Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Nov. 12

Law-abiding cyclist harshly punished

I am very troubled that law-abiding citizens are criminalized for obeying the law. I feel the weight of bicyclist Cherokee Schill's trauma because, like her, many of us have been scapegoated fulfilling familial responsibilities bicycling to and from work.

The series of accusations and punishments by Jessamine County authorities appears harsh and severe, especially when other bicyclists aren't criminalized, yet have ridden a bicycle in the same manner. It is shameful that safe bicycle-friendly cities, towns and states are not happening fast enough.

Where they exist, bike lanes and shoulders of roadways must be prioritized to be regularly swept of large and small debris, which are hazards for bicyclists.

I am a bicyclist gifted with recovery, having survived four wrecks with motor vehicles. I continue to pray for patience for all; the wellbeing of Cherokee and her family, and for acumen, fortitude and perseverance during this power struggle.

So that we bicyclists are presented with safe viable options, laws, codes and priorities need to change to advance the cause of bicyclists, save lives and improve communities. At the very minimum show concern and consideration for all parties.

Mary Gee


Dickens would agree

The plight of the young Woodford County student "K.C." has been preying on my mind.

As a teacher, I understand the value of a young person who has excelled in academics, athletics and leadership. I also understand the importance of rules. But I have no respect for slavish adherence to rules in the absence of careful thought and judgment. Many a coward has hidden behind a rule when the courage to make a decision through the application of judicious thought, could not be found. It sounds as if that describes the authorities here.

We can only hope the colleges to which she has applied will be more deliberative bodies and recognize "K.C." for the outstanding student she is.

As she struggled with her difficult Advanced Placement courses during this unjust 30-day suspension, I feel certain teachers have reached out with help and guidance, because that's what teachers do.

Maybe the law that made a group of adults feel justified in deciding to mar this young girl's life is written to allow no deviation for intelligent thought. In that case, I would borrow a line from Charles Dickens: If that is the law, "the law is a arse!"

Pam Maley


Dangerous climate

The CEO of Murray Energy calls global warming a hoax. It's good the company is privately held. Otherwise stockholders would clamor to remove a CEO who displays such willful ignorance, wishful thinking, dishonesty or all of the above.

Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists have concluded the evidence for human-caused warming is overwhelming. Ninety-nine percent of all scientists concur. Deniers say climate scientists get more grants for supporting global warming. But what is the motivation for the 99 percent in other fields?

If global warming were a hoax, it would mean thousands of scientists were falsifying data and collaborating to keep it consistent. Most scientists are motivated by a love for data, logic and discovery. They are not trained conspirators and would be easily found out.

On the other hand, fossil fuel companies are dedicated to extracting as much as possible of the $27 trillion in fossil fuels still in the ground. If it leads to millions of deaths and trillions of dollars of losses from unchecked warming, so be it.

The Pentagon has declared climate change a clear and present danger to United States security. Calls to charge deniers with treason seem a bit much. Wanton endangerment might be a starting point, and see where can go from there?

Chris Heinz


Akers doing good job

Councilwoman Shevawn Akers won fair and square so take it like a man and stop harassing her.

Akers is a good council member; she listens to the people of her district and helps people when she can. So let's give her a break and just run again next time and stop this petty nonsense.

Ronald Winkler


Loving the VA

Thanks, Veterans Administration.

You have saved my life a couple of times. I am known as a character who knows how to get the care he needs. All my caregivers look out for my best interests and are professionals in their care. Luv ya.

Jade Bricking