Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Dec. 3

Republicans can't pretend they want immigration plan

It is amusing to hear House Speaker John Boehner accuse President Barack Obama of "poisoning the well" of relations with Congress when the well has been poisoned for almost six years now by Republicans.

Likewise, new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell likens the president's unilateral actions on immigration to "waving a red flag in front of a bull."

Certainly it would appear that many in Congress are "full of bull" or like to "shoot the bull" or have the brains of a bull.

These same leaders proclaim loudly that they were on the verge of passing legislation on immigration, but now they can't because their feelings are hurt that the president dared to act without them.

And they cannot pass any legislation that requires the president's acquiescence because they "can't trust him."

You would think they have forgotten the Senate passed — over 500 days ago — a comprehensive immigration reform bill with 68 senators, including 14 Republicans.

In spite of the fact that it would have passed the House easily, Boehner refused to bring it up for a vote, which compelled the president to act unilaterally.

Now they want us to believe that they would have passed immigration reform next year?

Jim Porter


Heiner is the job creator

I am shocked that Agriculture Commissioner James Comer comes to Winchester to talk about job creation when he has never created jobs. The only candidate for governor who has brought jobs to Kentucky is Hal Heiner. He is a successful businessman with a fresh perspective who has attracted 4,000 jobs for Kentuckians.

So, while Comer has been an insider in Frankfort for years, Heiner, a Frankfort outsider, has worked to bring jobs to our state.

It is time for voters to elect a mature, serious leader with experience to lead our state. I have had enough of the pampered and entitled insiders like Comer and Attorney General Jack Conway.

We need a conservative, Christian leader like Heiner. Check out www.halheiner.com.

Tim Janes


Applause misdirected

The award from the Lexington-Fayette County Environmental Commission to Ball Homes for their plan to preserve the 300-year-old burr oak on Military Pike and Harrodsburg Road is misleading.

Instead, this award should be given to residents of Dogwood Trace. If it were not for the petitions and pleas to council from these people, I doubt Ball Homes would have ever considered providing for the tree.

Numerous residents and David Leonard, former city arborist, presented several points on why and how the tree could be saved.

Since it has been less than a year that the tree has been left standing, it might be too early to see if it will survive. Removing brush and supporting trees around it have left it without protection from the weather and erosion.

A tree that large has a massive root system. How will it sustain future traffic and the presence of heavy building equipment parked directly under it? Let's see if the tree is still surviving in five, 10 and 20 years from now. If it does, it will not be the idea and planning of Ball Homes, but the citizens who worked to save it.

Patti Yozwiak


Protect pets from winter

Now is the time to check doghouses, patching and repairing all cracks and leaks. It is also time for new, clean bedding; straw is best. The bedding will need to be replaced often. Putting a board along the bottom of the door will help keep the bedding inside. Also, turn the door away from the wind.

A doghouse should be only large enough for the dog to walk in, turn around and lay down. The door needs to be set to one side, giving the dog a wall to lie behind; an overlapping roof and small porch can also give protection. Cats also need houses, not just a box, with a blanket in the garage or barn.

High quality food is very important and adding a tablespoon of corn oil can provide extra calories for warmth. Meat fat, drippings and bones are bad for dogs and cats.

The need for a constant supply of fresh water cannot be exaggerated. Insufficient water can lead to dehydration, hypothermia and death. Even though the weather is harsh, take time to talk and play with your cats and dogs. They love you. You are their whole world.

Lucia Beeler