Letters to the Editor

Letters/Davis and race: Dec. 14

A new columnist for ChristmasWhat I take real umbrage to in Merlene Davis' Dec. 7 diatribe is the comment, "all I want for Christmas is for those in authority to believe that black lives matter."

Black lives do matter. Every life matters. Unfortunately, Davis failed to acknowledge that her own race fails to believe that.

When you combine black-on-black crime with the disproportionate rate of abortion, one cannot help but assume that, perhaps, respect for black life needs to be fostered first within the black community.

I agree that recent highly publicized deaths were needless and senseless, but racial inequality is not the cause. Davis always fails to recognize the personal responsibility folks must take for their actions.

I support wholeheartedly prosecutor Ray Larson. He is passionate about the rights of victims, regardless of race, and he works tirelessly to make sure criminals stay in jail.

Surmising he would not be effective in presenting evidence to a grand jury, if a case like Ferguson turned up here, is not based on anything about his record.

I wish for Christmas a local columnist who actually presented a balanced, conservative point of view from time to time.

Alas, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus.

Jimmy Boling


No jobs for gangstas

Again we have a case in the news where people don't want to look at what really happened. Another high punk attacked a cop. I'll bet if he had attacked one of the whining liberals, they would be screaming for police help.

Then there is poor old Jesse Jackson on TV again, saying we need more job programs and more social services. I don't think the government has any job openings for "gangstas." As for social programs, how many of these people have not had the opportunity to participate in a program called high school?

Where were Al Sharpton and Eric Holder when two teens were raped and killed in Knoxville by four people who picked them as targets because of their race? Is that not a civil-rights violation? The victims were picked because they looked like rich white kids.

Maybe Merlene Davis will write a column explaining why civil-rights violations can only be done against African-Americans and never by them. Applying the law only one way is the definition of racist.

It's sad someone died. Truth is, the one person who could have prevented it is the one who died. Lesson learned: Don't attack police officers.

Pete Ayers


Obama, Holder spread division

The hot topic is racism in America. I find this on every news channel, in every publication each and every day.

I am so confused; my parents raised me to treat everyone equally, regardless of their color. I don't see this major issue of racism in my everyday life and my multi-racial colleagues don't either.

In the past six years, the Obama administration has done more to separate the races, when the president had a historic chance to make leaps and bounds in advances in racial unity.

I realize there have been some controversies about legal outcomes lately, but that shouldn't affect what we have all worked so hard over the last 50 to 60 years to overcome.

If you listen to Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama, it's as if whites feel blacks should still ride in the back of the bus, and that is simply not true. It would take a totally ignorant person to believe the politically motivated propaganda perpetuated by these officials.

They are being irresponsible, not realizing there are some very impressionable young people out there who may buy into this farce and decide to take action to even the score, or worse.

George Greenup


All lives matter

Michael Brown, the unarmed black man that was shot and killed by Darren Wilson a white police officer, sparked unrest, rioting, and tension that led to the deployment of the National Guard. This was triggered by the grand jury's decision not to indict officer Wilson.

Several witnesses testified on national television outlets that Brown had his hands raised, and that Wilson shot him several times causing his death. Additionally, he laid in the street like an animal for hours.

In New York, store owner Eric Garner was confronted by several police officers for selling loose cigarettes. Amateur video showed Garner cooperating and suddenly one officer administered a choke-hold maneuver that took down Garner, who looked like a retired football lineman.

While on the ground, he told officers "I can't breathe," and minutes later he was dead. The officer was not indicted.

In Danville, two men were indicted for allowing their dogs to attack a raccoon.

Hands up. I can't breathe. A raccoon's life matters; and black lives matter, too.

Alvin Brown