Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Nov. 26

Science shunned; ice cream gets story

Earlier this month, the 43rd annual conference of the Kentucky Science Teachers Association brought together nearly 500 educators from all levels of public and private education in the commonwealth at the Lexington Center and Hyatt Regency.

Time was spent in over 100 workshops and presentations devoted to continuing the work of improving and advancing science education for the next generation.

Not a word of coverage was given by the Herald-Leader.

The front page of the Nov. 13 edition gives rather extensive coverage to a convention of ice-cream vendors.

Time was surely spent developing new frozen treat flavors for the next generation.

Kelly Taylor


Fight climate change

Thank you for Mike Rivage-Seul's article arguing grassroots groups should ignore the election results and double down on efforts to demonstrate to Congress we won't wait longer for legislation.

He's right, and this is Citizens' Climate Lobby's attitude. We'll work with anyone in Congress to address climate change.

This year CCL will double our membership, double its meetings with senators and representatives, double published letters to editors, double fund-raising and finish establishing a chapter in every congressional district.

That's how you get legislation out of committee and onto the president's desk — with a chapter of earnest, educated, energetic constituents in every district.

If we concentrate our energies and people-power, we'll see legislation passed. CCL doesn't deal with every environmental issue, nor worry about the Keystone XL pipeline, fracking or coal exports.

We only seek a carbon-emissions fee to be paid by fossil-fuel producers on their products with all revenue rebated to the public.

If a gradually rising emissions fee is enacted, all fossil fuel side issues will resolve themselves, and our nation will proudly watch emissions drop rapidly.

I urge readers to join CCL's Kentucky chapters.

Rabbi Judy Weiss

Brookline, Mass.

Choosing to elect

I just happened to read a letter writer's objection to the terminology of bride-elect and groom-elect and wished to clarify that issue for him.

"Elect" following a noun means "chosen," so using that terminology is as correct as "bride-to-be" and actually a little less provincial sounding.

I hope he elevates his critiquing to a more substantive level next time. Happy reading.

Anette Engel

Stamping Ground

Too much U of L sports

For many years, even before the Internet, I have read the Herald-Leader and enjoyed its contents, especially sports.

What I don't understand is the many times the sports lead headline is about the University of Louisville. I don't give a rip about U of L. If I wanted to know anything about U of L, I would go to the Courier-Journal.

So, why not lead with high school sports or something else Kentucky?

Robert Elliott

Kingston, Tenn.

Bad decision by paper

Recently, handbills have started being delivered by someone throwing them out the window of their car. They are supposed to land on people's driveways.

However, one young woman was on her cell phone, trying to drive and throw them out her window. As you can imagine, they were going every place but the driveway.

I was told this was the Herald-Leader's decision to have the handbills delivered this way. I would think the paper could come up with something better than this for delivering those unwanted handbills.

And what about if people are away from their homes? Then they are there for everyone to know you are away from home or they are all over the streets. Bad decision.

Phyllis Surgener