Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor, Dec. 26, 2014

Wage maximums for political hacks

There has been much talk about raising the minimum wage to offset the effects of the decades-long wage stagnation of the middle class. This does not address the real problem.

Members of Congress now spend all their time fundraising for re-elections and they have outsourced all the actual congression al work to an alternate economy filled with high-paying jobs for lobbyists and political consultants.

Wealthy individuals and businesses are forced to pay huge amounts of money to the alternate economy in return for any assistance they want from Congress.

Former members of Congress, like Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, who were too radical to even get re-elected in their own districts, are able to make multimillion-dollar salaries as consultants.

Former congressional staffers like Karl Rove and Grover Norquist have become multimillionaires producing the negative campaign ads that have taken over elections.

Raising the minimum wage for the American people's economy will not solve wage stagnation. Instead, we should have a $10 per hour maximum wage for the political economy. That is about what the consultants are worth, and this will free up billions for middle-class pay raises in the real economy.

Kevin Kline


Shame on media

There were two issues missed in the Ferguson shooting hubbub: bad parenting and stupidity.

If Michael Brown's mother had spent more time teaching her son the difference between right and wrong and less time deciding which hair color to use, her son might be alive today.

If Brown had not been stupid enough to stoke up on pot, strong-arm rob a convenience store and attack a police officer he would never have been shot.

Instead, the media immersed in political correctness and blamed the police officer. Shame on the media.

Ted Smith

Park Hills

No funds for Jesus

Nowhere in my Bible do I read of Jesus receiving funding for his ministry, or of Paul erecting giant billboards on the road to Damascus. Answers in Genesis is a joke to seculars and an embarrassment to thoughtful Christians.

Ernie Henninger


Libraries into jails

I have the perfect solution to the library crisis, which should satisfy Tea Party activist Charlie Coleman and others who don't see libraries as financial priorities like roads and jails.

We could tear down these luxurious libraries and build roads and jails or, an even more sensible plan would be to add bars to the windows, put in cells and alarms, and turn libraries into jails.

Of course, this plan would involve burning all the books but, as many Tea Party activists know, books have dirty words, a lot of sex, and preach about evolution and lies like that.

Shirley Baechtold


Backward parking

I wonder who came up with the design for the new parking spaces in front of the Rite Aid store on High Street in Chevy Chase.

I've heard lots of complaints. It seems likely there will be several accidents, especially during rush-hour traffic when drivers are attempting to back in, or out, of the spaces.

Tony Chamblin


Paid to protest?

I recently saw that some Congress people and congressional staffers took time off to protest some distant injustices.

I wonder if they were docked for the time that they cheated the taxpayers? Maybe they are really nonessential after all.

Stephen Stinson


Davis race-baiting

A recent Merlene Davis Sunday column incited me to write. Race baiters such as Davis and the Rev. Al Sharpton can't find a toehold for truth because this is their bread and butter.

The shame is that they let the civil rights movement ship leave the dock while they wait on the entitlement tugboat.

Being the loudest doesn't make you the rightest, only the loudest. There is no substitute for the truth. People must be accountable for their actions after all. I have a dream that a man is judged not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character. These are words to raise your kids by no matter your race.

Mark Nantz