Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Nov. 28

Scary cat-calls? Pack some heat

Syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. is entirely correct that men's catcalling at women is disgusting and evil. He is however incorrect 39 times out of 51 that women are more vulnerable than men because of their lesser strength and stature.

In the 39 states which guarantee women the right to carry concealed handguns, their superior reaction times and fine motor coordination can make them less vulnerable than men — if they so choose.

The best way to start that choice is the National Rifle Association's Women on Target (NRA.ORG or 800-861-1166). They are happy to help women who don't own a gun and have never laid hands on one.

Be aware, however, that male-dominated legislatures in the other 11 states and D.C. require that women under their jurisdiction be vulnerable to men. Consult NRA before you travel.

Lee Crawfort


Monster among us

It will take some time to let people know what I really feel about the shooting of the German shepherd in Floyd County. But I will begin with this: The shooter is a monster. What was it he wanted to prove to the caring, compassionate animal lovers across the state of Kentucky? Whatever it was, he just damned his cause.

Did he want to tear us apart? He just brought us closer together. Yes, we are in shock. Grappling with the unreality of this awful thing. I can tell the monster who did this without fear of contradiction that he will be found, and that reassures me.

Still, I keep wondering what it was that forced him to do this. It occurs to me that maybe he simply wanted us to know the depth of his cruelty, stupidity and wickedness. If that's the case, the message has been received.

Jack H. Taylor


Can police deal with pets?

Are the police really getting trained when it comes to your pets in Lexington?

Back on July 25, I had a meeting with Mayor Jim Gray. I asked him how the police are being trained when it comes to people's pets. I got no true answer from Gray.

On Oct. 22, WKYT news at noon reported a Lexington police officer killed a dog.

I called Gray and asked for another meeting. Later that afternoon about 2 p.m. I got a phone call from the office of public safety. I asked what kind of training the Lexington police have when it comes to dealing with people's pets and was told that is private, not public, information.

As a dog owner and taxpayer, that tells me that something is being covered up. Police training is being paid for out of tax money; taxpayers should be allowed to see what type of training police receive. Your dog may be the next one killed by the police.

Jerry E. Ginter


Dealing with Obama

I wonder what kind of world we would be living in if we had a leader like President Barack Obama in 1941.

We are a very blessed nation for having a leader in 1941 who was a president of the people. We were not ruled by the attitude, "my way or the highway."

Lawmakers in 2015 should have their laws ready for the president. Give him 30 days to act on new laws: the pipeline for oil, an immigration bill and a budget developed in 60 days.

It is about time for America to have a president for all the people.

David Willhoit


Wasting money on sports

No professional athlete is worth the $325 million the Miami Marlins have agreed to pay outfielder Giancarlo Stanton over the next 13 years. Deals like this show our country's warped priorities and the downside of capitalism.

America is the richest nation in the history of humankind, armed to theteeth with nuclear weapons and we quibble over raising the minimum wage.

We are the only advanced, industrialized nation in the world that doesn't have universal health care for our people. No one living in the United States should be living in poverty or go hungry.

I have been a huge sports fan for most of my 77 years, but the older I get the more disenchanted I am with how greed, or love of money, is making our country worse morally and politically.

Paul Lam Whiteley Sr.


Health care's true cost

I have been noticing the uproar over health-care contractor Jonathan Gruber's comments on the subject of the United States public's stupidity regarding the Affordable Care Act.

Anyone who thought you could cover 50 million more people with more coverage and with no pre-existing exclusions and the other goodies for less money would have to be ignorant at best.

This is like planning your retirement by buying lottery tickets.

Kenneth Theobald