Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 8

Pass laws to help improve E. Ky.

The continuing devastation of Eastern Kentucky and its people is a blight on America. In spite of gallant efforts of important people to improve the environmental and educational situation the results have been minimal.

To their credit, Gov. Steve Beshear and Rep. Hal Rogers held a conference in Pikeville last winter to find ways to bring industry and employment to the area. But where was Sen. Mitch McConnell? Campaigning with his usual line of promising to bring nonexistent coal jobs back.

The ravages of strip mining and mountaintop removal have seared areas so badly that they are almost beyond recovery. The feeble effort to reclaim land decimated by surface mining is a dismal reflection on the politicians in Frankfort.

The way to immortalize Harry Caudill, who fought industrialists and politicians to improve Eastern Kentucky and its people, would be to oppose powerful interests and pass legislation to improve educational opportunities and land use.

I hope some of the politicians in Frankfort read my puny words. But ordinary citizens should call or write their representatives. After all, it was a groundswell of public opinion that helped get the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act passed.

Ed Cunningham


Thanks for support

It's been an honor and privilege to serve the citizens of Clark County on the fiscal court for the past 25 years. I wish the best for the new court members in the challenges that will come. I have been blessed to work with so many local, state and federal officials. Thank you for allowing me to serve.

Rick Smith


Performance top-rate

I have been privileged to attend fine musical events in this country and in Europe, although with the expense of money, time and energy.

This New Year's Eve, the Lexington Opera House offered Ute Lemper in concert with Scott Terrell conducting the Lexington Philharmonic.

What was expected to be a special performance was nothing short of excellent. With little expense of money, time or energy, my own backyard provided a night of musical enjoyment rarely experienced.

Ute Lemper presented a program of musicality and intelligence, with the ability of articulation that defines her as an artist. I believe some of her abilities must come from magic.

Thankfully, Terrell's and consequently the Philharmonic's, accompaniant of Lemper was equal to the difficulty required by her singing performance. All in my own backyard.

E. L. Bunch


Missing the Rupp days

The headline on a recent column, "Basketball the way it was meant to be," captured the disconnect between what is true today and what was true yesterday.

In John Wooden's and Adolph Rupp's day, and in my memory, college basketball games were pure, simple, primitive expressions of student pride and respect for their school, their student body, their state and for themselves.

Truly, that was basketball the way it was meant to be. Considering the mix of personalities, coaches, players, amateurs, professionals involved in the game being played today, the spectacle is certain to be a TV blockbuster.

Rupp liked his suits to be brown and his basketball to be played by the book. We apparently have discarded his book and his basketball for this fictional sort of bully-ball Teddy Roosevelt might have enjoyed, but it leaves me speechless.

Bob Heidel


Torture of a Cowboys fan

Dallas Cowboy fans are lifers. A true fan is ,indeed, tortured, always. It's part of the program, and without torture we might be lifeless at times. More so during great droughts of talent.

Somehow, the current owner, has pulled another dance with the devil trip down playoff road. Frankly, we are really surprised.

Most of us, hoping to outlive the current owner, had settled for anything better than 8-8 as icing.

Now, with the win over the Detroit Lions there are all kinds of flags flying about a call that went against the Cowboys defense, stopping a really nice drive the Lions were making and causing the entire sports world to scream foul.

I hate that the call was made and the flag picked up. I hate NFL refs and I hate them more during playoff and post-season games. But I never dreamed it would cause this much turmoil.

It goes with my tortured fan duty, and I should have known it was coming. Sorry Detroit fans, that's all I've got.

Lynn Embaugh