Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Dec. 11

UK more medical than academic

Has anyone noticed that Kentucky's flagship academic institution, the University of Kentucky, is being converted into a medical facility? The opportunities for advanced education, research and public service are being replaced with bed pans and the sound of rattling pill boxes.

This medical facility is a sister institution of the University of Louisville.

The savings that would accrue from combining these two centers, thereby eliminating the expensive duplication of staff and equipment that exists within 75 miles of each other, is something the boards of directors of the UK and U of L might want to consider.

David I. Carter


Justifiable homicide

After hearing a state police report about motorists being victimized (robbed, assaulted and even shot) after their cars had stalled, I started keeping a handgun in my car for self defense.

If my car was to stall in a bad neighborhood I would arm myself. If I was approached by a 6-foot, 280-pound young man who punched me in the face, tried to take my weapon, wrestled with me and the gun discharged, walked away, then turned around raising his arms with clinched fists and charged at me, I am not going to hesitate. I'm going to fire my gun.

Anyone who would say it was not justifiable homicide would be a liar. Anyone who would read race into the situation would be guilty of prejudice and willful blindness.

Ralph Christopher


Great location

A job well done to those who had the Fayette Circuit Court Clerk's office relocated from downtown to Village East shopping Center at 1591 Winchester Road, Suite 103. Plenty of space for parking and it's free.

I live off of Bryan Station Road but would drive out to Regency Road to get my driver's license renewed because I dreaded the parking garage downtown.

Again, a job well done.

Bill Manuel


Racehorse disrespected

The Dec. 3 front page had a picture of the great racehorse Silver Charm, winner of the 1997 Kentucky Derby and Preakness. The gray colt earned $6.8 million in his racing career. Why is he living in an orphanage?

If you breed them, house them and feed them. Amen.

Duke Martin


Unfair firings

There have been some people who have caused two prominent college coaches to lose their jobs because of their sexual preference.

The coaches had among the best records in Division I. But some people who went to the school where they coached campaigned to have them fired.

But then those same people got on picket lines to support pro-gay marriages. What is truly missing in this picture?

This would be like people in public supporting the United States, while in private doing everything they could to defame this country. Just like the ones who left Minnesota to go overseas to fight for ISIS.

So I would say these people do, like several people say our leader does: talk out of both sides of their mouths. They have a name for people such as this: hypocrites.

Larry L. Bugg


Reaping what's sowed

"Calipari pleads for love." That caption really caught my eye from Jerry Tipton's article. Translation: "Love my troops (love me too.)"

Interesting to also read that North Carolina suspended home-and-home games with the University of Kentucky for two years. Coach John Calipari poked fun at the school's reason for their decision.

We all remember how Calipari took the ball and went home after Indiana defeated UK 72-73 in 2011. Karma.

Ellen Barjuca


Aid first responders

As the chaplain of the Hayes Crossing/Haldeman Fire Department, I would like to bring attention to a great need.

We have already seen strong and unusual weather patterns across the United States this year. It could very well turn out to be a very severe winter for all of us.

Our first responders are going to be on the front lines in saving property and lives. They will be laying their lives on the line for all who are in harm's way. Many thousands of these are volunteers are involved because they love their communities and feel they are needed.

When you hear the sirens in the middle of the night or during the day, please say a prayer for them because it could be sub-zero weather. God bless all firefighters and other first responders.

Lloyd Dean