Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Dec. 12, 2014

Immigration order is not amnesty

I'm proud that President Barack Obama took executive action that boosts our southern border security and provides temporary relief from deportations for approximately 5 million undocumented immigrants in this country.

More than 500 days ago, a bipartisan Senate passed the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act which provided $46.3 billion for southern border enforcement, and established a pathway to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants after a 14-year period during which they pay taxes and a fine.

It increased workplace enforcement by requiring employers to use the electronic employment eligibility verification system. House Speaker John Boehner has refused to allow a vote on that legislation because he knows it would pass with bipartisan support.

The primary beneficiaries of the president's lawful action would be minors who came here before 2010 and parents of legal residents who have been here five years or longer. To stay here and work legally, these immigrants must register, pay taxes and pass a criminal background check.

Deportations would focus on illegal immigrants who have committed felonies and those who came here recently. This is not amnesty. There is no path to citizenship nor permanent residency. This is simply family values — a conservative principle.

Emery W. Caywood IV


Pett hammered

I realize cartoonist Joel Pett and this paper have been busy covering the news of all the black criminals dying at the hands of bad old cops and the marches going on in the big cities, just like the civil rights era.

Perhaps you missed the part about a man being beaten to death by hammer-wielding black and Hispanic youths. Maybe Pett could draw a cartoon with boys dancing around the body of a white man they just beat to death singing If I had a hammer, a song from the civil rights era that would be an appropriate fit.

Thomas E. Lykins


True Christmas meaning

In today's hustle and bustle during the holidays, we forget the real meaning of Christmas.

We worry so much about saving money for gifts, looking for the biggest bargains, and getting raises and bonuses on the job just to have the financial and material aspect of Christmas intact.

We forget the joy, love and happiness the day is supposed to bring. Instead of running to department stores, we should be running to the churches and worshiping him as we understand him. Of course, there are those who bring family life and togetherness into the holiday; this, along with Christ-centered love, is the real meaning of Christmas.

David Fogarty


Fun event

I want to thank the city of Lexington for the Dec. 2 Christmas parade. The music and floats were wonderful. I wish the Lafayette Marching Band sold CDs. I could listen to it for quite some time. Thanks for a wonderful parade.

Janet R. Carter


Schill's bravery

Some people have called Cherokee Schill brave but foolish. She is brave but not because she bikes on that road in the lane. She is brave because of the the legal problems she has faced as a result.

Most of us would buckle after hearing the sirens and scamper away in defeat. But not her; she knew what was right and she stood her ground. She risked a lot by standing up for her rights.

She had to be brave and get to work so she could provide for her family. I would hardly consider that foolish. That is strength and character, also known as motherhood. She would risk sacrificing her own freedom to make sure her kids had a future where the police don't get to be bullies. She makes the perfect candidate for a leader.

Marc Caruso

Plymouth Meeting, Pa.