Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 9

Rosemond's toddler-like exceptionalism

"Irony" is a word overused, but I find John Rosemond's Jan. 7 column, "Four rules for teaching kids obedience, responsibility" to be wildly ironic given that Rosemond feels free to flaunt the rules of his aspirational profession.

He continues to style himself a "psychologist" when he has no such license in any state. He is an associate, and may not counsel others unless his casework is under the regular supervision of a fully qualified professional.

When the Kentucky Board of Psychology attempted to sanction him, his response reflected a sense of exceptionalism that is much like that of the toddlers he seems to despise. He lawyered up.

Does he advocate crushing the will of children because his own freedom was occluded in childhood? Do his frequent apologetics regarding the parenting he received mask a fractured spirit's lifelong cry?

These are questions that neither I nor Rosemond are professionally qualified to answer. They should be addressed by a skilled and licensed mental health practitioner. Which Rosemond is not.

Kendrick VanZant


High hopes for GOP

In response to Merlene Davis' article of Tuesday, Jan. 6: Merlene, you need to read more and learn more.

There are thousands of liberal Republicans today. That's why there is a rift in the Republican Party. Tea Partiers have gone as far to the right as it is possible to go. Thousands of other Republicans are not willing to do that.

They want to see a little compromise across the aisle in Congress.

I'm very eager to see what the new Republican senators and congressmen can accomplish. I have high hopes.

Helen Martin


Smoke-free good biz

I am a longtime Republican conservative and a business owner in Illinois. I also love to vacation in Kentucky during the warmer months.

I can vouch to everyone in your wonderful state that our seven-year-old comprehensive statewide smoke-free indoor air law has been good for health and good for business.

Recent polls show that 86 percent of Illinois residents, including a majority of smokers, now support the statewide smoking ban. Support is also strong in the state legislature among both Republicans and Democrats. This will be a good year for Kentucky to join Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and the many other smoke-free states. The nonsmoking citizens deserve this.

Bill Kerschner

Rockford, Ill.

WLEX greedy

To all those who lost channel 18, this is not a DirectTV issue, it's WLEX. They are wanting more money from DTV for the same services.

WLEX wants you to contact DTV and tell them you'll switch. Instead of that, tell WLEX to quit being greedy.

All you need is an antenna, or a converter box for an older TV. I used an antenna for the game. WLEX will lose due to our not supporting their sponsors.

Don't give in. Drop WLEX.

Nick Franchino

Stamping Ground

Accept each other

Black, white, Hispanic, Oriental, American Indian -— we all have so much in common.

We all have happiness or sadness, good health or illness, richness or poorness, keen mentality or mental deficiency. We should care about each other and not look for differences to magnify.

We need to accept each other as we are. No one is perfect.

Polly Jo Green