Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Nov. 11

Health care out of good options

Ah, American medicine. Number one in the world in cost, number 13 in quality.

I recently took a friend with a monumental migraine to her neurologist to get a refill. The doctor was out of town for a week. I asked how about one of the partners writing a refill? They don't do partners' patients.

Option 1: Wait a week.

Option 2: Go to a general practitioner who may write a prescription for a $125 office visit.

Option 3: Go to the emergency room. They will write one for only $300 to $500 for the visit.

Lawyers or bad coverage by medicine? Anyway. Hippocrates must be proud of the system.

C.J. Fernandez


Gift for the president

How many times have people, especially men, voiced to me they believe President Barack Obama is intentionally bringing our country down? He is by no means a leader. He needs to be given a dictionary for Christmas so he can spell "policy," especially "foreign policy." He is clueless, and we Americans are paying dearly for it. Help!

Susan Washburn


Vote for the other Mitch

Both the Confederate and the Union branches of the Big Blue Nation will have a team and a coach to cheer for this coming season.

Traditionalists can root for football victories in the muck and mire of the trenches. Charismatic clairvoyants will chase their basketball highs in a space-time-continuum of their own construction.

Cheers and a toast to Mitch Barnhart for his mastery of this bipolar accommodation.

It takes a man of vision to comprehend that nothing in the universe exists one-sided. Stand any coin or question on its rim or on its merits. See how far it rolls or how soon it falls.

It's a pity that we find such vision in our sports arena, rather than in our politics. I'll wager that a lot of Kentuckians might have written in Barnhart for senator.

Bob Heidel


Digging Brand USA

My business, Lexington Private Tours, specializes in horse farm tours. Since there's so much more to see in the Bluegrass, I also conduct tours of other attractions for customers, including the various racetracks as well as our distilleries. I love for citizens of other nations to see our beautiful region, and Brand USA helps make that a reality.

International customers currently account for a rather small percentage of my business, although it's growing. Last year I had visitors from Canada, Australia and Germany who opted to come to the Lexington area as part of their vacations. It helps that companies overseas are offering tours to people who are interested in horses and horse racing.

People from other parts of the world often have an inaccurate picture of America. When they get a chance to actually meet Americans, it gives them a more positive impression.

There are so many positives involved with attracting more travelers to our nation that it's essential for Brand USA to be reauthorized. I hope that our U.S. senators make the right decision by voting in favor of the Travel Promotion, Enhancement, and Modernization Act, which will keep the successful marketing effort moving forward.

John Midbo


Think glory, beauty

When thinking about and being scared of what ISIS/Khorasan might do next, we don't need to go all the way back to American Indians' beheading; we just might recall that Hitler was so cruel. Evil men do cruel things.

Football is brutal enough, but please think of this beautiful world and so many varied glorious things to do, too many to mention.

Katherine W. Ratliff