Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Dec. 20

Southland cell tower a planning omission

Great big thanks to the Planning Commission for voting 9-2 on allowing ATT to build a 125- foot tower on Southland Drive. This will fit in nicely with the two battleship size buildings that will be flanking both ends of this quaint neighborhood soon.

While we're at it, don't we need a 10-story parking garage or a chemical weapons storage unit in the area?

I mean, it's a good thing that is not a hub for the Farmer's Market, Good Foods Co-op, multiple healing-arts locations, a daycare, vet, and outdoor music festival or anything, right?

I guess the 170 residents and businesses in the area, as well as the 116 others who frequent the Southland corridor, who were opposed to the tower in the limited greenspace just weren't enough for you.

Well, you got your monument in the Southland area. More power to you.

Wendy Jett


Davis, Jensen blind

There is an old saying that "there is none so blind as he who will not see." I believe this applies to Merlene Davis and Elisabeth Jensen.

Davis claims she would like to have some respect. She should know respect is earned, not given.

She is probably all in favor of a Mr. and Ms. Black Lexington, but not a Mr. and Ms. White Lexington. She likes Black History Month, but not White History Month. She recently wrote about how proud she was of a black man who was going to Ferguson, Mo. to support Michael Brown. She called him a social activist. If a white man had gone to support the policeman, she would have called him an outside agitator.

Jensen claims she lost her congressional race because she could not raise enough money. She lost because Congressman Andy Barr is doing a good job, but more than that, she lost because she espoused all the tired, old Democratic "tax the rich and give to those who you believe will vote for you" tactics.

She offered no solutions to any of our problems, and all she wanted to do was spend taxpayer money. If she fails to recognize that fact, she will never win, no matter how much money she raises.

Charles Foree


Holiday spectacular

This time of year there are many wonderful musical events and the challenge is finding the time to attend them all. One such event, however, should never be missed: Collage: A Holiday Spectacular featuring University of Kentucky Choirs with guest ensembles and soloists. We attended this wonderful performance and it was the most moving and overwhelmingly beautiful music spectacle we have ever attended.

Over 500 choral voices singing an amazing array of Christmas songs filled the Singletary Center with glorious music, bringing the audience to its feet many times.

But, apparently the Herald-Leader was not there as I never saw a review or even a notification of the event. I am definitely putting it on my calendar for next year and every year thereafter. Thank you to the UK Choirs and all of the other wonderful performers for making our Christmas extra special this year.

Diane Layson


Heard about water?

The Dec.15 article on cattle farming in Kentucky mentioned that a bumper crop of corn and smaller herd sizes are responsible for the increased value of cattle. What was not mentioned is that a lack of water is responsible for the smaller herd sizes.

Both Oklahoma and Texas rely on the Ogallala Aquifer, which is slowly being depleted. Unless a means to lower the cost of desalinating water is found, Kentucky's cattlemen will have a brighter future.

Of course, the price of beef will continue to rise. This means that families on a tight budget will suffer, as may the restaurant industry.

There's a principle that might allow for more efficient desalinization of seawater. I am referring to pulsing wave energy. If it works, then patent rights could always go to charity.

James A. Lindgaard


No taxes to religion

Perhaps your recent editorial's questions directed to Answers in Genesis should be directed to all versions of all religions in our country.

Indeed, why do religions need so much taxpayer help? Why are ministers granted tax-free housing allowances? Why are churches exempt from property taxes? Why do we still have tax support for faith-based organizations in a White House office?

For too long, Christianity has received government support in spite of Jefferson's, Madison's and Franklin's efforts to prevent government support for any religion.

If Christianity is thought to be "our savior," then those who profess its supernatural dogma should fund their efforts without my help. I am a Kentucky native and Kentucky taxpayer.

Jerry Wright Moulder

San Antonio