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Letters to the editor on Senate race: Nov. 3

Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes and Republican Mitch McConnell, center, talked with  Kentucky Tonight host Bill Goodman before Monday night's U.S. Senate debate at KET.
Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes and Republican Mitch McConnell, center, talked with Kentucky Tonight host Bill Goodman before Monday night's U.S. Senate debate at KET. Lexington Herald-Leader

Patterson for Senate

How ridiculous is it that two politicians can spend countless sums of money on television as if no one listening is getting their messages. I may be a little person, but I intend to allow my big voice to be heard loud and clear.

Alison Grimes and Mitch McConnell are ridiculous and absurd, so clearly untrue and unreasonable as to be laughable. I will cast my vote for David Patterson and against their foolishness and big-money waste.

This election is about a has-been who cannot deliver more to the people because of his accumulated power and lack of trust.

On the other side of the coin, it's about a newcomer who continues to support the same old Obama policies that have failed now for six long ruthless years. And yet Grimes wants us to believe she offers change we can believe in as Barack Obama promised in 2008. How absurd.

Joey Dean Turner


Grimes' alter-ego

Alison Lundergan Grimes' ad starring her grandmother is insipid, pitiful and ridiculous. It is an insult to the intelligence of the good seniors of Kentucky. What son, son-in-law or close relative wouldn't reach out to help an elderly parent/relative with medical bills, even if he weren't a multi-millionaire?

Doesn't Barack Obama have an indigent brother in Africa? Obama's signature piece of legislation cut $700 billion from Medicare. Grimes' ad is just the same old Democrat mantra used to scare seniors.

Remember, in his run for president in 2000, Al Gore whined that his poor mother couldn't afford her arthritis medication; that it was cheaper for animals at the vet's clinic?

Despite her claim that she is not Obama, her past words and actions appear to make her his alter-ego, supporting his weak presidency and failed policies that have hurt the commonwealth.

Nancy Pounds


If McConnell wins, we lose

When did the citizens of Kentucky stop expecting their elected U.S. senator to work with the president on important issues such as the economy, jobs, health care and energy?

Isn't the purpose of sending a senator to Washington to work with others, including the president, to solve problems facing Kentucky and the nation?

Perhaps if Mitch McConnell had been working with the president, instead of against him, so many coal jobs would not have been lost on his watch and we would have a better health-care law.

How is it that McConnell's refusal to work with our president, and criticizing his opponent that she would, is not the real issue of this election?

Have we become so polarized that we're willing to vote against our best interest to make a political point? If true, Alison Lundergan Grimes would not be the biggest loser in this election, the citizens of Kentucky would be.

Gordon E. Parmley


Grimes the wrong choice

After watching the debate and seeing Alison Grimes refuse to be honest about her vote for President Barack Obama, I have come to the conclusion that she is also lying about supporting policies that will help Kentucky.

I do not support Obama's policies and did not vote for him in the last election. Grimes' campaign continues to call my home, assuming that because I am a Democrat I will support her. I have made it clear that she does not have my support and asked repeatedly to be removed from their lists, only to be disrespected by her staffers.

I feel her campaign is rude and disingenuous, and she is the wrong choice for Kentucky.

Grimes will do and say anything to be elected and she will hurt Kentuckians in the process. I say vote for McConnell, who values the law and fights for Kentuckians.

Rickey Jones


McConnell's bad job

Terry Brooks' Sept. 28 op-ed, "Kentucky can take steps to fight child poverty" in the Courier-Journal is a stark reminder of the dismal plight of thousands of Kentucky kids.

With 25 percent of its children living in poverty, Kentucky has one of the highest childhood poverty rates in the country. The nation's unemployment rate has abated to 5.9 percent while Kentucky's unemployment rate is 6.7 percent.

Mitch McConnell has been Kentucky's senator for the past 30 years. McConnell has served under presidents who represent his conservative economic perspective 16 of those years. Still, Kentucky remains one of the poorest states in the union.

It is a senator's job to pass legislation that could improve the living conditions of the people in the state. History and the statistics stated by Brooks document the fact that McConnell has not done his job. It is time for a change.

Jim Johnson


What's Grimes done?

Alison Lundergan Grimes spent the entire debate hour talking about all the things Mitch McConnell did not do and complaining about those in the same breath; but no specifics as to what she would do.

So my question for those who support her: What has she accomplished? She has never hung her hat on anything publicly. Oh, yes, she is a politician of Kentucky who gets paid and does not have to show up for work.

I cannot wait for those same Democrats to complain about Sen. Rand Paul possibly running for president and senator. I am sure they will not complain after seeing their party run someone not in office but being paid to be there.

For Grimes to question McConnell and his net worth while not thinking about her own family and how they get theirs, let me just ask again: What has she accomplished?

Terry Blankenship


No help from McConnell

Mitch McConnell wants to blame President Barack Obama for the loss of coal jobs. Well, mining jobs have been declining since way before Obama took office.

McConnell's wife, Elaine Chao, was secretary of labor under President George W. Bush. What did she do to help save coal jobs?

I would have liked to have seen McConnell build a working relationship with our president in order to help put people back to work, to keep people healthy, to improve education and to help people in need.

Had he said about the Affordable Care Act, "let's do what we need to do to help make it the best we can make it," how could we have seen him as anything but a good guy doing what is necessary to help his constituents?

What legislation has McConnell sponsored or helped pass to help the average Kentuckian live a better life?

Linda D. Hall


Failed social experiment

An ad by Alison Grimes says Mitch McConnell voted himself a pay raise six times over a 30-year career. That seems like something McConnell should use himself in an ad to promote his fiscal responsibility.

How many of our working citizens would accept a pay raise once every five years?

It is my observation most working folks want a pay raise every year. Even the liberal Herald-Leader should understand that. Like most thinking adults, I am neither a conservative or liberal but a combination of the two. However, the likelihood of a doubling of the national debt under President Barack Obama has me extremely concerned.

What has this additional debt bought us? The problem with socialism is that it falls apart when the liberals run out of other people's money.

What will it take for liberals to finally wake up and see this social experiment is not working?

Bill McHatton


Follow the Kochs' money

Mitch McConnell personifies everything that is wrong with politics today.

He is receiving a lot of his campaign contributions from big banks, financial corporations and the nefarious Koch brothers.

In his speech at a Koch brothers fundraiser, he stated that when he becomes Senate majority leader no vote on raising the minimum wage would ever be held.

He also promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would result in some 521,000 Kentuckians losing health care they so recently obtained.

He wants to do away with the Consumer Financial Protection bureau, thus removing the minimal protections average citizens have from the predations of the big banks.

He voted against the Lily Ledbetter Paycheck Fairness Act and the Violence Against Women Act. He claims not to believe in global climate change and says that, even if it's real, we should do nothing about it because nobody else is, which is totally false.

Jim Porter


Plumber, doctor, senator

I've had a problem with my plumbing in my house. Did I choose to contact a brand new plumber, or one with many years of experience to solve my problem?

I've got an issue with my liver. Did I choose to see an intern or a doctor with experience dealing with livers?

I've got a complicated tax return that has 75 pages when completed. Did I choose a just-passed-the-exam CPA or an experienced one who has an established reputation for dealing with tough tax issues?

Well, I've been asked if I want to choose between a rookie, Alison Grimes, or an experienced statesman, conservative-minded Mitch McConnell, and the answer is simple. Vote for Mitch.

F. E. Doster


A vote for private ballot

What am I missing? On Election Day, I mark my ballot privately.

U. S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes completes the same process at her polling location — an individual exercising her right to vote for whomever she chooses — in private.

Just like any other voting citizen, a person running for elective office is not, and should not be, required to reveal personal votes for any reason, least of all for a politically motivated reason.

To compromise this principle is to compromise the election process itself, and to further infringe on the privacy of an individual exercising their civic duty.

Retired U. S. Sen. Alan Simpson (R-Wyo.) once remarked: "An attack unanswered is an attack believed."

So, for the recent attacks by media reporters and by Sen. Mitch McConnell himself on questions about Grimes' voting decisions, the reader can and should conclude the attacks are answered by this voter.

Don Butler

Bowling Green

Need path to citizenship

Mitch McConnell is lambasting President Barack Obama and Alison Lundergan Grimes for advocating a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

Let's consider some facts:

■ The undocumented come here to work at jobs Americans refuse to do for the pay offered.

■ Many companies depend on them to the extent that if they ever left en masse it would devastate our economy.

■ Many submit tax payments to the IRS and Social Security Administration. However, they frequently do not even apply for tax refunds for fear of being noticed.

■ Immigration reform would expose how many businesses are abusing foreign migrant laborers.

Many businesses don't want immigration reform. They want voter anger and confusion based on false issues to deflect attention from what they are really doing.

McConnell is just the politician to do that for them. We need to elect Grimes as our next U.S. senator.

Joseph P. Fox


Question answered

During the debate, Sen. Mitch McConnell displayed a strong comprehension of issues affecting the future of our country while Alison Grimes was either politically unable or unqualified to provide direct answers to the moderator's questions.

Grimes once again refused to answer the question as to whom she voted for in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, even though she attended both Democratic conventions as a delegate, contributing to Obama fundraisers and supporting the administration's "war on coal."

The election of McConnell on Nov. 4 will send a message to all Americans and the world that Obama's executive orders, liberal agenda and big government will never replace the doctrines of the United States Constitution.

Brenda Craig


Vote for life

Your vote on Nov 4 is more important than you might think. It is truly a matter of life or death.

Yes, Alison Lundergan Grimes is icy and evasive to the absurd point of not even being willing to admit the obvious — that she did twice vote for Barack Obama.

The critical issue, however, is her support for abortion.

A vote for her is complicity in the execution of these completely innocent babies, who are most precious in the eyes of their heavenly father.

Pontius Pilate also disagreed with an uncomfortable truth.

A. Patrick Schneider II, M.D.


McConnell's losing record

Forget whether you're Republican or Democrat, and ask yourself if a University of Kentucky basketball coach had a losing record for six years, would you renew that contract for another six years?

Mitch McConnell claims that there has been a war on coal, but for six years he has done nothing. McConnell opposed extending unemployment benefits that would have helped unemployed coal miners and has done nothing to bring new industries to the region to create replacement jobs. McConnell's Koch fundraiser conversations revealed his focus is on owners, not workers.

Now he wants his contract renewed. Re-electing McConnell would merely reward failure. It is pathetic that after 30 years in the Senate, McConnell can't run campaign ads listing his accomplishments, but only runs ads to scare voters by demonizing Alison Grimes.

The electorate needs to demand from politicians what they expect from their coaches: results.

James F. Wisniewski


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