Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 30

Davis wrong about not being nice

Columnist Merlene Davis says being nice does not get anything done. Therefore demonstrations must be "not nice."

Davis should read up on what happened in this country in the 1960s and 1970s. The American people got tired of violent protests, arson and looting, and there was a huge backlash, and President Richard Nixon was elected.

"Not nice" protests and disgust with the Obama administration will bring someone worse than Nixon.

I think the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have made millions in race-baiting. Davis seems to have a psychological rage she needs to confront. She needs to study blacks who have been successful.

This is the road to the future.

Ted Woodley


No longer amateurs

If a college coach recruits only All-Star, pro-schooled amateurs, he might eventually assemble a complete team.

Coach Cal's current "conquistadores" are this team. This season will convince hundreds of college coaches that this is the path to fame and fortune and basketball's hall of fame.

Years ago John Wooden at another university also assembled a dynasty of supermen who became legendary giants of the sport. Wooden's job description was teacher, coach and mentor to young men in making their lives meaningful. Wooden worked his magic respecting all the traditions of college basketball. Cal's mentoring was simply this: Playing for no pay today, with the promise of playing for pay aplenty tomorrow.

Money attracts young men to the NBA. It has compromised our ability to maintain our integrity in all our actions and attitudes.

College basketball has been contaminated by the efforts of NBA-oriented professionals laboring on behalf of talented amateurs, injecting them into what traditionally has been an amateur sport.

Unless the NCAA can end prospective NBA draft picks while they jockey for a better position in the selection process, college basketball — as Wooden, Rupp and we once knew it — is about as dead and worthless as yesterday's lottery stubs.

Bob Heidel


One-way ticket

Though our country is not perfect by any means, it is the one that oppressed folks in other countries wish to immigrate to; I know of no U.S. citizen who has been denied permission to leave our beloved country and seek happiness elsewhere if he or she wishes.

Therefore, may I suggest that the recent letter writer who is so distressed with the way our system is run and feels that "America is a scam" move to North Korea, or perhaps the island paradise of Cuba. I feel certain that the writer would be much happier in one of those utopias and I'm certain my fellow vets and I who have served under the flag of the country that we love would gladly assist with travel expenses.

Thomas O. Haglage


Channel numbers, please

Isn't it the job of the newspaper to inform the public? I'm sure you know the remote for your television does not have ABC, NBC, CNN, ESPN, etc. on the keypad. There are only numbers. Please list sports TV channel numbers.

And the newspaper is not the only one working in the "unaware zone." I called Time Warner about the newspaper listing of SEC Plus. (What is that?) Time Warner didn't know of such a number, yet the paper listed it. Maybe television supervisors know and think the newspaper does also. And ESPN3. Where is that? It's not on my remote.

Geez, people. Have some pity on those who are stuck at home on cold winter days. I think this request might be listed as TBA, to be announced. Maybe. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that someday the suggestions that come through editorial bring a positive result and not just to wrap fish or line the bird cage.

Dennis Childs