Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor, Nov. 20

No future without sustainable living

Heard of the giant plastic island in the Pacific? Thought about how much farther your food has traveled than you probably ever will? Or how much money you could save toward that new hybrid if you'd just make the investment for a solar panel? We can not allow ourselves to continue destroying our home, paying no mind to the consequences.

With the help of the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition, students from across the commonwealth are coming together Nov. 20 for a statewide day of action to spread awareness of the importance of sustainability.

Transylvania University will stress the importance of its recycling program and try to garner more support for it. Kentucky State University and Alice Lloyd College will be affirm their recycling programs as well.

Centre College has committed to trying to establish a Green Revolving Fund to pay for sustainable campus updates, while Eastern Kentucky University is working toward getting rid of a coal boiler.

Our students hope interest in sustainable practices will grow through this campaign. We want Kentucky to take climate change and the health of our ecosystems and people seriously. We want to make sure that future generations have the ability to be just that, the future.

Allison Dwyer


School redistricting

I am annoyed at the school redistricting process. After many meetings, a proposal was finally released that will create upheaval in our community and schools. The master plan defining where lines should be drawn completely disregards where each neighborhood fits in the community. This is an effort to make each school appear "equal."

For example, Dogwood Trace subdivision is across Harrodsburg Road from Firebrook and Palomar subdivisions. There is even a crosswalk at the light so kids can walk between neighborhoods safely. We are "sister" neighborhoods and have addressed many issues together. Residents have friends, clubs, school related activities and carpools in common. That defines a sense of community.

The new boundary makes Harrodsburg Road a dividing line, and now my children will not be going to Beaumont or Dunbar. One reason Dunbar was built was because of subdivisions on the Fayette County border. Dunbar is seven minutes from our subdivision, Lafayette is 20 minutes. High schoolers with minimum wage part-time jobs will pay double for gas. My neighborhood is just one that will be negatively impacted. Taxpayers should protest what is being forced on us at the meeting at 4:30 p.m. Nov. 20 at 701 E. Main St., room C.

Lauren Larson


Fumbled speech

I am embarrassed about certain aspects of University of Kentucky football these days — not just athletically but also grammatically.

In a recent TV interview one of the coaches made two errors in three sentences. And that was just one instance. I cringe when I hear some of our good players mangle the English language. Presumably they graduated from high schools that taught English, and may even have taken similar college courses.

Is it too much to ask of them, and of the local reporters in all media who cover them, that subjects agree with verbs and adjectives and adverbs are used as they should be?

Go Cats — correctly!

Ken Kurtz


Demand the truth

I am tired of being lied to. Jonathon Gruber, an architect of the Affordable Care Act, said that lies, echoed by the White House, were told to pass the bill.

We were told a video, not a terror plot, caused the Benghazi attack.

The IRS said a few employees in Cincinnati, acting on their own, targeted conservative groups, when in fact it went to the top and relevant e-mails were lost when a computer conveniently crashed.

Veterans hospitals hid waiting times; some veterans died waiting.

Bids were sought to transport immigrant children months before thousands showed up at our border. Bids are being sought to print green cards. Wonder why?

Tax dollars pay for the government to lease more than 770 unoccupied buildings.

The news media report only what puts a positive slant on the present administration; what they can't avoid reporting is spun into no big deal or a partial truth.

Hook up everyone involved to lie detectors. Include political debates.

If we citizens are not outraged and demanding a truthful accounting, maybe Gruber is right and we are too stupid to understand.

Harry Van Epps