Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor, Nov. 14

Lexington a winner in Breeders Cup

I have to admit my Bourbon glass was half empty. My expectations that Keeneland could pull off an event of the scope and size of a Breeders Cup, considering the logistics and the size of the venue, let's just say it was a longshot. Keeneland brought this longshot home, down the stretch from the eighth pole to the finish line, I was able to maneuver and rove freely without clipping heels.

For this reason I will be touting this venue, for it is the home of the founders of the Breeders Cup, the Horse Capital of the world and deserves to be considered for future Breeders Cups.

Stephen Stanley


Proud in the Big Apple

I have lived in New York for well over 25 years and I want Lexington to know what a great job you all did in hosting the Breeders Cup. I walk around this big city with my wildcat clothing proudly displayed, but Lexington is known internationally as horse country. The fans and city should applaud themselves because Kentuckians like me who couldn't be there are so proud in times like this to call Lexington our home. Horse racing was put on display at the finest track, in the finest city, with support of the finest fans. Great job my old Kentucky home.

Michael Doyle

Levittown, N.Y.

Conway the dirtiest

Congratulations to Jack Conway for conducting one of the dirtiest election campaigns I have ever witnessed. Kudos to the people of Kentucky for not falling for it.

Bill Guthrie


Typical idiotic election

Typical Kentucky 2015 General Election campaign rhetoric:

I hate Obama, I am a Christian. Vote for me.


Ron Dietz


Writers, use your talents

As a perennial reader of letters to the editor, let me give advice to those who write promoting candidates: Please tell me why the candidate you favor is our best option. Please do not exude venom while describing opponents; there is no need to mention any opponents. Instead, make judicious use of the allotted words and build a strong case by describing your preferred candidate. Give me facts, marshaled into an organized persuasive essay that is pleasant to read. Describe examples of integrity, compassion and a thoughtful approach to solving problems. Show me the human face of someone who will take the responsibility of office seriously.

Remember, one candidate's transgressions are not a good reason to prefer the competition. Such information simply provides a reason to avoid people who behave badly. Please enumerate the admirable qualities of your preferred candidate in a manner that validates your perceptions.

Show yourself to be a person of compassion and integrity. Remember Shakespeare's advice: "When lenity and cruelty play for a kingdom, the gentler gamester is the soonest winner."

Martha Victoria Rosett Lutz


Politicians, hear this

I am exhausted by the rhetoric of politicians. There is no need to talk about the shortcomings of their competition. Their campaigning should be limited to their qualifications for the office they seek, and how they intend to best serve the citizens.

This would make it so much easier to cast an informed vote for the candidate of our choice.

John Mitchell