Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Nov. 15

Crit Luallen not fit to be state's lieutenant governor

The announcement of Crit Luallen to replace Jerry Abramson as lieutenant governor was a real surprise following the events of this year's election.

Luallen is on video, with a number of Alison Grimes' campaign staff, acknowledging Grimes' support of Kentucky coal was just pretend and that they really hold the liberal position that coal is bad. Of course they don't care about all the jobs lost and families suffering.

Next year we vote for governor. We know that Republicans, led by presumptive Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, are really fighting President Barack Obama on behalf of Kentucky coal, our miners and the companies and jobs associated with our precious natural resource.

McConnell visited many communities to assure us he was on our side and was elected by an overwhelming margin. Now, Gov. Steve Beshear has appointed someone who does not reflect Kentucky. Obviously there's a problem.

Next year, we have the opportunity to break the cycle of good ol' boy Democrats in the governor's office.

We have the opportunity to elect a leader who will bring Kentucky into the 21st century while upholding the values we hold dear.

Next year, I urge you to support James Comer for governor.

Bill Marshall


Self-inflicted illnessOn a recent beautiful fall day I was halted in the middle of three lanes of traffic. Within 15 feet of me were a cigarette smoker, a helmetless motorcyclist, a driver with her seat belt hanging unused at her side, and a wedged-in driver stuffing his face with a huge piece of pastry. Off to the right, lines were backed up at the drive-through windows of two fast-food restaurants.

It occurred to me that this country doesn't need any new or fancy health-care system. If the people of this country would merely assume some self-responsibility, there would be more than enough hospitals, personnel and dollars to take care of those unfortunate enough to have illnesses that are not self-inflicted, with plenty left over.

Just a thought from an old curmudgeon.

Mike Daugherty, M.D.


Chris Ware is great

With all the budget cuts and downsizing, I'm glad to see the Lexington Herald-Leader has kept artist Chris Ware. His cartoons breathe life into the newspaper.

Your newspaper, with his artwork, is a good example of how important art is for our community.

Cathy Anderson

Art teacher, Rosa Parks Elementary


Outlook bleak for Clinton

Was the Republican midterm sweep so poorly predicted because of something as simple as caller ID? Was President Barack Obama's megalomanic threat of pen and phone, or his mishandling of events of preceding weeks (Ebola, ISIS, Iran vs. Israel) just too damaging? Do people simply prefer to keep their real or intended votes as secret as Alison Grimes so awkwardly did?

We may never know what went wrong with the polls this year. What we do know is that two-thirds of the eligible voters in the U.S. saw past the personality and thought so little of Obama's policies that they could not bring themselves to get up to defend him or his party. I doubt he really heard that.

And so I predict Hillary Clinton will not run in 2016. She should now know she would only be as successful at distancing herself from Obama's policies as those Democrats who lost all over the country.

Given the myriad threats to Americans, voters are not in the mood for liberals or weak conservatives. It's time to have grown-ups at the helm, not petulant ideologues or growth-stunted hippies.

Georgann Chenault


Second term woesThe comments from the GOP political operatives disguised as news people sound familiar. Remember, after landslide victories in 2006 and 2008 by the Democrats that the GOP was dead for a generation?

The last four two-term presidents were crushed in their second midterm, despite presiding over (2006 being the exception) remarkable economic rebounds.

So what is truly the message? It has little to do with the incumbent and his party and more to do with a whiny, complaining, spoiled American public.

A lack of historical knowledge and a very short attention span make it almost impossible for any president to maintain support of the bulk of Americans for eight years.

To the next two-term president, don't do it. Don't put your family's life on hold for this miserable bunch of people. They are a hateful and ungrateful lot. The majority would rather watch Duck Dynasty or the Kardashians than take a couple of minutes to understand even one of the complex issues you deal with constantly.

Just like these idiotic programs, your popularity among the selfish, never pleased, easily bored masses will decline. They will look for "change" or as I to call it, more, because they are never satisfied.

Tony McCoy


Color him blue, white

It's time for the blue and white to really show their colors.

I am 86 and a former walk-on on the 1947-48 University of Kentucky basketball team, the Fab Five. UK's colors, at and before that time, were blue and white and, as far as I know, in all sports.

Gray and black are drab downers so, get us back to blue and white.

After all, we are the Big Blue Nation.

Herb Petit