Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Nov. 1

Lexington not safe

Statistically, Lexington may appear to be a safer community than before Mayor Jim Gray took office, but for those of us who have been crime victims, our perceptions stand in stark contrast.

My neighborhood has been repeatedly victimized; our homes, sheds and cars have been cleaned out, including our guns, all while we work and sleep. Recently, seniors confronted a burglar inside their home. Many neighbors have installed alarms, as I have, which costs me $74 monthly.

Two years ago I wrote a letter to Gray expressing my concerns about his gutting the police department. I never received a response, even after a personal request. The mayor states that he is for responsible government, but his lack of constituent responsibility shows me otherwise.

My vote goes to Anthany Beatty, one who understands neighborhood dynamics.

Richard Owen

Retired Lexington police captain


Proud to support Boyd

I am proud to support Traci Boyd for family court judge. She is the most experienced candidate, she has spent her entire professional life practicing family law in Lexington. Her opponent has not.

Boyd has practiced in every area of family law — from divorce and custody to domestic violence and paternity. Her opponent has not.

When it comes to making decisions about children and families, we deserve a judge who has professional experience in dealing with these types of disputes. Having experience means they are better able to evaluate disputes and make rulings that protect children and begin the healing process. Boyd understands how difficult it is to be in family court and will be both respectful and fair to all those who appear before her.

Please vote to elect Boyd for family court judge on Nov. 4.

Mary Hickey


Potters unqualified

Who is Brian Potters? An unknown to Lexington, living here for five years, a limo driver who wants to be the "new sheriff in town," because he needs a high-paying job with zero experience?

When asked about the following:

Work history? — crickets.

Education? — crickets.

Accomplishments? — crickets.

Qualifications? — crickets.

Funding 24/7 patrolling of deputies? — crickets.

Funding the hiring of new deputies? — crickets,

What new policies and procedures he plans on implementing, especially regarding conceal-carry licenses? — crickets.

What type of military discharge did he receive? — crickets.

How is he qualified to be sheriff when he filed for bankruptcy in 2013? — crickets.

Mary W. Lyons


Lamb knows government

I urge voters of the 4th District to support Susan Lamb on Nov. 4. Having been immersed in Lexington's city government for 27 years, Lamb is in a position of being able to hit the ground running when the new council is convened.

Her service to our city includes work with the Division of Planning, Office of Economic Development, and the Council Clerk's Office. Her service to the city culminated with six years as the council clerk where she provided coordination, support and solutions for the council.

Lamb has a desire and commitment to serve. With fresh ideas and enthusiasm, she is a sincere and active listener eager to involve her constituents. With Lamb, the 4th District will have a council member who listens, responds and does what's best for our city.

Sally Turney


Veterans court valuable

I recently visited the Fayette County Veteran's Treatment Court to speak to the participants. The participants were all military veterans. They had volunteered to participate in the program in exchange for respectful, disciplined help in addressing their needs and paying their debts to society.

Fewer than 12 participants were there along with about 10 observers. About half of the participants were serving sentences, including extra time for violating program requirements to remain drug and crime free.

Most of the rest were having success in meeting their needs, including overcoming drug abuse, alcohol abuse and anger issues. Two were successfully doing public outreach.

As a veteran, I appreciate the concern and care the court and the community expressed in having such a court. Judge John Schrader has done a commendable job of establishing the court. I encourage anyone knowing a veteran having criminal difficulties to refer them there.

Charles Gorton


Larson for council

As president of the East End Family Reunion Coalition and a member of the Charles Young Redevelopment Task Force, I want to recommend Jon Larson, a council at-large candidate, for his contributions to our community.

Larson helped organize the Charles Young Center's "Planting Seeds for the Future skate walk" to provide free roller skating for inner-city kids. He is the only candidate comfortable enough to spend the day with thousands at the reunion.

Larson and wife, Sari, manned a booth during our Roots and Heritage Festival. He not only participated in the "Marches Against Violence" at Duncan Park, he organized and led two additional marches at 11 p.m., because he believed the earlier marches, where participants were surrounded by uniformed officers, did not send a sufficient message.

Every year, for decades, Larson has participated in our community, advocating for the poor and vulnerable. Vote for Larson for council at-large.

Carl T. White


Witt no leader

Sheriff Kathy Witt has been in office now for 16 years. It is apparent that complacency has set in.

This is evidenced by the following: a high amount of emergency protective orders and warrants have gone unserved.

Officers have been sent to the streets with expired ballistic vests. Maintenance on cruisers has been neglected by servicing them at 10,000 miles over the recommended mileage.

Officers have not been paid for overtime worked. Numerous officers have resigned because of her fear-and-intimidation leadership style. There are fewer deputies on the street doing the work expected of them.

In short she couldn't lead water through a hose. We expect our leaders to lead from the front. It is time for a change of leadership in the Fayette County sheriff's office.

Lance W. Bedson


Vote for Ginn, Witt, White

Fayette County is fortunate to have elected skilled leaders of the highest integrity such as Kathy Witt, our sheriff, and Gary Ginn, our coroner.

While our county attorney, Larry Roberts, our county clerk, Don Blevins, Jr., and our PVA, David O'Neill also have these admirable traits, and are on this November's ballot, they are unopposed.

Witt and Ginn have earned our support. Alayne White is seeking the position of Fayette County judge executive. White has the education, the integrity and the community experience to serve our county with distinction.

These people will run their offices in a professional manner that will make us proud. Please join me in voting for all of them.

George Mills


Kay deserving

Vote for a proven leader for council at-large. Steve Kay embodies the integrity, competence, optimism and temperament that Lexingtonians deserve.

In his three years on council, Kay has successfully focused on affordable housing, homelessness, parks, local food and public safety.

Leadership, vision, meaningful public engagement and significant action have long been hallmarks of his professional and civic life.

Those attributes have been reflected in his work on council over the last three years. Please elect him for a second term to continue and expand that work.

Vote for the candidate with a record of finding solutions.

Donna A. Hall


Mossotti helped out

I am writing in support of 9th District council member Jennifer Mossotti. I met Mossotti this past year due to concerns in our neighborhood park. She quickly became involved, revitalizing our neighborhood association.

Mossotti listened to our concerns and ideas. She helped with distribution of newsletters and assisted with our first formal association meeting.

She gave great attention to the safety at our park. She contacted police for increased patrols and communicated with us regarding any increase in crime or problems in the area. She also aided in installing lights in the parking lot.

She continues to look for more ways to increase safety and create a positive environment in our park. Due to her involvement, our neighborhood is working on a Safety Watch program.

I have no doubt that she will continue to work hard to meet the needs of our neighborhood.

Alisa Spraggins


Fath for the future

I recently retired from the Lexington police force and reside in the 9th District. I have known Victoria Fath for years. As a neighbor, she attended schools in our district with my son, a police officer.

Fath excelled with honors in high school and college and continues to serve our community through charities and organizations. Her concerns to protect our community, stimulate the economy, reduce spending and improve roads are vital.

I agree with her actions to encourage businesses in our south end neighborhoods and keep a watchful eye over growth.

The excessive growith from box housing in our district has increased traffic considerably.

The development of the Summit Center at Nicholasville Road at Man o' War will create extreme traffic.

With increases in citywide crime, I applaud Fath's support to increase police and neighborhood patrols. Her vision, leadership skills, intelligence and enthusiasm will move our city and future generations forward.

Steve White


Sheriff Corman a winner

Born and raised Republicans, my wife and I find ourselves almost able to vote a straight ticket this election with one outstanding exception. We will vote to re-elect Kevin Corman for sheriff of Jessamine County.

Corman and staff have proven to be extraordinarily competent and professional in our several dealings with his office since we moved here a decade ago. The most important reason for our votes is that he is truly a peace officer and not merely an enforcer of the law. We urge Jessamine County voters of all political persuasions to cast their votes to re-elect Corman.

Tom Griswold


Nix the do-nothings

The strategy of blocking everything (including your own programs) and then blaming Barack Obama for the direction we are going has worked for Republicans because the president is well-known and the real culprits aren't.

Just check the records of Rep. Andy Barr and Sen. Mitch McConnell. They have refused to discuss much common ground, opposing equal pay, minimum wage, women's issues, student-loan relief, veterans affairs, health care and on and on.

They do nothing but constantly campaign and collect big salaries. They are obsessed with doing nothing because if they were to do something, Obama might get the credit. It is more important to nurture hatred for the president than to do something for their country.

Break the spell, vote Alison Lundergan Grimes and Elisabeth Jensen.

Judy Harvey


Economy in a ditch, Mitch

According to an Oct 9 CBS news report, China has now become the top country in the global economy. While Sen. Mitch McConnell was in Congress bickering, China surpassed the United States, which had been the top economy since 1872, when we surpassed Britain.

So I must ask McConnell just what has he done to increase the quality of life for voters who elected him. It's time for a change. After the Nov. 4 election, I hope to be able to say, "Mitch ditched."

Clara Samuels


Record of fairness can't be undermined by smears

Throughout this campaign, I sought to maintain judicial integrity, relying on my strong record as a competent and fair judge.

I have no interest in smear tactics or negative attacks on my opponent. However, others have resorted to despicable, malicious actions to try to destroy my reputation.

So let me be clear and plain.

I strongly and unreservedly deny the false allegations and insinuations brought against me by an anonymous Internet poster reported in this paper a week before the election.

Despite my desire to speak out against such ugly accusations, I am left with a difficult task: proving that something didn't happen, in a forum without rules, against unknown accusers. Is my challenger behind this? Is it someone who appeared in court who didn't like my ruling? Sadly, we will never know because the newspaper didn't investigate.

As judge, I base rulings only on trustworthy evidence, ignoring rumor and innuendo. That is what justice requires. All I ask is that in this election I receive the same treatment.

Remember, allegations don't become the truth just because they appear in a newspaper. The false and defamatory allegations against me serve only to divert attention from the question you must answer for yourself: Have I been a good and fair judge, treating all before me with respect, regardless of their resources?

On my record, I confidently, yet humbly, believe I have earned your support and ask you to allow me to continue to serve our community as a family court judge.

John Schrader

Incumbent Fayette Circuit Court judge