Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Dec. 2

Time at Gitmo may spur cooperation

Now is the time for the voters to ask Republicans and Democrats to give us a fairly detailed outline of their agendas on tax reform, immigration, debt reduction, job creation, minimum wage increase and equal pay.

Once this information is provided, voters need to make their wishes known in writing, on both the prioritization of the issues and the content of their plans.

Then President Barack Obama, House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell need to be sent to an uncomfortable location to carry on serious negotiations on the topics, until they work out compromises.

My suggestion would be Guantánamo. If nothing else, maybe they can agree on closing that prison after negotiating for a few weeks. If both sides can bring the electorate a reasonable compromise on any major issue, then we might agree that they are starting to act like reasonable adults and let them work on the rest of the issues in Washington.

If they fall back into bad habits, we can move the negotiations to outdoor venues — northern Minnesota in the winter or Phoenix in the summer.

Thomas Sweeney


Keep restroom for women

I am the author of the original letter critical of a gentleman using the women's restroom and I would like to respond to a Nov. 9 letter.

In the first place, I never at any time called the gentleman a cross-dresser. The newspaper titled my letter. In the second place, I have no doubt the writer is the gentleman at the center of the incident.

I do not in any way have a phobia against anyone different than my myself. What I do have is a problem with is a person with all the parts associated with being a man using the restroom with me, my daughters or any other female.

This gentleman changed his name in the paper but still remains legally with a man's name and physically a man. I could change my name to Earl, but that would not make me a man. I remain steadfast about not patronizing this restaurant and call on others to stand up for morality and decency, and tell this gentleman what he is doing is wrong.

Kim Palmer


New brain cancer therapy

It is sad that people with brain cancer are given little hope by surgery, radiation and chemo. Alternative medicine offers many non poisonous therapies that build the immune system and have helped and cured thousands, many after conventional treatments failed.

Burzynski's antineoplaston therapy has a remarkable cure rate of about 25 percent for brain cancers considering that this treatment was allowed by the Food and Drug Administration only after conventional treatment failed. The therapies are ready for the Phase Ill trials. If successful, the drugs will receive full FDA approval.

Also Google Protocel and Cesium High pH Therapy. I recommend a book, Outsmart Your Cancer by T. H. Pierce. Call 1-800-266-5564 or go to OutsmartYourCancer.com. This book discusses more than 30 alternative nontoxic treatments for cancer, well over 100 documented cases of cures.

With a good understanding of non-toxic treatments, a patient has a good chance of complete recovery. Many thousands have. Questions? Reach me at hackneyab@windstream.net.

Albert B. Hackney


McConnell's report card

Due to his age and 1950s mentality, I will call Mitch McConnell "old school." So let's see how he measures up on the congressional classroom report card:

¦ Follows directions — no.

¦ Finishes work on time — no.

¦ Contributes to class activities — no.

¦ Assumes responsibility — no.

¦ Is courteous in behavior and language — no.

¦ Accepts constructive criticism — no.

¦ Works well with others — no.

This report card won't faze him because his favorite word is no. That's no to a secure future for teachers, no to a minimum-wage increase, no to better schools, no to equal pay, no to a struggling middle class, and the list goes on.

We call a person who wins through selfish intimidation a bully. McConnell flunked all the tests, but we keep promoting him. Shame on him for obstructing progress. Shame on Kentucky voters, who also failed. Many didn't recognize the dangers of a bully who has lost his class and now controls our future.

Melissa Kahn


Shoveling something

Is David Smith, president of the Kentucky Association of State Employees, saying that members at the Kentucky Labor Cabinet don't know which end of a shovel to use? Heaven help us.

Jim Forrest


To the state employee not trained in shoveling snow, here it is: You put your right hand in, you put your right hand out, you put your right hand in, and you shake it all about. Or you can ask any 6-year-old kid.

David Beck