Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Dec. 14

How many terrorists have senators killed?

What a bunch of hypocrites these U.S. senators are who recently denounced the CIA for protecting Americans from the evils of terrorism.

These are the same politicians who voted to allow the CIA the parameters to do the things they've done following 9/11.

The report released last week is another fishing expedition by misguided liberals. The CIA should be given medals for diligent service.

How many terrorists have the clowns in the Senate killed and how many plots have they uncovered? Waterboarding was good and it saved lives, and that's good enough for most Americans. At least, we don't cut off heads.

Wake up, America, we're in a war with bad people who will kill our citizens in a second. Send the senators out to protect us and see how they fare. They don't have the nerve, the interest or the devotion; but they will bum money from you.

Edmund Burke said it best, "Freedom and not servitude is the cure for anarchy." If it was left up to the weaklings in the Senate, we'd have servitude imposed on us by bloodthirsty fascist thugs.

What a sad way to end this Congress, in disgrace and employing political foolishness.

Robert Adams


Liberal dementia

Last Sunday you published a hard-to-find article about the U.S. Senate winner and loser in Louisiana. In this historic election you chose to bury the article on page 8.

Not satisfied with just doing that, you gave the reason for the historic Democratic loss as Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

In my years here in this world I have observed people with dementia often are unaware of their malady. The same seems to be true for liberal newspapers as well.

Richard Johnson


Rape not partisan

Syndicated writer Mona Charen's Dec. 7 column about campus rape would have been good if she hadn't brought politics into it by blaming liberals.

We do have a problem of rape in this country. And, yes, some women do lie about it.

But the perpetrators, the victims and the women who lie come from all sides of the political spectrum as do the people who are working to find a solution to this problem.

Being divisive does not help; liberal and conservative are words that do not belong in this conversation.

Dorie Hubbard


Reclamation works

Poor Davie Ransdell. You would think that being a coal reclamation tech and a supervisor for the Division of Mine Permits, she would have been more on top of the game. Well, you'd think this paper would be, too.

On Aug. 16, 2009 and Jan. 31, 2010 there were front-page articles about the good things being done for reclaimed surface mines.

The 2009 article said researchers have found ways to make sure that trees would grow. They compacted mined areas then dumped at least four feet of loose rock and soil on top.

Studies had shown that the trees grew much better and even faster than in natural soil because they could put down roots more easily. But the federal folks keep making companies do it the same old way.

The 2010 article focused on making a creek on a reclaimed job in Breathitt County. The stream was stable, vegetation had sprouted, trees did well and there were lots of tiny bugs.

So we know that we can have our cake and eat it, too.

Ransdell must've been asleep.

Ray E. Davis Jr.

Hager Hill

Get over it, Eli

In response to some crass comments directed at the students and professors at the University of Kentucky who chose to disrupt the peace of the Young library by lying around on the floor, UK president Eli Capilouto issued a long scold aimed at those exercising their own right to protest the "die in."

I would hope a university president would make better use of his expensive time, but I suppose not.

Protestor Jazmene Landing told the Herald-Leader that Capilouto did not go far enough. She wants the hate speakers of Wik Wak punished.

The article reported that the vituperative language likely came from someone in the library at the time, possibly students actually trying to study there.

Surely we are approaching the zenith of the whining and slobbering over what someone says. Until then I have some advice for the pajama boys and weak sisters of our college community: Get over it.

Joe Hacker



No tax support if I can't work there

Regarding the proposed Ark park: I do not want my tax dollars (or, in this case, tax dollars collected) used to support jobs for which I am not even eligible to apply because of religious prejudice. If religious prejudice is not unconstitutional, I sure do not know what is.

John C. Wolff, Jr.


A laugh at Kentucky's expense

The Ark park's electronic advertisement in Times Square is a wonderful gift to New York. At this time of year, the cosmopolitan, cynical New Yorkers will enjoy a good laugh. Unfortunately, it is at Kentucky's expense.

Sally Wasielewski