Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Jan. 6

Political pandering disrespects police

"There's always that 10 percent," said Sgt. King, my senior drill instructor at Parris Island. His reference was to bad behavior.

Accordingly, imbalance describes media and political reactions to the recent grand jury decisions at Ferguson and Staten Island. Truth, justice and two criminal acts were minimized, and criticism of the police was maximized.

Pundits and politicians alike expressed opinions that boiled down to superficial excuses for illegal conduct or outright commiseration.

Their misdirected sympathy, the bedlam and the anarchy accomplished only one sure thing: They set harm in motion and aimed it at the wrong targets.

Moreover, President Barack Obama's $75 million for body cameras is a waste of tax dollars. Good police do not need cameras. On that 10 percent, cameras will be disabled in the confrontation or simply lost without a credible explanation.

When will the squeaky wheels stop getting all the grease without deference to right or wrong? When Democrats and Republicans in Congress and the White House stop their immoral, demographic pandering.

The late comedian Rodney Dangerfield said, "It's a jungle out there." I would add that there are predatory beasts in that jungle, and only the police stand between them and us.

Shafter Bailey


Women still have control

It appears that two recent letter writers are in dire need of some remedial help in understanding the terms "dictate" and "control."

In no way does the Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case give employers control of any woman's health or personal choices regarding birth control.

The only thing the decision actually does is stop government from forcing private individuals to act against their personal religious beliefs.

No company is given any say over women's health care choices by the decision, though the result of it might require some women to take a little personal responsibility, and maybe even some personal initiative, to acquire the contraceptives of their choice.

Mike Rose


More relevant plaque

If all it takes is donated money to have a plaque "In God We Trust" nailed to every wall in legislative chambers, including bathrooms I assume, how much would it cost to have one printed and hung in-house, complete with state seal, that reads: "In legislators we would like to trust?"

A legislative bill, "What's wrong with this picture?" can be filed simultaneously to keep such literature off government walls.

Ramona Rush


No gas tax hike

Recently there has been discussion that Kentucky needs to increase its tax on gas because the price at the pump has dropped so drastically.

What they do not want us to know is that Kentucky has the 11th highest tax based on a gallon of gas, according to GassBuddy. The price per gallon has nothing to do with the tax.

This is just typical of politicians and those who support higher taxes so they can spend more. In lieu of asking why a raise should be considered, maybe we should be asking how we can reduce the spending.

Terry Blankenship