Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Jan. 3

Birth control readily available, pay for it yourself

I read a letter recently that said corporations were withholding birth control from women. I went down to my local pharmacy and asked them if I could buy some birth control.

The pharmacists explained to me that there were many forms of birth control available right under the glass counter and I could buy all I wanted.

I asked about birth control pills, too. They pointed out that I first needed to be a woman, then needed to see my doctor, but, yes, birth-control pills were available.

They even showed me a "Plan B" kit for women who need birth control after the fact, so to speak. It was for sale without prescription.

In reality, whether your insurance company or employer pays for it or not, birth control is readily available at a fairly low cost.

Gosh, I wonder what has the ladies so fired up? Could it be they want other people to pay for their birth control?

Frank St. Clair


Sanctions backfire

President Barack Obama and leading Republicans imposed economic sanctions on Russia over the war in Ukraine. Economic sanctions frequently backfire against large economies. A weaker ruble means certain Russian industries become competitive again.

Nations resent how the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have imposed austerity and economic reforms on weak countries for years. Western Europe has refused to enact similar reforms on its own nations.

Western political goals were pursued. China and Russia are forming new institutions to counter Western domination of the global financial system.

America taxes corporations' overseas profits so highly that many keep their money abroad. Regulators soften anti-laundering provisions to allow foreigners to buy high-end real estate in the United States. The effort to stop corruption is undermined.

Europe's economy is being undermined by sanctions. A cold war between Russia and America is being reignited. Emerging market nations resent us. Let western Europe double their defense budgets if they want to fight Russia over Ukraine.

James R. Gould


Capitalism is religion

People keep writing and complaining that "we took God out of our schools." You must worship a very weak God if we can take him anywhere.

Since their imaginary version of God is silent and invisible they feel the need to defend and protect him as if he is a weakling. Since God doesn't talk they feel the need to speak on his behalf.

Let me assure you, if your biblical God Jehovah is real and he wants to be in schools he will be there regardless of your opinion.

The truth is that they want religion taught in school, not God. Religions are sets of rules and regulations invented by men who pretended to speak for God.

If you really believe the Bible then why don't you keep your head covered? And abstain from swine's flesh? And not work on the Sabbath? And stone your daughter to death if she is not a virgin?

Why do you covet the root of all evil — money? America's religion is capitalism, its God is money, its churches are shopping malls

If a real God is able to speak to us I will listen to him, but until then just keep your religion to yourself and keep it out of my schools and government.

Ellen McGrady


Jesus never drove a car

On Dec. 26, a letter writer wrote "nowhere in my Bible do I read of Jesus receiving funding for his ministry, or of Paul erecting billboards," referring to Answers In Genesis.

He needs to read more carefully. Luke 8:3 says: "and Joanna wife of Chuza, Herod's steward, and Susanna, and many others who provided for him from their substance, were with Jesus."

As for the billboards, Jesus never drove a car or had his own house, or went shopping, but that does not mean it is wrong for us to do.

We followers of Jesus are told that whatsoever we do, let it be for the glory of God. Answers In Genesis is trying to do just that.

Marie Garland


Dog chaining heartless

I read with great sadness the Morehead News article about Lola, the doberman that was nearly starved to death on a chain. Why have a dog to languish on the end of a chain?

Chaining is cruel and wrong. Imagine being chained in one spot for 24 hours a day, with dirty or no water, helpless to do anything about your circumstances.

Imagine the horrible death that Lola's companion endured on the end of a chain. Imagine Lola watching that, knowing she was next.

Dogs on chains are not properly socialized. They easily become frustrated. When a child tries to pet the doggie, a tragedy can occur in seconds. See mothersagainstdogchaining.org/attacks. This website documents attacks on children.

How many more dogs are dying right now? How many more people are going to turn a blind eye?

This didn't happen to Lola or her companion overnight. People saw this going on and did nothing to stop it. They did not call the police. They did not call the dog warden.

No one cared enough to speak up before one dog died and Lola suffered pure torture on the end of a chain. That is what makes me the saddest.

Julia Sharp

Olive Hill