coverage for America's most vulnerable children, and unemployment-benefit extensions during the recession.

Alison Grimes has these goals to help the middle class: advocate for families and veterans; cultivate Kentucky competitiveness, train workers, invigorate Appalachia and rural Kentucky; offer better wages and negotiate a fair deal for Kentucky businesses.

By the way, she doesn't want to take away your guns.

Vote for a better Kentucky; vote for Grimes and send McConnell home.

Emma McFarland


Pick problem solvers

Vast amounts of money are being spent to try to persuade Kentuckians to return to Washington a senator whose principal goals are to oppose and obstruct, and a representative who excels only at self-promotion.

For the sake of our state, our nation and our future, please elect candidates who will work with us and for us in solving problems.

On Tuesday, vote for Alison Lundergan Grimes and Elisabeth Jensen.

Donald E. Sands


True friend of coal

Despite the rhetoric you heard from Alison Grimes during the KET debate, Mitch McConnell is the only real candidate in this race that truly supports Kentucky's coal industry, miners and related jobs in coal communities.

The affordability, availability and reliability of energy and electricity supplies is critical to keeping Kentucky's competitive edge and attracting investment and retaining jobs. Kentucky has been blessed with abundant supplies of coal and has among the lowest electricity rates in the country.

Unfortunately, the extreme organizations and Super PAC funders who support the current administration and are backing Grimes' campaign would like to import the same expensive, mandate-filled California model here.

Enablers of this environmental mafia start with the president and Sen. Harry Reid. Does anyone really think this situation will change by voting for Grimes and keeping Reid as majority leader?

The choice is a no-brainer. Support McConnell.

Brydon Ross


Making it about race

President Barack Obama's unpopularity in Kentucky has one origin: He is African-American. There are a significant number of Kentuckians who have a problem embracing a black president.

The personal, professional denigration and derogatory comments directed toward the president by the Republican media machine and politicians are never-ending. Recently, he was referred to as mentally ill and a narcissist to go with the normal African and Muslim comments.

This criticism has no bounds among Republicans because many consider him illegitimate. Given that age-old phrases directed at blacks are now socially taboo, this is the way of purring him in his place.

Republican politicians, particularly Sen. Mitch McConnell, are prominently displaying Obama in campaign ads. The senator's entire campaign is based on the president. There are no solutions and hope for the future. It is a subterfuge to shameless tap into racial sentiment.

Danny Shearer