Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Jan. 2, 2015

Keep ice rink's restroom open

One Sunday I took my three grandsons to the ice rink at Triangle Park. This has been an annual event for us.

As this event is seasonal to our community, I feel there are things that need to be addressed to make this a pleasant memory for those attending.

When I inquired about a restroom for my grandson, I was told it was not available on Sunday, as the concession area was closed. Within a few moments I noticed one of the employees entering the restroom.

This was very upsetting to me. I feel there needs to be a restroom available at all hours of the event. It would also be nice to have the concession area open on Sunday.

Josie Taylor


View from the red kettle

Every December, I look forward to taking my turn to ring the bell for the Salvation Army's Red Kettle campaign in Woodford County.

When some folks pass by me, they avert their eyes. Others act as if I am not there and I'm sure some are annoyed thinking they are being dunned every time they pass a kettle.

However, strangers often tell me they are glad for the work of the Salvation Army because it has helped them in the past and some will reveal they have lost a loved one and Christmas is difficult to celebrate with the sadness they feel.

One day I got pretty cold even with boots and gloves and I saw folks coming out of the store with a sample of hot chocolate. I went in and asked if I might have one and was told they had just stopped giving them out. I went back to my post.

Not five minutes later a lady who overheard me as she was waiting for her latte presented me with a full serving of hot chocolate. I was overwhelmed with her generosity and Christmas spirit.

These are the kindnesses that a lot of us experience and try to pay forward.

Molly Britt


Post office to rescue

I want to acknowledge a member of the post office on Nandino Boulevard.

Last Sunday, in haste and under stress, I dropped mail and also a sheet of international stamps into the drive-through.

On a whim and because the total value of the stamps was over $10, I dropped notes into the mail box and also into a container at the back of the mailbox, stating that I had dropped the stamps along with my mail and gave my name and address.

Lo and behold, I received an envelope from the United States Postal Service which included stamps to replace mine.

How can I not have the highest regard for one loyal, attentive, caring postal employee? I made an extra donation into the Salvation Army kettle. I hope that the Nandino post office will not be closed.

Nina Hahn


Lion's murder immoral

The murder of the mountain lion in Bourbon County had little, if anything, to do with safety for humans.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, with much more experience in these matters, has said, "There's evidence that mountain lions inhabiting areas close to humans are no real cause for concern."

The reporters of this story relied too much on information offered by Fish and Wildlife's public-relations officer and a Louisville Zoo official, both of whom have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

But the reporters either missed or overlooked the Facebook posting by the two wildlife officers posing, with grins on their faces, with the dead lion. The status quo for Fish and Wildlife is hunting and killing, as also evidenced by the initiation of a sandhill crane hunting season.

The status quo for zoos is to keep animals in cages, reinforcing human domination while also assuaging our guilt over eliminating their living areas.

If, as Gandhi said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated," then we have flunked the test.

John Scott